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Learning Benefits of Tablets

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Learning Benefits of Tablet

Technology is a big part of our world today and also a big part of our children’s world.  It is a fact that tablets and other technologies are here to stay and will continue to develop and change the way we do things, including the way we educate and teach our children.

Recently, I had the privilege of reviewing a Samsung GALAXY Tablet 3 Kids and exploring the educational benefits for young children through tablets.

I will be giving away the GALAXY Tab 3 Kids shown here in this post to one of our lucky readers!

Learning is Fun with a Tablet

Samsun Galaxy Tab 3 Kids 1

I believe that tablets have a place in development and learning in schools and in the home environment.  I believe it has opened a huge window of opportunity in children’s education. Like with anything though, moderation is important and there is nothing better than real life hands-on learning opportunities for our children.  The GALAXY Tab 3 Kids has parental settings to help you stay in control of app usage and the amount of tablet usage per day; you can even set it to be used only between certain hours.  Having control of ‘tablet time’ will help you to monitor this usage and give you peace of mind.

I am a big fan of apps that have a purpose, relevance and encourage learning.  In my opinion, they must also promote control of hand gestures and that are highly interactive.  Tablet devices allow children to manipulate virtual objects using natural hand gestures and this appears to stimulate experiences that can lead to stronger learning.  Learning is fun with a tablet because they are bright, interactive, motivating, promote problem solving and the images and icons appeal to the target audience.

Exploring the GALAXY Tab 3 Kids

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids 2

The GALAXY Tab 3 Kids is a kid friendly tablet that has a fun bright yellow face. I found all the bright colours and large icons to be really cute which naturally appeal to a younger demographic, we could even personalise the tablet with one of my children’s name and photo.  It has a ‘Kids Mode’ alternative home screen that helps parents to control their child’s tablet time.  My children are aged 3 – 7 and Kids Mode was great as the preloaded apps are designed for kids of all ages but there is also the option to switch to ‘Standard Mode’ – so the tablet grows with your child and can be used like an ordinary tablet.

Other features:

  • Parental settings to help control app usage and purchases and manage the amount of use per day.
  • Available to purchase from selected retailers, including: JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, Dick Smith, Target, Big W, Good Guys and Myer RRP $299.00

Educational Games We Loved

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids 3

As mentioned before there are a number of preloaded apps available on the GALAXY Tab 3 Kids, some are educational, e-books, games and entertainment.  I really loved the pre-loaded app Dolphin Reader it story books are fabulous, interactive and also provided activities linked to the story.  As the basic story lines are read out loud, they were highlighted for children to read along.

The ‘Creative Corner’ app inspires imagination and creativity and can also be used as a learning tool.  Miss 3 is learning to write her name and this app allows her to play with colours and move her hand in the right gestures to form the letters in her name.  Miss 7 practices her spelling words that she brings home for homework.  It’s great because they can clear the screen and start again without wasting any paper.


Giveaway Image

I’m giving away 1x Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 Kids RRP $299 and 1x $100 Google Play voucher to one lucky reader*.

For your chance to win, all you need to do is answer the following question:

“How will the Galaxy Tab 3 for Kids fit into your life?”

* This is a game of  skill and entries will be judged based on creativity and originality. Open to Australian residents only. Entries open 9:01am AEDT, Monday 14 April 2014 and close 5:00pm AEDT, Friday 25 April 2014. Terms and Conditions apply.

<Click here for Terms and Conditions>

This giveaway is now closed.  A big thank you to all our entrants and best of luck!

314 thoughts on “Learning Benefits of Tablets”

  1. I have 2 children aged 4 and 6 with autism so it would open up a new way yo communicate and also a new way to teach there is some amazing apps for autistic children

  2. My 4 yr old is currently having speech therapy and its costing me a fortune just for him to do his therapy on her ipad!
    If we had one of these it would save me $$$ and I could teach him myself from home 🙂

  3. The samsung galaxy tab 3 will be able to fit into our lives perfectly, it can fit into my handbag, it could fit into the console of my car so my kids use it, it can fit into the side of my couch where my kids would leave it when they have finished with it, it would also fit into our lives when I am teaching my son to write and to be able to read stories to him that will keep his mind engaged with the bright colors and pictures,

  4. I Work in a speech and language class of 8 children who have severe language and articulation problems and having a tablet like this would be so beneficial to my kids. Not only do they have speech and language issues but with that comes other learning difficulties with things such as numbers, colours. concepts etc………With the access to a tablet in the class we would be able to download a whole range of apps to help them with their learning.

  5. The Samsung Galaxy kid tablet will be an amazing additional education tool for my 4 year old who just loves to learn. He lives in tassie and is not older enough to attend Kindergarden (have to be 4 by 31st dec) and he turned 4 in January. He would love to explore the new education games on here. It would also allow me time to spend with my youngest child who its 2, while he is enjoying this new toy. I would be keeping an eye on him but I would be able to teach my youngest the alphabet etc and he would not interrupt telling her what the letters number etc are.
    Please please please please this would be a great in my house hold and greatly appreciated

  6. It will be perfect for the older children that attend my Family Day Care business! They would love it and it would be another way for me to help broaden their learning!

  7. I am grateful for the opportunity to enter to win. Good luck to whoever wins. The Samsung galaxy would improve the quality time I have with both of my children. Not only will it educate them, but it rises the opportunity for them to share, and spend time together. This generation is a technological generation, and this is a great first stepping stone. Thank you again for your website and this give away. GOD Bless

  8. The tablet would make it so much easier for me to help get my three year old ready for kindy next year. With two other children under two, I don’t have the time is like to be able to do learning activities with her.

  9. If could win the galaxy tab 3 for my daughter then my husband and I could get our ipad back. Our daughter loves to use it for learning and play so would be ideal. 😀 thanks

  10. We are travelling Australia for the next four years and will have to school both our girls. Having this Galaxy Tablet would help with the girls learning.

  11. I am a Special Education Pre-K teacher in Florida. The school that I work at has limited resources for the little guys. I would like to use this as a tool for educating the kids. Thank You, Maureen Johnson

  12. “How will the Galaxy Tab 3 for Kids fit into your life?”
    We are planning to home school our son so this device will certainly help us move forward in the right direction. Want to make sure he is well prepared for the educational challenge we will have in the years to come.

  13. I am a Early Childhood Educator and I very much value the use of new technology to enhance and extend young children’s learning. I use my personal tablet at the moment for children I teach however having a galaxy tab meant specifically for children will make the world of difference. I would use it to introduce literacy and numeracy and encourage letter and number recognition. I would also use it for children with additional needs by providing another method of communication and using it for rewards. They are fantastic! And I encourage every educator and even family member to utilize this awesome technology!!

  14. My daughter is older but she is in speech and she loves to learn so this would be something cool and I am a preschool teacher!

  15. The galaxy tab 3 would be a great learning skill for my little ones, I try find apps in my iPad that will help develop their skills but doesn’t seem to be good enough. It would be a perfect gift for my babies as they are learning so much every day. It would be a great bonding and learning tool for the family..

  16. It would give my son more confidence for Kinder next year.
    He can work on his learning for the next 10 months to build his skills
    Would help so much

  17. I am a pre-school teacher. I would love to have the Galaxy tab 3. We are a private pre-school and we don’t have any computers etc.

  18. Stephanie drimal

    I would love to win this tablet for my 6 year old son Ryan . Ryan has special needs, and doesn’t’t talk . He loves his older sister’s iPad , it calms him down when he is so upset . I think having his own tablet to have and learn and play on. It would be a blessing to have for him.

  19. We love anything educational in our house! The kids are always looking for new ways to learn – as am I. This would be especially beneficial to my son who needs help with his fine motor skill development. Thank you for your great site! 🙂

  20. My 6 yr old loved playing on it when we were in best buy. She has had problems reading. And that helped her juzt the few mins she was on it. I was hoping we could get one but we didjt. She would love a surpise like this.

  21. I would use this in my first grade classroom. Students are so eager to use technology this would help all my students. My struggling students will be provided an opportunity to practice in a fun way my students who are beyond will have opportunities to be enriched and students will also be able to learn together while sharing the tablet. Not only will they learn from eachother they will learn how to take turns and share. The possibilities are endless 🙂

  22. I think this would be great for my daughter Bekah. Especially since its is geared towards kids and she is a visual learner and learns best by interacting. She has trouble at school keeping up with others and this would allow her to work more at home and help her learning skills.

  23. I have a 3 year old and a 6 1/2 year old. My 6 1/2 year old has Down syndrome and has a speech delay.
    This device would be an awesome tool to help him succeed in school.

