Number Sort

Number activities for kids

Number sort is a fun, hands on activity to play and learn with numbers.  It sets a challenge of searching for Vanilla Play Dough Recipe specific numbers amongst a jumble of numbers.

It’s never too early to begin nurturing a child’s discovery of mathematics and mathematical concepts.


What you will need?

You will need an easel with a white board, white board markers and magnetic numbers.

Alternatively you could use blu tac put on the back of paper with numbers written on the front and stick these up onto the board.

Divide the board up into 4 sections.  For beginners or younger children you may need to divide this up into 2 or even 1 part and add more sections for older children.

Let’s Play 

Searching, sorting and classifying the numbers into the correct boxes.

Let’s Learn 

Having a go at writing the numbers.

Number Sort is a great activity for:

  • Sorting and classifying numbers
  • Number recognition – recognising numbers without having to count them in order
  • Visualisation and memory
  • Hand and eye coordination
  • Problem solving – searching for the correct (number) shape.

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