Printable Letter Blends Puzzle

Printable Blends Puzzle
The Printable Letter Blends Puzzle is a hands on activity to reinforce or revise the learning of some letter blends.  It is a fun activity that encourages kids to listen to the sounds in words and match them with the correct picture. 
There are 44 pieces altogether with 22 complete matches
Instructions: Match the blend sound in a word with the picture that it belongs to. For example:  Cl matches with the picture of a clock and Fl matches with the picture of a flower.
Free Printable Letter Blends Puzzle
The puzzle set includes these combinations for matching.
dr – drill, sh- shoe, sh-sheep, dr-drum, sn-snowman, tr-train, fl-flag, fl-flower, cl-clown, cl-clock, sp-spider, sp-spoon, sn-snail, tr-truck, gl-glove, gl-glasses, fr-frog, cr-crown, cr-crab, gr-grasshopper, st-star, sl, slide.
Click here to downlaod and print: Phonetic Blends Puzzle – Leaf Shape
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  1. ko sait yuen says:

    i want to know more how to give them learn for my children.


  1. [...] is an excellent free resource for helping your kids to learn phonetics of different words. Learning for kids helps keep learning fun for the kids and it will only take a little bit of time to cut out the [...]

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