  24. This tab would fit perfectly into my family home I have 3 children all under the age of 5 not only is it fun for them but will.keep them occupied for hours. Obviously taken in turns :s they love to play on my phone something of their own like this would be great Educational wise a aswel.

  25. Hi I would love my 4yr old to win one of these to help him with his speech, thou after reading jill cromtons answer I am hoping she wins this to help her boys with autism. Thankyou for running such a great compition

  26. that would be so wonderful for my dayhome, JHPD Kidlets would love it…thank you for the chance to win it! I enjoy your fb page.

  27. Would be ideal to allow our daughter and future children to grow, develop and learn within this world of modern technology! Encouraging the modern way of learning! 🙂

  28. Heather Butterworth

    The galaxy 3 would be awesome mostly for my 5 yr old because he is struggling right bow in school and I am trying to give him extra help at home . I think it would let him understand learning is awesome if u can look at it differently

  29. It would fit into my life with running a Daycare, as well as for my beautiful grandchildren. I love giving the kids every opportunity for learning and technology.

  30. How would the Galaxy Tab 3 for kids fit into our lives? Like a glove! It’s the perfect time for my three year old to have her own tablet for her pre school learning. She loves using my Samsumg Tablet so for her to have her very own would make her a very happy little girl and an even happier Mummy as I would get my tablet back for my own use!

  31. I would love to win this for my son. He is three years old and has trouble with his speech. He loves playing games but I would much rather him play educational games to benefit from them. So please I hope my son wins this.

  32. Hiya, im in my 50′ ishes and do family daycare with 4 inquisitive little people who are forever asking things that my 50 ishes mind goes blank. I am positive that a samsung galaxy tablet will not only help my kiddies learn but also give my little brain a rest…lol and thanks 🙁

  33. My son and his cousins are growing beyond our thoughts and as much as we are attempting to focus on his educational development but his spiritual as well. I really am impressed by the many apps available to build our childrens faith. Furthermore, though there are many devices available; our common goal is a system dependable, durable, and harmless to support our efforts as parents. ^ some of these comments are surprisingly amazing….and prayerfully there can be a way to answer the needs of us all. Especially if a child has a disability. Thanks and just wanted to share the love back with all.

  34. It would fit in wonderfully at our home. It would greatly help my 3 1/2 year old prepare for school. She loves learning.

  35. I am a special ed teacher with 8 students with a variety of needs. The Galaxy tablet would be a great tool in my classroom. It would be used to support children with autism, speech and language needs and intellectual impairment. Thankyou for the opportunity.

  36. Cherry, my 3 year old would really benefit from such a great product! What a great fun way for her to learn using this new technology. Thanks for your article, I really hope she wins but if she doesn’t we will start saving as I had never really looked at it like this until I read it. I always just thought it was playing games and unnecessary – now I see how it can be educational and start her in the right way as technology is a massive part of learning these days.

  37. My 4 year old is a gifted child and we struggle to find ways to help him learn. A tablet would help us give him the extra added help with the App’s you can download.
    My 2 year old refuses to sit still to learn, so hopefully the tablet would be able to assist in learning, on car trips and also at home with the bright colours.

  38. My children are all grown up but I am a Family Day Care Educator, so if I was fortunate enough to win the Galaxy Tab 3 for Kids it would be used by several children each day and would be wonderful opportunity to extend the learning opportunities for all the children in my care. Apart from all the obvious educational and technological benefits, being able to manage the amount of usage each child has with the tablet, would encourage turn taking and sharing making it particularly suitable for a Family Day Care situation. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in such a worth while give away.

  39. The Galaxy Tab 3 would fit into our lives brilliantly. Our boys 6,4 and 2 would love the opportunity to play educational games on it. They need to be using this sort of technology which gives instant feedback whilst they learn. – Wow opportunities galore!!!!!!!!

  40. My daughter is 3 1/2 and loves doing all the painting and abc learning apps on my samsung phone.
    if she had her own tablet it would be amazing she loves learning and having the tablet would be very handy!!

  41. My grandkids are learning so fast English. This will equipped them to acquire much faster English as a second language which will enable them to achieve higher goals in content class.

  42. I am a preschool teacher and this would be a great learning resource for the children. I have kids
    That could use this to help them learn the basic learning skills in preschool. I have kids that are struggling and this would encourage them and keep them engaged.

  43. Nicole Lee Schmid

    We travel & go camping a lot so pencils & paper are sometimes a chore to keep track of, to keep dry in winter & hard to use in the car – this tablet would be a lifesaver for Miss 3yrs & help keep our sanity

  44. I teach preschool out of my home and this would be a wonderful addition! Technology really is a big part of life and this can give both my students and my own children some good hands on experience and education! I would love to win this! Thank you for the opportunity!

  45. I work in an extremely small child care environment. In the group of children I have we are getting ready for ‘big school’ next year. I have 2 boys that have speech issues, one being extremely bad. He does have a speech pathologist come once a fortnight, but if I had this galaxy tab 3 I would be able to encourage his learning and watch the progress he makes on a day to day bases as I would be able to help him more, as we do not have the funds for extra more expensive learning equipment, than he is currently getting.
    Please consider me so I may have the opportunity to change some peoples learning

  46. I am a mother of 4 children each rightly needing my time love and attention. My husband works away and some days I feel completely stretched not to mention our bank account.
    I know my youngest would absolutely love an opportunity to have his own little tablet. Your product looks ideal for his age group.
    I would be so grateful to own one to help my child learn outside of myself and the business in my household. Thank you kind regards Brooke

  47. I would love to have this for all the educational pre-school/kindergarten apps available for my daughter 5 and my son 6. They always want to play on my phone and sometimes I want my phone too. 🙂

  48. Max, 2 yrs this March, knows his alphabet and numbers already!! Unfortunately based on age requirements I can’t find a 2 yr old preschool. I don’t want such an inquisitive mind to go to waste abs with a newborn it’s hard to always keep him on his toes. This would really benefit his future.

  49. Callie Kirkpatrick

    In this day and age, it is very important for kids to be savvy with electronics. Why not integrate learning with things that appeal to children. My kids love all of my electronics and it is difficult to get my electronics away from them.

  50. This would fit perfectly! we are always looking for educational things for our children to do and they always go to mommys tablet! it would be nice for them to have their own!

  51. I have been looking at these for a while now for my 2yr old. He LOVES my ipad but I also love it and want it to be mine again. It would fit into our lives so well, when I need a break, when I’m doing housework or even long car trips. I could go on & go.

    This tablet would suit my son better as it has so many features and the plus side it is learning all while having fun. I love the fact that it is so compact but yet still busting with things you can do on it.

    Anything that helps my son learn is a winner in our house. Please pick my son he would be forever on it and so HAPPY

  52. Carmen Furminger

    This tab will be fantastic to keep at my house for when my technology crazed niece come to visit. Some educational entertainment for her to keep her occupied in a house that’s not very kid friendly. She would love it and so would I 🙂

  53. My daughter has started kindergarten this,year, this will help her in educational ways,and,keep her entertained at the same time

  54. I have two and three year old girls and they would absolutely love this! I’d love to get some learning app to help with phonics and counting, a fun new way to learn would definitely make learning WAY more fun! 🙂 also I could keep them entertained for the hours we spend every week at the laundry mat haha!!

  55. My daughter has started kindergarten this year this will benefit her with educational games and,help enhance her learning. This will also entertain her while we are out or waiting at places like the doctor

  56. Getting my 3 yr old ready for kindy next year and help my 8 yr old study as soon all her homework is online only. The tablet is so portable it can go anywhere with us. Thank you

  57. This galaxy tab 3 will change my life or fit into my life because I am a preschool teacher. Unfortunately our preschool program does not have the funds to purchase any kind of technology products for our children’s education. I would love to win this for my class to help enrich the educational purposes of our children’s lives and to help prepare them for kindergarten. This galaxy tab 3 will fit into my life and in my class’s life in so many ways. I hope you will pick me as the winner because this device will open the doors to so many educational opportunities to my class and since our world today is all technology anyways, what better way than to keep that part in our kids’ life but in an educational way.

    Thank You,
    Rachel Ammon

  58. Our family would love to win this tablet. Winning this tablet would allow both our children to learn together or individually in a relaxed environment through play based learning. I have seen theses apps on this tablet and was impressed with the fun factor! Not to mention the compounding learning of technology that will flow on from the educational skills.

