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Counting and Subitising Activity Game Mats

Print and play the Counting and Subitising Dice Activity Dot Mats to support children’s early maths skills such as counting, subitising and addition.

The Printable Counting and Subitising Pack encourages hands-on activities using tactile objects such as dice, number spinners, tokens and pompoms.

So simple to make! Bright and colourful pictures to play with!


Printable Counting and Subitising Activity Game Mats

The Counting and Subitising Activity Game Mats Pack supports learning early number concepts through playing a hands-on game.  These reusable mats can be adapted to suit different abilities and when paired with dice, spinners and tokens, it encourages children to develop early subitising, counting and addition skills.

The aim of this activity to develop the skill of subitising and counting by creating an environment (visual scene) to recognise the number associated with a particular pattern on the dice, with the clusters of circles on the activity mats and collections/groups of pompoms and tokens made to match that of the dice.

Some ideas:

  • Maths Tools: Add several maths tools such as dice (numerals & dot arrays), number spinners, tokens, pompoms or counters.
  • Adding Dice: Use two dice for children to roll and add together before placing them on the printable mats.
  • Play Add and Take: Include a spinner with an addition and subtraction symbol for children to spin. If it lands on take away (-), children remove that many tokens from the activity mats, or if it lands on add (+), adding the number shown to the activity mats.

Printable Subitising Subitizing Dot Mats Centre (Truck)

What is Subitising?

Subitising refers to immediately knowing how many items lie within a visual scene for a small number of items.  It is to have a rapid and confident judgement to know at a glance and without counting to identify the number of items in a group.  For example, when a dice is thrown the observer at a glance, immediately and accurately knows how many dots lie on the face of the dice without counting.

Printable Subitising Subitizing Dot Mats (Mouse)

Why is subitising so important?

  • Subitising contributes to early forms of grouping. Seeing parts of a whole or that numbers are made up of other numbers.
  • Understanding number relations: Interpreting number in terms of part-whole relationships makes it possible for children to think about a number as being made up of other numbers such as 4 is made up of 3+1 and 2+2.
  • Understanding number relation: the notion that numbers are within numbers is important for separating, grouping and combining numbers as well as for multiplication, division and measurement.

Printable Subitising Subitizing Dot Mats Learning Centre (mouse)

More Ideas:

  • Create a Maths & Number Learning Centre for children to visit through out the day.
  • Fun maths game for small group or partner activities.
  • Great for morning activities as students arrive to school.
  • Follow-on activity from whole class subitising lessons for consolidation.
  • Useful resource for consolidating and number recognition, counting and subitising skills.
  • Identify beginning, middle and final sounds in simple words.
  • Hands-on, reusable tool that an be adapted for different number skills or concepts.
  • Bright and Colourful – fun for children

Printable Subitising Subitizing Dot Mats (Truck)

When you purchase the downloadable document for this printable, you will receive 22 Pages Counting and Subitising Dice Activity Game Mats in colour, instructions, photos and activity ideas. 

The download includes 22 pages:

  • 1 Instructions & thank you
  • 1 Ideas & Photos
  • 10 Colour Subitising Picture Mat (Portrait)
  • 10 Colour Subitising Picture Mats (Landscape)
  • Included 5 Re-downloads

Printable Subitising Subitizing Dot Mats Scattered

The Counting and Subitising Dice Activity Game Mats Pack includes 20 printable mats: a duck, whale, turtle, car, butterfly, rainbow, truck, fish, bus, present, mouse, teddy bear, octopus, dinosaur, penguin, balloon, grapes, watermelon, cupcake.

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