Getting Active with Dice

BY ON Oct 9, 2011
Dice games to get the body moving

Active Dice is a fun game to get little bodies moving!


It is much like a blend of the games Simon Says and Twister.  The game involves rolling two dice, one with numbers and one with different parts of the body, then rolling the dice and following the directions as to what is shown on the dice.


What you will need?


You will need two dice, I picked these large foams ones up in a craft store.

You will also need to print off the Active Dice Game Cards to attach each body part to each side of one of the dice.


Click here to download and print:  Printable Active Dice Game Game Cards


How to play?

Roll both dice; they land on 3 and body.  Give the instruction; “the dice say to wriggle your body three times”.  “The dice say to wave your arms 6 times,” and so on.

You can speed up the momentum of this game by changing from one instruction to the next quickly.


This active play game is great for:

  • Developing movement and coordination
  • Building strong bodies: muscles, bones and hearts
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