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Rest Time – A Break in the Day to Recharge

Rest time ideas for kids
“Is is nap time yet?”  Every parent can relate to this and look  forward to their kids nap time, just to be able to get some time to yourself and get to those jobs you’ve been trying to get done all morning!  But what happens when your child grows out of their nap and you would like an alternative to watching a movie and lying on the couch. 
This is something I do with my two eldest girls and it fits in nicely so the house is quiet while Miss 1 is napping.   Miss 3 becomes so relaxed that once in a while she falls asleep! 
Rest Time – Tips and Preparation
  • Pack away all toys and other distractions before rest time begins. 
  • Don’t forget the toilet; this is a common excuse for kids to wonder off during rest time!
  • Darken the room by closing any blinds or curtains.
  • Set up any blankets, pillows and cuddly toys or blankies.
  • Read a book as part of the rest time process.
  • Your child’s favourite toy can also have rest time!  Set up a small area for them to rest.
  • Read your child’s cues, if they are starting to fidget open the blinds before they leave their rest area.  That way you have control of when rest time begins and ends.
  • You can also use a timer!
Miss 3 likes me to make a sleeping bag by folding a blanket in half and then she lies in the middle, adding extra comfort and security for her. Miss 5 on the other hand likes to lie on top of a flat blanket on the floor.  The blanket acts like a boundary which kids seem to stay within very well.  Encourage your child to lie very still and try to stay on the blanket.
The importance of rest time for young children
From the moment kid’s wake in the morning, it seems as if they are GO GO GO! Full on!
Rest time is important for growing brains to take a moment to recover from the first part of the day’s activities.  It also provides physical rest, time to emotionally unwind and recharges their batteries ready to cope and deal with the rest of the afternoon.
When and for How Long?
Midday is usually a good time to have rest time.  Our routine during the day usually involves lunch, then a little play while I tidy up.  I provide my kids with a warning that in 5 minutes we will be packing away our toys ready for rest time.   Then we set up and go to the toilet.  Having a regular set time and providing a warning helps with the transition into rest time.
For how long, this all depends on your child and your own personal judgement as every child is different.  Miss 5 is itching to get back in to some serious play and drawing by about 15 – 20 minutes whereas Miss 3 loves the comfort of rest time and will rest longer.
Our Favourite Rest Time Music
YouTube has some great relaxation music. In the search engine I write in the key words, ‘calming music’.
One of my kids favourite is – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Rsa0my9drA
Another goody – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSgPDKG6bB0
Great relaxation c.ds are also available.   We listen to Tender Lullaby’s by Fisher Price.
Other ideas for rest time
  1. We sometimes do quiet drawing while listening to the relaxation music.
  2. Your child laying on their bed listening to a pre-recorded story. 
  3. Have rest time in the reading corner.  Reading corners are usually a comfort area with cushions and pillows and most importantly BOOKS!
 I would love to hear your ideas – What do your kids do for rest time?

2 thoughts on “Rest Time – A Break in the Day to Recharge”

  1. We don’t have a regular rest time, because our routine changes every day, but when we’re running around and I feel myself about to snap, I let my kids know that when we get home, they are having quiet time in their rooms because mummy needs a break. This gives them warning and also lets them know that they’re not in trouble.

    I let them choose a few toys from the playroom, and if they want more, they need to grab it themselves and head straight back to their rooms.

    I put the timer on for an hour, but they usually don’t last that long. The timer is more for me. When they come out, they’re usually in great moods!

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