  59. Thank you for the opportunity and for your wonderful website My son and I will absolutely be forever greatfull if we had a chance tovwin thisc we amazing tablet

  60. The “galaxy tab 3 for kids” would fit into my life well, as I run a family day care business and have been looking to buy a tablet or iPad to be able to expose the children to the future of technology and introduce them to a different form of learning the meets the ELYF (early years learning framework) criteria! I feel that this is an educational product that I could put to great use. 🙂

  61. It would be a blessing in our home and may give me some peace and quiet since my 4 yr old daughter fight’s with her 14yr old brother over the ipad 🙂 🙂

  62. I currently teach a PreK program to homeless 4/5 year old students. This would allow more technology in my classroom for my students who need an extra boost in order to get them ready to be successful in their kindergarten career. My students have very limited resources and therefore technology is almost non-existent in their home lives. I am constantly finding new ways to incorporate and encourage student learning especially for my students who are not the traditional learners.

  63. I’m having trouble getting my son who is 6 years old to read anything. The other day we were visiting a friend and they let him try their tablet. He really enjoyed it and he was also trying to read the instruction. I was one proud mom watching him. I am trying to save up my money to purchase one for him.

  64. Michelle Beckham

    I am a director at an up and coming child care center the children would greatly benefit from the learning games. The center is in a small community.

  65. The samsung tablet will be great to help prepare my daughter for kindy from an educational perspective and to keep her entertained in the car and when we are out and about 🙂

  66. I am a single mom of 2 boys…10 yrs & 2 yrs. Believe it or not we do not have an Ipad, tablets, or computer at home. My 10 yr old utilizes a community location through the school so he is exposed. My little one is home with me due to cost of daycare. We use learning cards and other items around the house for learning. The Samsung Galaxy would allow my little one to enter a whole new world of learning. I do not want my kids education and learning opportunities to be limited because I am not able to provide. Please choose me and help me open the door of ENDLESD opportunities for my son.

  67. I’m from Mongolia, so I have no chance to have it. But I want to answer.
    I and my husband don’t accept my daughters (2 and 4yr) to play on computer neither phones, because those are for adults and there is many things that is not for kids. So those stuffs might be harmful for their brain, health or ethics. But They need to learn to how to use those things. So I’m going to buy when it’s available in Mongolia or I have a chance.

  68. I would love to win the Samsung Galaxy tab 3 for my 17 month son. He loves to learn and it would help with his speech. It would make him grow and learn more with all the fun apps. Would give us are Ipad back. Thanks

  69. I am a SAHM and I am always looking for ways to keep my daughter entertained and still learning something new everyday. This will give my little girl the chance to learn and still have fun. She recently turned 3 and this is so apt for her 🙂

  70. Wow there is a reading app! I can’t get my little monkey to sit still long enough to read a book. This would be a fun, creative way to get him interested in books! Plus then I get my phone back because he likes the game apps on it! What an amazing idea, this is 100 times better than the leap pad, as the games for that are only suitable for 3yrs plus!

    Galaxy Tab 3 for Kids+ 2yr old – leap pad- phone= one clever child!


  71. I work in Outside School Hours Care and with very little budget am unable to purchase this kind of amazing technology. My schoolies and I would love ♥♥♥ to have fun with the Samsung Tablet!
    Super dooper
    Amazing Apps
    Make learning
    So much fun and we can
    Great things with SAMSUNG!

  72. I have 2 kids one in school and one @ home. She is almost 4 and love to learn she is very creative and love playing games. Learning through play is fun. She would benefit from the Samsung Galaxy tab 3 as I see it looks like heaps of learning fun. We dont live in a big town and travel every month to do shopping and this will help them keep busy in car without getting into trouble 🙂 Please consider my little one as she loves learning new things. Lovely day to you all!

  73. Galaxy tab 3 for kids
    What more could we need,
    To keep 5 munchkins under 10
    Quiet, entertained and able to read.

    It’s school holidays this week
    And the boredom has begun,
    So please send us a galaxy tab
    Before I try and run!!

  74. Looks like a great prize which would benefit my son immensely. He has mild speech difficulties. This would make the world of difference to him. We would buy one if we could afford one right now!

  75. Our 17 month old would like this, so would his brother (14 yrs old) he always wants his stuff. He really likes to learn. Thank you.

  76. I would love to win this for my daughter. She goes to work with me most days and getting ready to start kindergarten in August. I believe having this at my work would really help her and keep her entertained on those days she can’t play outside. Furthermore, my 18 month old could use it in the future. So many kids anymore are using computers instead of text books at school. I think this would benefit my kids fr years to come!

  77. I have a 3 year old that is ADHD and this would be great for him. This would keep him busy while shopping and to get more creative. He loves playing games and as I love when he plays learning games! I think he would benefit from this for he will get lots of learning fun. Please consider my little 3 year old 🙂

  78. Wow my 3yr old boy would benefit form the Galaxy Tab 3 for Kids because we live out in the bush hours from the nearest town so therefore unable to access a lot of Educational Activities for my child. He will be starting Kindy next year and that will be School Of The Air as living so far away from a town makes it impossible to go to a school. This Galaxy Tab would help me with the teaching of my child so that he doesn’t miss out on the things that other children that are able to go to school have.
    Thankyou for the chance to win.

  79. Rebecca Glassford

    This would absolutley benifit my kids huge samsung fans in this housr too samsung rocks!! but this would seriously benifit my kids and they eould love to have one seeing ad wr are unable to get thrm one

  80. The samsung galaxy tab 3 would be used for educational play in our new Early Learning centre, we cater for 3-5 year old children with kindergarten and child care in a local public primary school in the south east of Victoria. We believe this generation are digital natives and can develop skills through sharing and working together with technology. We also believe the samsung galaxy tab is a tool for learning that will be used along side other hands on tools for learning like playdough, paint and blocks.

  81. Jennifer Salazar

    Samsung thinks about everything! This would fit perfectly into our lives. I currently homeschool two 4 year olds so this could make a great teaching tool.

  82. The Galaxy 3 would be such a welcome addition to our learning tools for my 2 boys who are constantly looking to learn & be entertained! Reading in the car & whilst waiting for doctors appointments. Fine motor skills improving without pegs & blocks everywhere! Writing practice without using paper – bliss!! Learning & entertainment all in one package that fits into my handbag!!! Samsung products have such a great reputation for relevance, reliability & toughness – perfect for my 2 growing, clever, inquisitive boys!

  83. My miss 3 is a very shy flower, talks with me more then any other,
    to help her world of numbers and words, grow and flow,
    would fill us all with such joy we would glow!
    An amazing imagination, she is full of such creation,
    she will learn and play with such fascination,
    we would all have LEARNING 4 KIDS to hug and thank!
    and now i think….
    hope my little poem effort doesn’t stink!

  84. Rebecca Glassford

    this would benifit my children so much as we are unable to purchase one so to win one would be absolutleyawesome huge samsung fans.

  85. Would be great to win one .Our grandson loves Nanny’s I pad I’ve down load a few books puzzles and he loves to do them . Anything that would help teach a child is something we are interested in , so good luck everyone that enters. Going to watch for one of these and hope to find a buy …when they have been out for awhile

  86. I have a 4yr old and 10 yr old. I teach preschool, so the options are endless. It would be beneficial for me at work and not only at home where I’m a single mother.

  87. If would fit perfectly into my already busy life. When I’m teaching, my hearing impaired children would love some of the apps available on the galaxy tab or when I’m spending time with my nephews who fight over their iPad this would be the ‘ new toy’.

    Galaxy tab 3
    Would make my life so easy

    The kids would love to lay
    Winning this would make my day!

  88. This would fit into my life perfectly. When I’m teaching, my hearing impaired children would love to use this and when I’m looking after my nephews, who already fight over the iPad, this would be the ‘new toy’.

    Galaxy tab 3
    Would make my life so easy

    The kids would love to play
    Winning this would make my day!

  89. I teach 4-5 year olds at a preschool. They would love to have one to play with in centers. I take my tablet sometimes,but scared it would get dropped.

  90. This would be great for all 3 of my girls! Miss 3 I am trying to teach how to write numbers and letters, Miss 2 I have been having trouble with colors and am also doing numbers and letters with her and Miss 11 months I would use to help her communication and speech(she has Down Syndrome) it will also help with her general learning and motor skills. I’m sure it will be well used and will have the apps needed for all 3 🙂 Thanks for giving us the chance to win!

