Kids Car Wash Tunnel

I truly believe that the simplest things bring the most fun!   We have been making a Homemade Car Wash Tunnel for the kids using simple items you will find around the house.  This is such a fantastic activity to do with toddlers, older babies and pre-schoolers to help build up gross motor skills and have lots of fun inside when it is raining outside.

What you will need?

You will need dining chairs, stockings, long socks and scarves, and a large blanket to throw over top to create an enclosed tunnel effect.

We wedged the scarves and stockings between the chairs pushed together and to make sure they didn’t fall through I also placed a cushion on top to hold them into place.  I found the scarves to be the best for the car wash because they flop over the chair seat hanging over both sides, making it less likely to fall during play.

Let’s Play 

Miss 22 months had a wonderful time, giggling and laughing as she crawled, wriggled and pulled herself through the car wash tunnel.  She loved the feeling of the clothing touching her face and when she came through each part she would say ‘peek-a-boo” and wave hello.

Let’s Learn 

Miss 4 also got involved with crawling and pulling herself through the tunnel with Miss 22 months but when Miss 22months went down for a nap she had other play ideas in mind.  Miss 4 played in a different way and was pushing a toy bus through the tunnel car wash to see if she could get it to come out the other end without crashing.  This did take some practise and as her accuracy improved she managed to push the toy bus all the way through the car wash tunnel.

Kids Car Wash is great for learning:

  • Lots of gross motor skills – crawling, sliding, pulling, wriggling and navigating objects.
  • Sensory exploration – touching, feeling and looking for a way through.
  • Developing movement and coordination
  • Building strong bodies: muscles, bones and hearts
  • Language development – using repetitive words, such a ‘wash’ and ‘peek-a-boo’.
  • Loads of fun and laughter!

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  1. Hi I came across your site by looking for a play dough recipe for my 2 year old , I just wanted to say I’ve been searching through it for hours and have found so many great ideas. My son was diagnosed with a muscle weakness when he was about 6 months old and we have done daily physio ever since. It’s been Hard thinking of new “play” excercises that keep him motivated , but now I have plenty !! Thank you so much you truly don’t know how excited and happy I am that I can across your site!!

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