How to Make Play Dough?

Easy recipe for making play dough
There are numerous recipes out there but I like this one because I find it not be too dry and it doesn’t leave any residue on the hands dring play.
What you will need?
1 cup plain flour
1 tbsp oil
1 cup water
½ cup salt
2 tsp cream of tartar
2 tsp food colouring
Pour all dry ingredients together in a saucepan. 
Add oil and combine food colouring to water, then add to dry ingredients.
I use a whisk before heating as I find this helps remove lumps and blends the ingredients. 
Cook over medium heat constantly stirring until it becomes a thick blob.  This is hard work! Then turn out onto a clean surface and knead into a smooth blob. 
When cool, store in a zip lock bag to keep it from drying out.
To download and print this recipe click on the below links: 
 Printable Recipe- How to Make Playdough with Pictures
Printable Recipe- How to Make Playdough with no pictures
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  1. Nanny's Nest says:

    I’ve never made play dough before – have everything out and ready to do … just wondering how long it lasts if put back in the bag after each play? Someone told me a couple of days … dont fancy making it several times a week lol

    • Thank you for you comment Nanny’s Nest I will email you as I am not sure if replying to this comment will work. Chat soon! x

  2. I have never made play dough before until today :-) I followed your recipe, it’s so easy! (its a very economical way to do something fun and educative) However I didn’t put any scent and the smell was weird. Nevertheless, my son had a great time making it and playing with it. I wonder how long it will last. I put it in an plastic container with lid.

  3. This is a great play doh recipe! I’ve made a handful of different versions, and I like yours the best so far. It has a great texture. And I love your site!

  4. What is cream of tartar?


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