  91. Shiela Cayanong Almonte

    The Samsung tablet for kids would fit into our life…… first of all I’m not in Singapore but in sabah. In my opinion it will fit to whom cannot afforded it. Nowadays kids after school after doing the daily routine as homework then play with friends but most watching TV cartoon or the TVIQ channel. So it would fit into my life for the kids can use and out in anywhere nor any time they want too….

  92. This would be a great resource for my family day care service giving my Kindy aged children. In care the opportunity to learn and get prepared for school.

    Living in a rural remote area makes it hard to make sure that Kindy age children have got all the learning requirements needed to start school. Having a tablet that they could do learning activities on would help assist me making sure they are prepared for their schooling years!

    My own children (6yrs & 7yrs) would also have a fabulous time using it!

  93. This would benefit my two children in so many ways..

    It features great program’s to develop new skills and great challenges to help them grow and prosper.

  94. It would be a wonderful surprise for my nearly 6 yo girl, who loves a challenge to learn anything new at the moment.

  95. I’m Early Childhood teacher and I currently relieve in lots of centres – some are very low socio economic areas and dont have access to technology. I would take the tablet with me everyday. I am a strong believer and advocate for technology in ece when use appropriately. I believe that using a tablet the low socio economic areas I work in will ignite passion for learning for children who will other wise not access this resource.

  96. I have 3 kids. Miss 3 we are in the process of getting diagnoses with ADHD (very stressfull) it would be bliss to be able to have even 10 minutes peace and have them learning at the same time 🙂

  97. I have a four year old grandson who would benefit from the use of this tablet. It would be a useful tool in helping him learn.

  98. We would be very grateful to win the prize for our 3 year old who turns 4 next month.
    My husband has lost his job in the mines and is struggling to find work, we were planning
    On buying our son one for his birthday but at this stage won’t be able to afford one 🙁

  99. I am homeschooling my 3 young grandchildren. Right now they are 4 years old (5 in June), 3 years old, and 2 years old. I am always looking for ways to help them learn not only the alphabet but also letter sounds, numbers, and more. This tablet looks absolutely perfect for their use. I only teach one person at a time and they are all at different places in their learning, so this would be useful for all 3 of them for quite some time to come. I would love to own this tablet because they would have so much fun with it besides! It would make learning for them that much more fun and reinforce what they do learn. Thanks so much for giving me a chance to actually own this tablet!

  100. My daughter, who is 2, is thought to have a speech disability. She has very limited speech, but loves to play vocabulary apps on my iPad. She would benefit tremendously by having her own tablet. Even though she is not completing full sentences she puts small phrases together. Having technology available to her will allow her learning to keep growing. Having her own tablet will help facilitate this process.

  101. Veronica Gonzales

    I am a preschool teacher where most of students have a variety of disabilities and these would greatly help me enhance the curriculum in different ways that can accommodate their individual needs as well as introducing technology skills they will use as they grow older.

  102. It would allow my daughter to Skype with her Mauritian grandparents and develop her language skills as she learns French/ Creole and English simultaneously. They in turn will be able to watch her grow in front of their eyes whilst teaching her Mauritian culture and heritage as she grows older.

  103. My 5 year old daughter is going through speech right now in school and they do a lot of therapy on the iPad – but it is so darn expensive! After reading on this it seems to be more educational, so therefor I feel it would help her a lot!

  104. I have a 4 yr old who has adhd and with speech therapy. I think having one of these tablets would help him learn better.

  105. My son is 4 yr old and he is going thru speech therapy as well as having adhd. I think him having something like this could help him learn better.

  106. Galaxy Tab 3 will work wonders in our family’s life! I homeschool so this would be a perfect learning tool for my 2 children. Also, soon we will be moving over 30 hours away so this would be really nice to have for our trip for entertainment. Thank you for the opportunity to win one! We would be so grateful.

  107. I am a Family Day Care Educator. ..I have 11 children 4 and under. The children would love to explore the world of technology through engaging with the ipad.

  108. :):):)My 4 year old daughter would love this…. Only wish I could afford one. Good luck to everyone, and thank you for this opportunity…<3 Nell

  109. I have a 4 year old boy, i’m a single mom work full time, son dad is not in our life at all, trying to do my best, it would help me to clam him down to learn, he don’t sit still for my mom and she is handicap and got health problems, so the tab be a great thing to have

  110. This is something I feel that will help my daughter learn. She has a short attention span and I think this might just help keep her engaged.

  111. I work as a Early Childhood Teacher and I think this would be a fantastic resource for the centre as well as for my own 4 year old son. It would get soooo much use!

  112. Ashleigh Graham

    Hello, I am a 3rd year pre-service early years educator. We have been learning about the importance of incorporating technology into professional practice. I’d love this tablet to use in my practice to help all learners discover, create and build meaning doing something they love. Like you I believe that incorporating technology is valuble and this will give me the oppertunity to work with children in a different way.

  113. As a single mom the Galaxy table 3 would do wonders in our life. It would give this momma and her lil guy more time to devote to the basics he needs for a good foundation when he starts school in a year. It would also help keep him focused and allow him to show me how much he knows without the fighting to stay focused. He is a bright child and catches on to things very easy but still has trouble with the basics like remembering what number comes after 4 or that Lightening McQuees is red and not blue. I know with this product and some good mom and son time he will have it all knocked out!

  114. Charmaine moore

    I have seen the benefits off the apps for children all ages and developmental levels and think it woul be a great tool to help my children through homework while makeing it fun to learn also for my before and after school children I look after to learn through different play based apps 🙂

  115. A tablet for my almost 4 year old and 2 year old would be awesome! The almost 4 year old is learning how to read (self initiated) and the two year old is learning his letters. I had a wonderful smart phone, but that is now broken (oops!). They miss their games, and honestly I cannot afford to purchase one on my own. The oldest also was accepted into a science and math magnet school for next year, so I have a feeling that this tablet would be so incredibly helpful in helping reinforce what he learns in school. Thank you for the chance to enter!

  116. This Galaxy Tab 3 kids would fit into my life greatly in many ways. First of all I have a daughter in the first grade and she struggles in school with reading. I believe the galaxy tab 3 will help her build confidence and help her strengthen her reading skills. Her problems in school are affecting her behavior in many ways and her confidence has gone down a lot. I worry about her and I want the best. I have tried several things to help her and she has been asking for a tablet for a long time and I believe this tool will help greatly.

    Second I am a headstart teacher. I have children that cannot communicate well and they struggle with their emotions. I think that this Galaxy Tab 3 for kids can also help these children with hand eye coordination, building relationships with others, building their language skills, and it will help their confidence too. I am highly into creativity and there are so many ways the children can show their creative ways with a galaxy tab 3 for kids. It is cute and bright and great for little kids hands. I love the parent controls most of all.

  117. Its great to have access to tools that can and will improve and enhance children’s educational development. These tablets wont only assist children with problems but can also be a great tool for the gifted. I have 3 at school with a great need for learning assistance and 2 babies who would benifit from one of these

  118. Kristy Burridge

    It will fit perfectly into our lives, my kids already love using my smartphone and this would be a perfect transition as it is bigger than my phone and therefore less straining on their little eyes.

  119. 7yr old with auditory processing disorder is seeking new ways to learn, would achieve a massive learning jump while also having fun.

  120. I have a 3 years old girl who loves to learn.unfortunately we can’t afford to get one like this for her. It would be so grateful for her if she could have one.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  121. My daughter was born at 25 weeks resulting in hydrocephalus. We will be home schooling but due to one income and no funding avalible to us because we don’t fit the boxes we are on our own. This will be a long lasting resource I can use that can change with her age. I know Samsung will last as well my phone is 6years old.

  122. This little gadget would be fun-tastic as I have 5 children of my own and im about to start family day care so for the learning side of it this will be a great added extra

  123. My little girl benefits from self learning she’s happy to go off and do things herself. I would love one of these for her, when she was 4 months old she had cancer and was put on chemotherapy and it has really put her back learning wise. I really think she would benefit from one of these brilliant inventions.

  124. With 2 little boys I am always trying to find ways to encourage their learning and development. Especially as my older son has speech issues. Like all parents I want to give my sons he best possible start in life and a Samsung tablet would go a long way to helping equip them for the future. The winner will be very lucky indeed!

  125. Jqueline Burgos

    This would be so great for my son who just turned five. He would be able to practice his letters, words, first and last name, work on numbers and math. Along with different learning games with out thinking he’s even learning. I work with him all the time with note books and pencil anf paper but.this would be so interesting and engaging for him. I hope he that we would be considered for to win one of these. Im low income and am not able to always get my son Xavier a tablet or anything like this. I’m a singke mom who works as a sub for headstart. I have my associates in education and im working on my bachelor’s in special education, so i do not plan to below income forever. I hope to build a future for me and my son.

