Printable Letter Blends Puzzle

BY ON Jan 13, 2012
Printable Blends Puzzle



The Printable Letter Blends Puzzle is a hands on activity to reinforce or revise the learning of some letter blends.  It is a fun activity that encourages kids to listen to the sounds in words and match them with the correct picture.


There are 44 pieces altogether with 22 complete matches



Match the blend sound in a word with the picture that it belongs to. For example:  Cl matches with the picture of a clock and Fl matches with the picture of a flower.

Let’s Learn 

Free Printable Letter Blends Puzzle

The puzzle set includes these combinations for matching.

dr – drill, sh- shoe, sh-sheep, dr-drum, sn-snowman, tr-train, fl-flag, fl-flower, cl-clown, cl-clock, sp-spider, sp-spoon, sn-snail, tr-truck, gl-glove, gl-glasses, fr-frog, cr-crown, cr-crab, gr-grasshopper, st-star, sl, slide.



Click here to downlaod and print: Phonetic Blends Puzzle – Leaf Shape


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  2. Jay says:

    Thank you very much for this. We have been doing blends for a few weeks now so some practice will do some good!!

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