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Today I am very excited to share a guest post with you, Kylie from Octavia and Vicky.  Be sure to visit her fabulous blog where you will find more fun activities,  play ideas for kids, cooking and so much more!
Hello! I’m Kylie, a mother to two year old daughter, ‘Pebble’, with another bub on the way. I’m also a wife and early childhood educator who loves playing, cooking and using as many geek-tech tools as possible along the way.  My blog, Octavia and Vicky, is named after a story I wrote when I was five years old.  It is about a spider named Octavia and her young friend, Vicky.   Thank you to Janice for inviting me to share on Learning 4 Kids today.
My husband and I have lived through about two years and nine months of struggle town when it comes to bathing our daughter, Pebble. She has hated bathing from birth. She hates being washed, hates getting in the bath (and yes, quite often hates getting OUT the bath). We have tried many different techniques, lures, tricks and games to make bath time fun, and the most successful by FAR has been homemade Bath Paint. I hope this recipe helps your children have more fun in the bath.
DIY Bath Paint
You will need (for each colour bath paint that you want to make)
1 tablespoon corn flour
1 tablespoon bath soap or bubble bath
1-2 drops of food colouring
1/2 teaspoon of water
  • Add all the ingredients to a container – we like using our paint palette. Combine with a spoon or a paintbrush. Start painting!
  • You can adjust the consistency of the paint by adding more or less cornflour, water or soap. Sometimes we have it thick and gooey, other times we have it slippery and runny.
Do your children love the bath? Or is bath time a daily struggle?

Homemade Street Traffic Theme Bath Sponges

This will keep the kids busy while having a bath as well as stimulating their imaginations and developing their storytelling skills. 
Cars, buses, trucks, houses, people, trees and street signs make up this fun homemade bath toy using kitchen cloth sponges.   
It is a great hands-on sensory play activity that promotes creativity, storytelling and the imagination.  The bath tub is a great canvas for creating stories!
What you will need?
You will need sharp scissors and sponge cloths; the sponges I have used are very thin and flat and came in a pack of 3.  You will also need to download and print off the Printable Bath Street Traffic Sponge Template
To make the Street Traffic Theme Sponges I cut out all the pictures from the template and used them a guide for making these shapes in the sponges.  You can cut out as many of the pictures as you like from the template, I chose to cut out three of everything and more people. 
When wet, the sponges stick or suction slightly to the sides of the bath and tiles, making it a great canvas for creating endless ideas.
These sponge pictures make a great tool for story telling – here is a school bus picking up someone up from their house and waving goodbye their mum.
Opening opportunities for learning: I had never thought of this but my clever littlies did; separating the coloured sponges and creating pictures with them.   Great for reinforcing and learning about colours!
Street Traffic Theme Bath Sponges are great for:
  • Fine motor skills development and hand-eye coordination.
  • Encourages creative thinking and the imagination.
  • Promotes storytelling and language development.
  • Most importantly FUN!
Learning 4 kids

Bottle Top & Bubbles Bath Play

Bath activity ideas for kids and toddlers
We have found another way of using our bottle tops – IN THE BATH!
It is a simple unstructured and fun sensory play idea using water, bubbles and bottle tops.
It was wonderful to see the creativity, imagination and fun happen just by adding bottle tops and bubble bath to the tub.
Here are some of the creative things the kids came up with:
The bottle top lids were used as a bowl for serving bubble bath food for imaginary friends in a restaurant.  Gathering and scooping all the bubbles and putting it into the bottle tops.
We have so many bottle tops that the kids were able to stand them up all around the bath tiles.
The bottle tops were used for making patterns and sticking them up onto the tiles.  With a little bit of patience, the bottle tops did suction slightly to the wet tiles.
We discovered that bottle tops float and do not sink creating an discussion about this.
Bottle tops in bath encourages many learning benefits:
  • Building up their fine motor skills and coordination
  • Encourages imagination and creativity
  • Developing an understanding and awareness of floating and sinking
  • Developing and creating patterns
  • Language development- experimenting with language and trying new words.
  • Self-esteem: sensory play offers kids the opportunity for self-expression because there is no right answer and children feel safe to change or experiment with what they are doing.
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Bath Time Bubble Fun!

Lost in a world of bubbles!
The joy that bubbles bring to children is amazing and they will play with them for as long as the bath water stays warm.
Playing with bubbles with my 13 month old (at the time) reminded me about how the simplest things can bring so much fun.
Children are so engaged in what is happening and there is so much learning happening when playing with bubbles.
A face of concentration involved in trying to catch and pop the bubbles. The fascination of what a bubble is and why does it disappear when it comes into contact with water or an object?
The benefits of bubble play are;
• Eye and hand coordination – watching the fingers connecting with the bubbles.
• Balance, control and movement of the body to catch bubbles.
• Development of attention span.
• Language development – repeating words such as “pop” and “catch”.
• Loads of fun!
Playing with bubbles in the bath tub helps with the clean-up, no soapy floors to mop!
 Learning 4 kids

Water Balloons Sensory Play – Bath Time Fun!

Water Balloons in the bath
Giggling and squealing with delight my 3 kids and a bath tub full of water balloons.
So much fun!!  It is a great sensory play opportunity for the kids to enjoy.
I filled about 30 small balloons with a small amount of water and tied a knot.  The balloons naturally had a small amount of air in them as this helped make them float in the bath. 
My kids loved squeezing them, twisting them into other shapes and slipping them through their hands.  They giggled as the balloons brushed past their legs and bodies tickling them.  
Sensory play with the water balloons is a great opportunity for kids to explore and use descriptive words, describing their senses and what they were feeling; slippery, slimy, soft, squishy and heavy. 
Why Sensory Play?
  • Sensory play encourages children to manipulate and mold materials, building up their fine motor skills and coordination.
  • Sensory play uses all 5 senses, but the sense of touch is often the most frequent. Toddlers and children process information through our five senses.  They learning through exploring these.
  • Sensory play is process-driven, not product-oriented; it is the purest sense of exploratory learning
  • Self-esteem: sensory play offers kids the opportunity for self-expression because there is no right answer and children feel safe to change or experiment with what they are doing.
  • Language development and learning new words.
  • It is fun!!
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Thanks for reading!
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