  126. My 3 1/2 year old girl loves to learn new things and is a child that is always busy but as she unable to return to her pre school due to complications from arm surgery and she limited to what she can do at the moment really all she can do is sit and watch DVDs and tv this would keep her little mind busy.

  127. My daughter is 4 and is behind and a bit slow at learning. This galaxy tab will help me hepp her catch up and be prepared for 4 k.

  128. With three children one starting school next year this would be great for our household. Would love to win. Thank you for the opportunity to enter 🙂

  129. This product looks nice I have three boys the only thing I look for in a device is…. Is it educationally fun is there proper security for age appropriate users and can it last through bumps and drops and a tug of war…..and you know that would happen with three boys. Would be nice to have 🙂 thank you if I win

  130. The galaxy tab, would allow my son a chance to explore the benefits of learning and fun at the same time! If you can have fun through learning your world as a four year is fun, but mum has the hidden smile of watching her son learning and gaining knowledge ! What a great device for kids.

  131. I think it def. help my preschooler get ready for Kindergarten and possibly help my 7 yr old on the autism spectrum. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  132. I would love for my 3 year old to win one because he is always wants to take his puzzles with him where ever we go this way he can do puzzles on the tablet. Not only that but my son can learn how to write and do math all on his tablet. He loves books and we can download as many books for him to read along with all the educational games it has. My son would be so grateful if he had one and can do so many things. If you pick him it would mean the world to him thank you for the opportunity

  133. It would be a great learning tool for my children at work, they would learn so much from activities on it and the staff will have a part in being with the children teaching with this fantastic learning tool.

  134. I would love one of these for my son because we have samsung phones and tablets in our house and mine is always shared with the toddler. I love a present that is educational, occupies childrens attention and can grow with the child as their needs and abilities change!

  135. The Samsung Galaxy tab 3 would fit perfectly in my everyday lesson plans for the children I take care of in my Family Day Care. It can also be used to help develop fine motor skills and reading skills in school age students. I would use the tablet on a daily basis to educate, provide endless learning apps that would have a positive influence in teaching children that learning is fun!

  136. I have a two year old daughter and a six year old son who can both equally benefit from a little technology. My daughter would greatly benefit from a tablet because I think it can help her learn her shapes, colors, letters, and numbers in a different way. I think it would help her learn and I hope it can because at her age my son already knew his colors, shapes and numbers up to 10. Since children learn differently than others I think she might learn the opposite way from what my son did. My son would greatly benefit from it since he just recently got his Wii stolen and he could use a break from schoolwork to play some games and the great thing is they are learning games which is even better.

  137. lucinda g. nava

    I have my 2yr old. He would.absolutely love this game. Easy to travel with. I would love. To take it to my prek classroom and share with my students. we would love to have this in our lives. It would teach my kiddos what they need to know. Get them ready for kinder and alsi give my littke gut the advantage to be ahead of the game.

  138. My son is diagnosed with Global Devt Delay and is currently undergoing speech and occupational therapies for the past few years. The school and occupational therapist mentioned that he has sensory issues as well. I am hoping to get him a tablet to help him with these aspects. It will be great if I can win this tab for free as the therapies and doctor appointments are draining our savings. I am hopeful that the educational apps will help him to learn and improve his speech and literacy too.

    Thank you.

  139. Don’t know where to start,
    there are so many reasons to part.
    The main reason being I have my students needs at heart.
    They will be given more opportunities to learn and become smart.

  140. I have 3years and 4 months boy , and simply he would be HAPPY having it and i would be RELAXED while teaching him

  141. Hi guys,
    I don’t have a special needs kido, nor do I wish that challenge and and special joy upon anyone. Having a regular child is hard enough and I as a parent of a almost 3 yr old, knows how hard it is to educate and prepare them for the world to come. I believe having this amazing tool would really help… I love your website and truly try to incorporate as many of your tools as I can. But, I’m not super mom and I realize I need help sometimes. The kind of help I could receive from a Samsung Galaxy 3. Thanks!

  142. It would fit in like another child, my miss 4 dearly wants one of her own and she is the youngest of 5 so it would become another member. Samsung is a very popular friend in our house, tvs, smart phones but no tablet. It would be able to travel with us, fit in my bag or Miss 4’s bag and hands easy. She tells me that she will not drop it and it would assist her in many endeavours from games, movies and taking many memories. Reading, singing to many good things.

  143. Love these! Have been researching them for a little while and like the look of it. My daughter (3) loves playing on my iPhone so for me to control her time on electronic devices would be wonderful without chewin into the battery life of my iPhone!

  144. My son is so hungry to learn and it would be wonderful to provide him with the Samsung to support his learning. My daughter would learn from our enthusiasm as we share our learning together

  145. We are just about to travel Australia on a budget and my boys would love to have a tablet to do their school work on… We could also use it for my little mans speech therapy while we are on the road and I know mummy would love a turn every now and then 😉

  146. I have a 2yr old that loves technology and has learned so much on my phone i just wish she had her own tablet or phone to play with when ever she wanted thats not restricting to her expanding mind with all those awsome free learning apps.

  147. HI
    we have nine children one Grand child and our youngest boy is three and has Down Syndrome,we tried to get thru Better Start Funding since June last year play Equpiment for our boy and have had hassles even tho approved the funding hassles in them actually purchasing it ,still waiting and we need it for his development and winning on these Amazing Tablets will help him with his speech and Development so much as he needs grommits and speech is delayed….
    and good luck to Everyone as well…

  148. This great device would help the young children in my care with their language and technology skills. The sharing and observing of friends while the tablet is in use would add to their personal development and skills too. It would transform our learning giving limited time for each child to access this amazing learning tool.

  149. I love the idea of tablets for my kids they use mine and my husbands allb the time to play learning game and search the web for learning the sites and for checking in on time things for school.

  150. This would be great for my children. I am a childminder and we dont have anything like this to help the children develop their ict skills, it woukd be such a privellage to win this prize and let the children experience the galaxy tab 3.
    Tha you for the chance to win this great prize. Rebecca

  151. This would be great for my daughter she is so facinated with my phone and i would love her attention to be on a learning device like the galaxy tablet, so i dont have to share my phone lol.

  152. I work in a nursery and my child who is autistic loves using ipad’s and this would be a perfect size to use for focus activities.

  153. This would be a lovely surprise for our children. The fun educational apps would help to consolidate learning from school.

  154. The tablet will be perfect for my little boy who loves technology and games. A prefect literacy and language tool to help develop his skillls as well as improving fine motor skills. Those chubby little fingers will love the bright colours, moving objects and words. I cant wait to see him develop a love of learning on this tablet. B

  155. I would use the Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 Kids daily in my home based ECE setting, the children, would love the opportunity to extend their learning with it and the voucher too. My setting caters for children from 10 weeks old to school entrance. My philosophy is ……. “happy kids”.

  156. the Samsung galaxy for kids will be perfect for my nearly 3yr old son. his birthday is in couple of weeks and it would be great way for him to learn before he goes to kindy next year. his older sister has an ipod but I think they are not for ideal for a 3yr old. it will be great to take in his backpack when we are out somewhere.

  157. Natalie Murnane

    By the pool as my girl and I sit waiting while big brothers learn to swim she could be learning and keeping her mind off being in the tropical heat for so long.

  158. charlotte gardiner

    I would use this to get my little girl ready for school and to help my son to keep moving forward with his learning at school. a great help.

  159. Good morning, well it’s Monday morning & we haven’t been paid again due to working self employed. This would ease the stress for our 8 little munchkins. Happy Easter one. & all & to all good luck! X x

  160. pranisha prakash

    It would be a perfect gift for my 4 year old son who us always ready to explore and learn new things…the tablet will fit perfectly in our lives and keep my boy entertained and open a whole new exciting world for him….

  161. pranisha prakash

    It would be a perfect gift for my 4 year old son who is always ready to explore and learn new things…the tablet will fit perfectly in our lives and keep my boy entertained and open a whole new exciting world for him….

  162. Hi what an awesome giveaway, I haven’t sent my little boy to nursery yet as I love spending time with him and love seeing what new things he learns every day, This learning tablet would aid me in teaching him new things at home so he can spend more time at home rather than in a nursery and when his little sister is older they can do activities together to build a strong sibling relationship. Good luck to all and happy easter xxx from Carrie, Remy and baby Cobie xxx

  163. Mawaddatul Nasution

    My daughter is 4 years old and she is a late talker. When she speaks still 60% of it is baby language. We can’t afford to go to speech therapy.
    This tablet will be very good for her as English to develop her speech and develop her confident in talking as she is also very sensitif with loud sounds.

