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Printable Hide & Seek Christmas Game Mats

Christmas Hide and Seek Activity Mats

Kids love to play Hide and Seek!

These Christmas Hide and Seek Activity Mats are perfect for children to play at Christmas time.

Children will love to search for the different Christmas pictures hidden amongst other Christmas pictures, cover them with counters and record the total found in the grid.


Truck Theme Counting Numbers 1-20 Mats

Printable Truck Theme Counting Numbers 1-20 Activity Mats are a maths activity where students learn to count small collections 1-20 and make connections between the symbols and quantities.

The Counting Numbers 1-20 Activity Mats provide hands-on play opportunities and are perfect for small group, independent and learning centre activities.

Children count small collections and stack them to next to the matching number on the bright colourful Truck Theme Mats.

No cutting required…print and play!

Printable Spin and Build Christmas Activity Mats

Christmas Spin and Build Game Mats

Kids love to play Games!

Spin, find and build… Children will love to spin & build with this super fun Christmas game!

The Christmas Spin and Build or Cover Game Mats are perfect for classifying and matching objects and fine motor skills through hands-on play opportunities.

There are 18 bright and colourful game mats that are varied for different skills level.

The Printable Christmas Spin and Build is a fun game for children to play this festive season. ,

Print and play!

Printable Subitising Subitizing Dot Mats Centre (Truck)

Counting and Subitising Activity Game Mats

Print and play the Counting and Subitising Dice Activity Dot Mats to support children’s early maths skills such as counting, subitising and addition.

The Printable Counting and Subitising Pack encourages hands-on activities using tactile objects such as dice, number spinners, tokens and pompoms.

So simple to make! Bright and colourful pictures to play with!

Printable Measurement Capacity Activity Mats

The Measurement Capacity Mats are a bright, colourful and fun printable activity to engage students to compare and measure (non-standard) the capacity of different size jars.

There are two types of activity mats, Fill the Jars and Count how many? and Compare Quantities (Full, Half Full and Empty).

No prep printable measuring capacity mats! Print and laminate for a reusable activity.

Dot-to-Dot 2-D Shapes Drawing Printable

Printable Dot-to-Dot Shapes Charts

The Dot-to-Dot Shapes Charts are a re-usable printable that can be used part of learning centres, small group activities or independently to learn how to draw several two-dimensional shapes.

Includes 15 shapes, circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, heart, star, crescent (and moon), rhombus (and kite), semi-circle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon and trapezoid.




Printable Christmas Play Dough Mats or Transient Art Mats - Part of the Ultimate Christmas Printable Activity Pack by Learning 4 Kids

The Ultimate Christmas Printable Activity Pack

The Ultimate Christmas Printable Activities Pack includes a huge range of reusable templates, games, and tactile activities that will entertain children at Christmas time.  It is a great addition to any early childhood environment or numeracy and literacy program.


Hi and welcome to Learning 4 Kids!

Hi and welcome to Learning 4 Kids!

My name is Janice and I am an Early Childhood Teacher in Australia.

I have a strong passion and love for teaching and creating meaningful learning experiences for my students. What I love most is watching children discover in those amazing light bulb moments. I hope Learning4kids brings you some useful ideas.

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