Numbers & Counting Activity

Numbers and Counting Activity - learning4kids
This Numbers and Counting Activity is an opportunity for children to play and learn with numbers. 
The activity involves children counting out the value for each number and placing ‘how many’ pop sticks into the cardboard roll with that number.  Such as Number 1 = 1 pop stick, Number 2= 2 pop sticks and so on.
Whatever the level ability, it a great opportunity for children to practice counting out loud, recognise and name numbers and also develop an understanding of the value of numbers and ‘how many’. 
What you will need?
Number and counting activity for kids - Learning4kids
To set up this invitation to play you will need cardboard rolls, scissors, coloured paper, sticky tape and 55 pop sticks.
You will also need to download and print these numbers – Printable Numbers for Counting Activity
Firstly, we cut the cardboard rolls to height and then wrapped the coloured paper around it, holding it together with sticky tape.  We then printed, cut and laminate the numbers.  Lastly, we stuck the numbers onto the cardboard rolls using double sided sticky tape.
Let’s Play
Sorting by number and colour - learning4kids
Some ideas:
  • Counting numbers out loud. (Repetition)
  • Place the cardboard rolls in order from 1 to 10.
  • Sorting ‘how many’ pop sticks according to the number on the cardboard roll.
  • Sorting coloured pop sticks.
  • Point to the number (say the number out loud).
  • Jumble up the order of the cardboard rolls and put them back into order from 1 to 10.
  • Balancing – arranging the pop sticks so that the cardboard rolls do not tip over.
  • Ask questions – Which number holds more?  Which number holds less?
Let’s Learn
Number Activities for kids - learning4kids
Learning Opportunities
  • Fine Motor Development – manipulating objects.
  • Hand-eye Coordination and Control
  • Concentration
  • Language development – Counting our loud and pronunciation of numbers.
  • Maths – Recognising numbers and their name.
  • Maths – Value of numbers, ‘how many’, ‘more than’ and ‘less than’.
  • Sorting by colour and number.
  • Balance – the cardboard rolls can tip over when unbalanced.
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Number Games and Activites for kdis - learning4kids
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Where is the Green Sheep?

Activities for Where is the Green Sheep?
We have a long list of favourite children and toddler books in our collection and one of them that we never get bored with is Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek. 
My two older kids have grown up reading and listening to this story over and over many, many times.  Without a doubt, I feel it has assisted in their development into confident early readers as this book has repetitive and predictable text with supporting pictures and most importantly it is also so much fun to read!
To continue the learning for this much loved book onto my Miss 2 and at the same time incorporate the learning of the colour green, we have been making our very own Green Sheep Puppet!!
What you will need?
An invitation to play – Here I have set up our activity table with paper fastened down with sticky tape (to stop it from moving), two clean meat trays with light and dark green paint and two toy cars, they just happen to be green for our “green theme”.  You will also need two pop sticks that will be used as the handle for holding up the Green Sheep Puppet. 
Let’s Play
To create our Green Sheep Puppet, we first made some paper by rolling toy cars into light and dark green paint.  This was really effective creating a contrast of two shades of green.  It is also a wonderful opportunity for Miss 2 to play with the paint and watch as patterns were transferred onto the paper from the paint covered wheels on the toy cars. 
When the paper was dry I printed off the Green Sheep outline and used it as a stencil and a guide to create the shape of the green sheep on the paper.  We then cut it out and attached two pop sticks using sticky tape. 
Click here to download and print: Printable The Green Sheep Outline
We played many fun games with the Green Sheep Puppet:
  • Hide and Seek Green Sheep – Hide the Green Sheep Puppet around the house in obvious places that your child will see instantly and won’t have to search for too hard, such as standing up or leaning on the couch.  Ask your child, where is the green sheep? just like in the book.
  • Role Play the Story – Using the Green Sheep Puppet, retell and re-create the different types of sheep in the book such as ‘Here is the wind sheep.’  Slowly move the Green Sheep Puppet through the air making whooshing sounds.
The Learning benefits:
  • Cause and effect
  • Self-expression
  • Imagination and creativity through roll playing with the Green Sheep Puppet
  • Building and strengthening fine motor skills
  • Concentration
  • Eye and hand coordination
  • Language development
*Please always supervise young children during activities* 
 Learning 4 kids
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