  164. Hi
    I homeschool my 3 out of 4 kids. My Sons have ADHD and my girl struggles with reading a lot we took them out of school because they got bullied a lot from teachers and kids. We are also Afrikaans speaking and English is our second language. But when we moved overseas we had to teach our kids to learn in english. This tab will help my family as it is a fun way to learn. My kids ages are 8, 6 and 2. Thumbs up for this cool product.

  165. I have a two years old and till now I tried to use my personal Galaxy Tab to have him experiment and see new things specially when it comes to drawing and coloring as he started to obtain a good sense of keeping the boundaries of his coloring and try to imitate the things he see when I give him a white sheet in the Tab to draw with and what I really like about it is that when he is coloring and I point him he used a color not in its right place he learned how to undo it and redo the right thing which was not quite possible with his coloring book.

    I hope to get him his own galaxy tab as he would be able to experiment more with all the time he need (definitely we need to control his usage at some point too) rather than we share the same tab specially I rely on mine to read e-books and articles in my study so his access is limited to it now…

  166. My little one loves her nanas ipad but u cannot afford one. This would be perfect for her and she would get great enjoyment out of it 🙂 .

  167. Excellent for children’s language development, concentration and spatial awareness also hand eye coordination and fine motor development

  168. Wow! I love this! It looks so much more kid friendly than when we just hand over our iPad to the girls! They are great at finding and using their own apps but could easily stumble onto something else I guess.
    I think this would fit very nicely into our lives to give Miss almost 4 and Miss almost 2 something fun, safe and educational to do whilst I am busy with our new baby in August… and hopefully while I rest!

  169. My 4 yr old loves technology. This will keep him busy aswell educating him before he hits da big school next year. My boys would be over the moon to receive this..

  170. A Galaxy Tab 3 for Kids would fit into our lives as a supplement to the ways our kids learn and have fun. Learning is most effective when it’s fun, so we would love to utilise a tool that assists us and that the kids love to use!
    Sounds like Samsung has thought of everyone with this Tab!

  171. I have 3 children … 2 are in their teens and my youngest is 3. A Galaxy Tab 3 for Kids would fit into our lives as my 3 year old could use it. He is often getting hold of his older siblings devices to play on, he would love one of his own

  172. Working in a nursery this would be so much beneficial as it would help fine motor skill when children have to use one finger to touch. We have children with speech difficulties so by hearing the sounds will help their speech. As with this tablet we can teach them numbers, letters (words) and colours which will build children number recognisition and knowledge of the world, what colour are in our natural world. Most important of all turn taking, sharing and waiting for your turn helps children pse development as when there is a new toy they all like to have a turn especially something so upto date.

  173. MY son is 6 years old and quite bright with numbers, even so he developed very slowly due to speech impediment he has but with this tablet he would learn so much more and since the world is technologically evolving so fast, it would benefit him in a way that unfortunately I can not afford. Thanks for your consideration (:

  174. I have two young children who love new technology and love exploring new experiences both tactile and visual. I would love to give them the chance to use the Galaxy tablet to learn new developmental skills.

  175. This would be an awesome learning device in our family home.
    I have an very enthusiast 3 yr old. We would use this daily for learni g to count and our abc.
    I love samsung products and feel I would really put this to work for my 3 yr old.

  176. Well first of all the only phone that i use is a samsung, its the best there is……..Let me tell you why the Tab3 will be great for me, We all know that there is just no time for working parents to put all the time an efford in for their children when it comes to learning, and that is why we leave it up to teachers and therapists but sometimes you wish, If there is any posssible way for a parent to help his child throught Grade R, like I am doing now, the samsung will come in so handy because my child will be leaning and i can spend that valuble time with my husband and my baby and i will have that little bit of piece in my mind, that my child is learning something even if I can’t sit with him all the time to watch what he is doing or to presure him in learning. He will be having fun on his tab3 and he will be learning and playing. Coping in todays life with 2 little children is not easy so make my life a little bit easier by giving me a Tab3.

  177. Mummy says homework time is hard, my 9yr old brother needs mum one on one, my 7yr old sister just needs guidance and some help from mu, my 5yr old sister needs one on one as well, and while mum is helping us 3, dad is super busy trying to keep my 4yr old and 2yr old brother occupied with stories and some reading eggs. We have all been banned from touching mums phone unless we sit with get as we have dropped it and cracked the screen a few times. We all love the educational apps mum has for us but it is limited as there are 5 of us at different learning levels, even though some of us are more switched on than the others we enjoy sharing and taking turns, even though there are times we don’t like it. I know it wouldn’t replace mum or dad, but it would help each night if we each took turns 🙂

  178. It would stop the fights over the iPad and iPhone, my son seems to think they are his rather than my husbands and mine.

  179. With a son 4 1/2 (about to start prep next year) and daughter 3 it would be a lovely addition to their hands on learning. Especially after reading your story above, such great insight.

  180. Would love this for my almost 3year old she’s always taking my phone! so if we won this at least I might actually get to call someone while she is distracted

  181. If I could win this tablet for my Granddaughters whom live in Victoria I would buy one for myself so I could share tablet work on Skype With them 🙂

  182. Lorena Hernandez

    Teach my three kids their 3 languages , Spanish Arabic and English 🙂 grateful for this giveaway! Good luck everyone 🙂

  183. The tablet will provide extra assistance and the convenience so that when my toddler is willing to learn through play something is always at hand and ready to go! Not to mention, it also allow him to develop creatively a touch of the screen! Although it will never replace the various actual equipment but the tablet just provide that convenience as I will not need to carry mountains of books and toys, pens and papers, etc…

  184. I work in limited hours an we have no technology but recently we have been getting quite a few kids with special needs. Eg. Speech delay, autism, asperges an to do things with them I have been using my personal one with the children an there are times that I am busy with if as I do all my planning on it it is not always available. Thank you for your interesting fb page an website.

  185. It will help my youngest daughter to be more interested in learning her preschool skills and make homeschool learning more fun.

  186. My son is 3 and has Apraxia and does not have any tablets, laptop, phones, but loves trying his Aunt’s tablet every few times she comes over. I know he would have so much fun and learn so much!!

  187. Monica Zhelyazkova

    I have two kids and we got iPads for them, so I know how important it is for a child to have a tablet. A tablet can make a great difference, help in so many ways, be used as a teaching tool and much more. If I win, I would gift this tablet to a family, who needs it so much more, good friends with small children that do not have a tablet and can help their kids tremendously to learn and develop, progress. 🙂

  188. My two would love this, learning through play and up to date technology are so important in early enducation

  189. I would love the opportunity to beable to teach my three children through the Samsung galaxy tab 3 for kids 🙂 I would be able to give them the opportunity to learn and use the apps especially with my 2 year old as sometimes the games his boring old mum sets up for him are just not a winner 🙂

  190. This would be perfect for my little girl who constantly suprises me with how fast she is learning. This would be a great tool for learning new things!

  191. The Samsung Galaxy tablet would fit perfectly in the pouch on my son’s wheelchair. He is severely autistic and nonverbal. The tablet would give him the benefit if the educational games as well as make his weekly trips to speech and occupational therapies easier for him by keeping him entertained.

    The tablet would fit in a pouch
    Or can be played on the couch.
    It can be played sitting on a stair
    Or while sitting in a chair.
    If you travel far
    It can be played in the car.
    It can be played both here or there.
    The Samsung Galaxy 3 can be played anywhere!

  192. The Samsung Galaxy 3 Tablet would be fantastic in my Junior primary classroom. It is an excellent teaching and learning tool to motivate and engage students. I believe that children learn best in a hands-on, fun and supportive environment. The tablet enables children to learn without realising that they are learning. A number of apps adjust to their own ability level and the bright colours, sounds and graphics appeal to children. I have been interested in introducing tablets into my school and looking into ways to fund the project. By trialling tablet use with this Samsung Galaxy 3 Tablet I could demonstrate their use, worth and purpose which would strengthen my application for implementation.

  193. I only found out yesterday that my son was withdrawn and struggling at kindy he needs help with counting and colours and other such things. Unfortunately he’s too embarrassed that he’s not keeping up that he’s refusing to show any interest. I am a low income earner and could never afford something like this but I believe it would help my son catch up and gain the confidence to learn

  194. The samsung galaxy tab 3 would bring so much more learning into my house as i am a single mother of 4 children an hav no computer in my house ….the kids use my phone but is not enough my…oldest starts school soon an it would b a great advantage 4 him 2 learn some computer skills …an my other children will b greatly advantaged by the use of the tab 3

  195. My daughter missed the first 2 months of kindergarten due to surgery, this would be a wonderful way to continue her education over the summer and keep her ready for first grade!

