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Learning Colours – PINK

Learning Colour PINK

So far on our colour series here on learning4kids, we have looked the colour RED, BLUE, YELLOW and GREENThis week we have been playing with the colour PINK!!  With having 3 girls in our house, pink is not a hard colour to find!

We have had lots of fun reading the wonderful story Pinkalicious by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann, making wonderful pink play dough creations, practising our fine motor skills with pink pompoms and patty pans, creating pink cupcake collages and some pink sensory play in a pink theme bath with pink flower petals.

If you are looking for more colour activities and play ideas check out our list of EXPLORING COLOURS PAGE


fine motor actvities for kids
Fine Motor Pink Pompoms

A wonderful and simple hands-on activity to promote the learning of the colour pink and fine motor development as well is playing with pink pompoms, patty pans and mini tongs.  Miss 2 had lots of fun picking up the different size pompoms and placing them into the patty pans.


Books are a wonderful way of exploring and learning about a new colour and then extending the learning into an activity.  We have been reading the story Pinkalicious by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann about a little girl who makes pink cupcakes with her Mum on a rainy day.  Without giving too much of the story away, the little girl over indulges on pink cupcakes and turns pink herself.  It is a lovely story and we decided to extend the learning about the colour pink and create a pink cupcake collage.  We used anything pink we could find around the house.  We tore up pink crepe paper, cut up pink straws and pipe cleaners, we also had pink pompoms, buttons, patty pans and pink foam shapes.

Miss 2 covered the cupcake printable with PVA craft glue with a paint brush and randomly placed all the pink craft materials onto the glue and cupcake, covering as much of the surface as possible.

You can download and print this cupcake to create your own Pink Cupcake Collage here:  Printable Cupcake


The possibilities and things you can make with play dough are endless!!  AS part of our learning the colour pink this week we also set up an invitation to play at our play table with some pink glitter play dough.  We provided as many fun and creative pink materials as possible to promote creativity and the imagination as well as learning the colour pink.  There was pink straws, pink pegs, pop sticks, patty pans, pink beads, feathers and a pink safety play dough knife.  Miss 2 loved the pink feathers and sticking them into the pink  play dough.


We have added pink food colouring and dark pink glitter to our basic play dough mix to create our Pink Glitter Play Dough.


Bringing the fun of learning the colour pink into the bath with a sensory play experience with fake pink flower petals!   I scattered the bath water with pink fake flowers and a small amount of food colouring.  You do not need a lot of food colour, I basically just ran the lid from the food colouring bottle under the running tap and this seems to be enough to give the water a pale colour of pink.  I also had a pink boat and a pink fish which I added also.


  • Wear PINK for a day:  Dress your child (and yourself) wearing the colour PINK for the day.
  • PINK Discovery Box:  Go on a ‘PINK treasure hunt’ around the house with a box and fill it with as many PINK things as you can find.  A box filled with so many ‘PINK’ treasures to pull out to touch and feel, smell, listen to, look at and explore.
  • Make PINK Cupcakes or Cookies:  Cook cupcakes together and decorate them with PINK icing.  This is also a great extension activity to follow on from the story Pinkalicious.
  • Read Books:  Choose books that have PINK pictures in them and point them out but also mentioning the other colours too.
  • Sing Songs about the colour PINK: You can basically take any song and replace some words with the colour PINK.  Why not make up your own song or chant with the word PINK?

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8 thoughts on “Learning Colours – PINK”

  1. PERFECT! Miss Possum is pink mad. It actually drives me nuts but I think it would be a really nice suprise for her to come in and have a pink bath and make that perfect pink cupcake. I love that!

  2. The first colour Jack learnt was yellow, funnily though everything was yellow. So we made him a little sensory tub with all yellow things. Who would have though you’d have so many yellow things around the house? 😀

    Sarah’s (she’s 19 months) has just started learning colours. She knows blue and so I might click back through the series and see what activities you have for colours. They look like lots of fun.

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Hi and welcome to Learning 4 Kids!

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