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Homemade Eye Spy Sensory Bag – Keeping Kids Occupied in the Car

How to make a homemade eye spy sensory bag Simple step by step instructions.

Homemade Eye Spy Sensory Bag are the ideal quiet activity to keep little hands busy and entertained in the car, appointments, shopping and other situations required to keep the little one occupied. They are super fun, creative and an open-ended playtime for kids of all ages.

Eye Spy Bags are a small pouch filled with dry rice and tiny treasures or trinkets that kids can find by manipulating the bag so the little objects surface to the clear plastic window. Attached is a photo card of the objects that are hidden within which they can check off as they find them.

There are several ways you can make an Eye Spy Sensory Bag, some require sewing but this is our quick, no sewing required, DIY.

What you will need?

how to make a homemade eye spy sensory bag

You will need 2 zip-lock bags, 1 cup rice, masking tape and small trinkets, toys, tokens or objects.

Some ideas for small toys or objects may include; buttons, small twig, bottle top lid, shopkin toys, large beads, toy jewellery, glass gems, puzzle pieces, small figurines, small blocks, magnetic numbers or letters, foam shapes and so much more.

Let’s make

step by step guide on how to make a homeamde eye-spy sensory bag
  1. Collect a handful (approx. 10) small toys and other items. Take a photo of them, print and laminate.
  2. Place 1 cup rice and toys into zip lock bag. Add more rice if required.
  3. Fasten the zip-lock bag, insuring that all the air has been pressed out of the bag.
  4. Place the masking tape along the opening end to avoid the bag becoming open. Fold the zip lock end over and sticky tape again as shown in photo 1.
  5. Place the zip-lock bag into the other zip-lock bag with the folded end placed inwards at the bottom of the bag as shown in photo 2.
  6. Fasten the zip-lock bag (pressing out the air) and add sticky tape.
  7. Optional: place decorative washi tape around the outside (both sides) of the eye spy bag to create a kind of window for children to look through when searching for the objects (photo 3). This also helps make the bag extra strong.
  8. Attached the Eye Spy Card with ribbon or string.

Let’s Play

Eye - Spy Sensory Bag, can you find...

Some ideas:

  • Feel and manipulate the Eye Spy Sensory Bag to coax the small objects to the surface. Use the attached photo card to help find the all the items shown.
  • Use the attached photo card to define which items have not been found yet and which items have.
  • Label and name each item found inside the bag.
  • Count how many items are inside the bag. Count how many you can see?
  • Count all the blue objects or count or the yellow objects?
  • Ask questions such as: can you find any shapes? Can you find something that is red?
  • Use a timer to see how fast can you find all the things on the list?

Let’s Learn

homemade toy - eye spy sensory bag

Learning Opportunities:

  • Concentration
  • Fine Motor and hand-eye coordination.
  • Sense of pride and achievement.
  • Problem solving – overcoming challenges.
  • Language & Vocabulary: labelling and naming each object inside the Eye Spy Sensory Bag.

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