  196. The Samsung Galaxy3 Tablet would be such a beneficial resource for my 2 children. Technology is ever changing so to have a resource for my children to learn on and learn from would be a dream!

  197. Jacqueline Wilson

    I Have a two year olddaughter. My grandmother watches her while am at work during the day. I believe having the tablet will help my grandmother work with my daughter on learning new things.

  198. It will help me get some sleep by keeping Master 6, Miss 4 and Master 2 occupied on our 25 hour flight to visit our relatives in the UK later this year! If only you were giving away three:)

  199. I have recently signed up with Mission Australia to become a Family Day Care Educator so am in the process of setting up my practice including purchasing equipment and sourcing fun activities for ages approx. 10 months to 5 years. In the midst of this my personal tablet which I was going to use has decided to stop working!! I have been looking at replacements for a few months now but have found the cost prohibitive whilst I am setting up my practice. Children now are so tech savvy that it’s becoming increasingly important to provide them with the right tools to stimulate, educate and interest them. Having read what you have posted has sparked my interest in the Samsung device as I hadn’t realised it was available on the market. Up until now I have been leaning toward Apple products but this product now seems more suitable. As I said cost has been a negative factor at this stage so winning this product would be a fabulous God send and one that my children in care would love to use!!

  200. With the Galaxy tab, I won’t have to to worry about when my kids, get off the educational programs and start watching youtube videos.

  201. I work as an Integration Aide at a Primary School and a galaxy tab would be great to use with the children I work with. At the moment I take my Galaxy tab in so the children can use it. It would be fantastic if we could have another one so the children could share the two between them.

  202. In our lives the Galaxy Tab 3 would perfectly fit
    Our quest for fun and knowledge – we just wouldn’t quit
    Photograph and document a caterpillar turning into a butterfly
    Use the internet to find out the who, what, where, why
    Learning letters and numbers, shapes, colours and things
    Making digital stories, movies and animations
    At other times we’d put the Galaxy Tab down
    So we could experience real-life around country and town

  203. With this I can be sure the kids are playing while learning appropriate material. It’s durable and tough enough to be handled by my 2 very active boys. It’s also the right size to carry along in the kids back pack for those dull moments.

  204. Katrina Sherwood

    Firstly I would let my 5 and 7 year olds use it to supplement the work they do at school, but I would also use it as a tool for teaching when I go on prac later this year. It would fit in with my life quite nicely! When it gets old and outdated I will take it to be recycled into something new again

  205. The Galaxy Tab 3 is small for travelling with in the car, bus airplane and train when I really need help keeping my toddler still & quiet.

  206. I would use with my special needs preschoolers and my typicals! They live technology and I feel it is essential in their early learning.

  207. the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 will fit into my life because its so convenient to have when ur in the car on long car rides, or going to the doctors, my son is only 1 but it will come in handy when he starts learning

  208. Kendall McFadyen

    The Galaxy Tab 3 would be amazing for my almost 3 year old. She picks up all that we have taught her and think soon it will be difficult to keep her stimulated with learning materials that I already have. This would assist immensely with her learning and prepare her perfectly for kinder and school! I have everything crossed 🙂

  209. The Galaxy 3 Tab would fit into the life of my Master nearly-4 by allowing him to learn and explore at his pace, he has a unique development style, and I have educational apps on my tablet for him, that have helped him in leaps and bounds…it would fit into my life so well, as it would give me back my tablet 😀

  210. I would love to win one of these for my 2.5year old daughter it would fit into our lives so well because she loves my ipad and I dont want her to drop it so watch her carefully with this one she would be able to play it all on her own without constant watch. She is really into peppa pig so I could get heaps of apps. Please choose us 🙂

  211. Danielle Reynolds

    Oh this would be fantastic for my 5 year old son. He is having trouble with his speech and the apps would be perfect for his learning. Speech therapy is great but only once a fortnight. He would be more inclined to practice in a fun environment.

  212. This seems perfect for little hands and puts gaming and learning right I’m their palms I’m very much for this tablet I think it would be amazing for my four year old help get him ready for school

  213. My almost 3 yr old would love this. His brother has a samsung galaxy tablet but has alot of games he can’t use. It would also keep the arguments down in the house as he would have one of his own. He is also a little bit behind in his learning side of things so it would help him catch up before he starts kindy.

  214. This would fit into my life perfectly. I am a teacher and would love this for my students. I have a few children in the class with special needs. This would enhance their ability to
    Communicate with not only myself but also their peers. It would also be great for the class to use to enhance their knowledge and understanding of ICT.

  215. I have a 4 year little girl with cystic fibrosis
    Who misses a lot of school so this would bee great for
    Her to keep learning and also great for every time shes in hospital
    For weeks at a time thanks

  216. I would use it to help my 9 year old stepdaughter have fun while learning. She doesn’t like school and although she s in year 4, she is so far behind in her learning that she is working at a year 1 level. This would help make learning fun for her. I would also use it for my 6 year old daughter who is very keen to learn and always wants to do more spelling, reading, writing and maths activities. It would also be used for my3 year old son who will start Kindy next year and is keen to be reading like his sister! It would get plenty of use in this house!

  217. I teach in an ECLC program. This tablet would be beneficial in my classroom as I prepare my kiddos for school readiness. Technology is no longer in the future, it is our present day!

  218. I would love this for my son as he is really starting to get interesting in learning. I have looked at them for a while and can only hope!! He loves my samsung tab but I’m so worried he will drop it!

  219. This handy tablet will fit in very well with my 2 boys. As it is a learning tablet, it is designed to teach and improve language, speech and communicational skills. My little toddler will love this and I know he will build a higher learning path because of the Samsung galaxy.. Today’s children have the best in today’s technology, it’s good to see that the focus is on our children’s education and highlights ways to improve learning development for our kids. Keep up the great work!

  220. G Great for my kids development
    A Amazing Apps to suit my boys
    L Learning at home and when out
    A Allows imagination and creativity
    X eXtremely hands on tool
    Y Young ones will benefit from it

  221. During the day my 2yo boy will be taking care by babysitter and with this I’m sure he can learn a lot while having fun! Especially now is the time he started talking. Keep him busy and so that caregiver has a piece of mind take care my second baby who going to born in coming June!

  222. This will fit perfectly in our home being a Samsung family. My son accidently dropped our tablet that he used to learn numbers, letters, words and colours and unfortunately the screen is broken so he can’t use it and they’re too expensive to fix.
    Mr 2 would love to win this. And mummy would love her 10 min of peace and quiet back from her hyper child 😉

  223. Charmaine McWilliam

    As a family we love Samsung products and the Samsung tablet for children looks like an exceptional learning tool. I believe this would be wonderful for our 3 year old daughter who is delayed in her speech due to finding out she was moderately deef but after having surgery and attending speech therapy is very enthusiastic about trying to speak more. I believe the Samsung tablet would be a fun encouragement for her.

  224. I teach students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in a public school. I would use the Galaxy 3 tab as a tool for my classroom. My students live in a technologically advanced world that they should be able to experience, despite them attending school in a high-poverty, high-crime neighborhood.

    My students are five and six year old nonverbal students who enjoy learning and exploring. They attend an offsite school that receives very little to no supplies, let alone technological devices such as tablets, that can improve my students’ education.

    This Galaxy 3 tab will truly be an irreplaceable instructional tool in my classroom. Not only will this tablet be used to support ELA, writing and math instruction, but most importantly it will give my students a voice. My nonverbal students use symbols to communicate their needs. With apps to facilitate communication, students will be able to communicate with greater ease. The Galaxy 3 tab will not only impact my current students, but future students that follow.

    Thank you for the opportunity and good luck to everyone!

