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Bath Time Bubble Fun!

Lost in a world of bubbles!

The joy that bubbles bring to children is amazing and they will play with them for as long as the bath water stays warm.

Playing with bubbles with my 13 month old (at the time) reminded me about how the simplest things can bring so much fun.

Children are so engaged in what is happening and there is so much learning happening when playing with bubbles.

Let’s Play 

A face of concentration involved in trying to catch and pop the bubbles. The fascination of what a bubble is and why does it disappear when it comes into contact with water or an object?

The benefits of bubble play are;

• Eye and hand coordination – watching the fingers connecting with the bubbles.

• Balance, control and movement of the body to catch bubbles.

• Development of attention span.

• Language development – repeating words such as “pop” and “catch”.

• Loads of fun!

Playing with bubbles in the bath tub helps with the clean-up, no soapy floors to mop!

3 thoughts on “Bath Time Bubble Fun!”

    1. Thanks Jode! I would have to agree with you that bubbles are a sanity saver on those challenging days, which I can relate too all too well 🙂
      Have you seen those super size bubble sticks? They are about 40cm long and 10 cm wide. Our neighbours bought one for my kiddies the other day and it was incredible, from one dip in the bubble mix and it made A LOT of bubbles! We took it outside on a very windy day and the wind did all the hard work, no blowing…..haha! Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy new year to you and your family! x

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Hi and welcome to Learning 4 Kids!

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