Someones Hiding, Down in a Box, Until……..

Jack is hiding down in his box.....Jack in the Box is a favourite game of my kids!  All you need is a box! 
It involves singing the well-known nursery rhyme Jack in a Box and acting out the words on cue to the song.  We use the box as a creative prop and make the acitivty fun!
We decorated our box using paint…..any excuse to get the paints out!
Jack in a box is so much fun; it will have your kids wanting to do it over and over again! It is also great for all ages; even my littlest Miss 1 loves to play.
 Jack is hiding down in his box…….until someone opens the lid…….BOO!!
Imaginative play song activities
Jack in a box jumps UP!
Activities for kids
Jack in a box goes FLOP!
songs for kids
Jack in a box goes ROUND and ROUND!
Song activities for kids
The lid goes down with a PLOP!
  • You don’t need a box to do this activity!  I sing this song while holding Miss 1 and carry out the actions on cue with the words. This makes her giggle endlessly!
Here is an example of what you can do without a box!  Be sure to carefully support the child’s body through the actions.
Jack in a box jumps up!    (Jump up holding child close to body)
Jack in a box goes flop!     (Flop child out away from body-supporting head & neck)
Jack in a box goes round and round!     (Spin around holding child)
The lid goes down with a plop!    (Gently drop your body while holding your child in a downwards action)
Ideas and Tips:
  • To personalise the game; you could replace the name Jack with your child’s name.  “Sarah in the box jumps up!”
  • Nursery rhymes and songs are great for developing oral language skills.
  • Kids love to play with boxes and nursery rhymes.
Printable Lyrics for Jack in the Box
Thank you to my beautiful Miss 3 for being part of the photos….xx
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  1. My daughter LOVES this song and activitiy but we haven’t done it for ages. We don’t have a big colourful box though. Perfect timing because we just used up a box of nappies. Off we go to paint, paint, paint!

  2. I find it odd that I’ve never heard the nursery rhyme. At least to me recollection. Thank you for sharing and opening my eyes to such a fun activity. I LOVE that you actually added a box. Such a great idea. My son would love this.

  3. sheri buch says:

    would love to get an email if you have one…have a daycare Sheris Corner in Northridge Calif.

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