  225. S – Small and light weight
    A – Apps to educate and amaze my son
    M- Made with small children in mind yet something they can grow with
    S- Small hands can handle with ease
    U- Understandably exciting for a little boy to have his own tablet
    N- No more sharing Mummy’s tablet for reading time
    G- Great for out and about and at home

    G- Going out with ease and able to entertain my boy with something educational
    A- Ability to handle the rough and rouble of little hands
    L- Light and bright in colour allows it to be eye-catching
    A- Amazing ability to allow my sons creativity and imagine to grow
    X- eXcited to be able to share experiences with my son
    Y – Years of enjoyment for him and me

  226. This would be fantastic for helping work with special needs children that I help with at the local school I volunteer at. The kids would love it

  227. my child loves to learn,so i would use it when we on the train for 2hrs trip using only school type games. after my ex stole the lead from our dodgy tablet, now cant rechange it and theres no way i cant afford to get another one being on pension .
    Learning is a big thing from my daughter , i couldnt be so proud of her, after all i lost all knowage after having a stroke at 14, and worried about her learning because before my stroke no one picked up th/at i could not read

  228. I am part of the nature play movement to get kids out into nature and one of the activities we do is geocaching which is treature hunting outdoors. We use the geocaching app in order to use the gps to locate locations. There are many apps that teach about science, environment and nature which the children can learn together outdoors. I am homeschooling my child based on the reggio pedagogy so we use phonics apps and other learning tools. As there are no reggio emilia apps I am looking to create a reggio emilia app for parents in the future. A tablet would greatly assist me to achieve these goals. Thank you soo much

  229. Phillip Sayamoungkhoun

    This will benefit my kids with all the child friendly apps and also apps to help them learn new skills in a safe way.

  230. Cassandra Perry

    It will fit perfectly into my classroom to use to enhance my students learning and their access to the curriculum. I have a communication class with several non verbal students with muliple impairments, the Galaxy Tab touch screen technology provides them with an alternative way to not only communicate but access the curriculum in an independent way.

  231. Samsung galaxy tab is perfectly fit in our life because me and my wife also have Samsung Mobile now we want to teach our 7 month child about lots of thing and our boy love our mobile so we think Samsung galaxy tab is the best way to teach him about things

  232. I would love to have this to teach my children in an interesting way as they would love electronic items. And as parents we all know how hard it is to get our children READ a BOOK. With Samsung Galaxy tab my children will be able to read an enjoy at the same time.. we should teach our children in a way that they don’t feel bored so that they pick up things very quickly and will love to learn. It’s not only useful for educational purposes but also for enjoyment. I use to record play school on my tv and let my son watch an hour on mid day. One day I was busy in the kitchen n when I came back I saw that the program was over and it was on live tv. Oh my god! I was so embarrassed annoyed and hurt. I cannot let my son watch tv alone. We should really be more aware of what we do. With this samsung pad I know our children will not be exposed to unwanted advertisement or unsuitable programs. Good luck everyone. It is really a worth and wonderful gift.

  233. My 4year old would love it, as he loves anything educational, reading, art, games. As a single parent, would aid in my involvement with his learning

  234. I am a kindergarten teacher in the western suburbs. One of my children has micro this an atresia which is the absence of one of his ears. He also had high function autism. I am a strong believer in introducing our children to 21st century education when preparing them for school. Therefore I feel that the galaxy tablet would benefit this child with his education especially since he struggles to communicate effectively. It’s something I would love to implement in my program and display how we can use technologies such as this in early childhood effectively.

    Thank you.

    Please follow ‘Pandas ear’ on Facebook. Our organisation to raise funds for this child to get an ear.

  235. My little girl is really struggling with the concept of reading and writing and being a full time working mum this would ensure that I could just pop it in my handbag and have it to help with every given free minute I have… I think the gadget look about it will encourage her to want to do it even more !!

  236. The Samsung Galaxy Kids will be welcomed sensory entertainment for my 18 month old daughter when I am feeding our newborn son (12 days old today). She would be able to dance and sing along to her favourite songs and shows as well as start learning important technology skills. There are so many educational apps that I would love her to have access to.

  237. I am a kindergarten and I am fully aware that technology is an important part of our future and our children’s future. A tablet would allow me to educate littlies to become more technologically literate, which would allow them to function more successfully in their future.

  238. Joanne Cardamone

    My little girl is really ahead in understanding but still very young and this would be great to find apps that can help her grow with learning

  239. I would like to win tab3 kids for my 7 year old son. My son has been asking for it and am saving to get him one. My son seems to learn through interest. He loves gadgets and tab3 kids would be a nice thing to keep him interested into learning language,maths and even brain teasers. Tab3 also provides kids friendly apps and colourful screen to enable kids to relax and ease off their stress.

  240. I would love to win a galaxy for my girls to share.
    They will all benefit from the amazing features.
    Also my oldest has autism and loves to learn through play.
    Penny and Girls x

  241. I would love to have one of those to help my son learn and also than I can pass it down to my daughter.. I have heard good things about them…as my son is always on my Samsung Galaxy phone trying to play learning games n etc 🙂

  242. One life to live one chance to give the world the best you have.
    So much to see, to touch to feel, learning all the way.
    A search for love, a search for truth, seeking all the time.
    The gifts god gives us here on earth happiness devine.
    I wrote this for my son when he was born. How could I not try to give him every possible opportunity to learn and grow. This would be one of the many ways I want to help him.

  243. The Samsung
    Kids tablet will so fit into all our lives when feeding the new baby my older two can learn and play next to me and I can still take part in their interactions hands free. There will be no guilt that I am not paying them attention every time I have to feed or just putting them infringing of the TV again. They will actually be able to learn and have fun together and I can be there with them to help guide them if they need. It will fit into our lives just in perfect time. Please pick us 🙂

  244. As a teacher of children with special needs I am always looking for new ways to help them meet their needs. This would be great to have so that they can use it to stimulate their learning. I also work in Early Intervention, I would use this daily with the little ones to target so many developmental delays. It would allow me to have a device that is fun and attention grabber while educational

  245. This tablet will help pave the technology way for my 2 and 3.5 year old. I really want my children to embrace technology. By winning this tablet my girls can broaden their knowledge.

  246. Michelle Cauldwell

    If I was that lucky person, it would allow me to get my Samsung galaxy phone back from my daughters. We have a few games, educational and just for fun. They love it! The ines that appear to be just for fun still allow them to express their creativity and individual style. Kids are so rushed to grow up… this makes it fun! Leds stress makes happiness for both child and parent!

  247. My 3 year old and I are just now starting out on the homeschool track. I’m so excited about the learning opportunities available and my daughter has already learned so much from my husband’s smart phone. Apps like Endless Alphabet have taught her letter recognition and sounds so quickly and it would be great to have access to them during the day while he is at work!

    Tablets are a great way to add fun and interactive learning into the mix, and my toddler could absolutely benefit from having one!

  248. I work at a nursing home and work with a lot if dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, having one of these would not just help my 4 year old it would also help my residents! When we do activities at work we use a lot of visual things for them and I think this would be an awesome thing to have also for them! Either remembering how to spell their names or remember common life things that they don’t run across anymore! Whenever I pull out my iPad at work they think it’s the most amazing thing ever for the residents, but u think these are more level appropriate for them!

  249. Technology is an inevitable part of our children’s lives! As a mom we appreciate companies that make an effort to create products that are educational and a valuable learning tool. With twins whom we plan to homeschool we would love to incorporate the Samsung Galaxy Tablet into their routine. Nothing better than an educational cuddle while having fun learning!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  250. Tablet devices will fit my students because it will allow them to manipulate virtual objects using natural hand gestures and this appears to stimulate experiences that can lead to stronger learning. Learning will be fun with a tablet because they are bright, interactive, motivating, promote problem solving and the images and icons appeal to the target audience.
    The ‘Creative Corner’ app will inspire imagination and creativity and can also be used as a learning tool

  251. My 3 1/2yr old has a speech delay and some other communication difficulties. it would be great to get this to help him learn and communicate more

  252. Leapfrog Text and Learn is what Miss 3 adores
    Saying: Mummy this is my computer not yours!
    Amazed at how fast she recognises the ABC’s
    What a great learning device it will be.
    Galaxy Tab 3 would fit so perfectly!

  253. How will the Samsung Galaxy Tab3 Kids fit into my life?

    By using the Samsung Galaxy Tab3 with the children at the Kindergarten where I work it will be fitting into and therefore helping a number of children. It would be a communication tool for the ASD children and the children who have English as a second language. It would extend language skills and fine motor control and coordination for all children. While developing the social skills of turn taking and waiting they would also be building their understanding of concepts, literacy and numeracy skills and progressing their problem solving skills – all using technology that has been specifically designed for children.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win, and Good Luck to everyone.

  254. We love educational toys in our home but with both my husband and I without regular work its difficult to be able to do this after the bills are paid. Winning this would certainly help our almost 4 year old with her passion for learning.

  255. I teach an early childhood special ed classroom. A tablet like this would allow me to make learning socially transmitted knowledge in a fun motivating way!

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