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Zesty Lemon Scented Play Dough Recipe

Zesty Lemon Scented Play Dough Recipe

This Zesty Lemon Scented Play Dough has a refreshing and zesty lemon scent which adds to the wonderful sensory experience of playing with play dough.  This recipe was developed from a basic paly dough recipe with added lemon essence.  It will provide hours of fun while tantalising the senses.

What you will need?

Zesty Lemon Scented Play Dough Ingredients

1 cup plain flour

1 Tablespoon oil

200ml Water

50ml Lemon Essence

½ cup salt

2 Teaspoons cream of tartar

1 Teaspoon of yellow food colouring

How to make it?

  • Pour all dry ingredients, flour, salt and cream of tartar together in a saucepan.
  • Add oil, food colouring, lemon essence and water to dry ingredients.
  • I use a whisk before heating as I find this helps remove lumps and blends the ingredients well.
  • Cook over medium heat constantly stirring until it becomes a thick blob.
  • Then turn out onto a clean surface and knead into a smooth blob.
  • Allow the play dough to cool before playing with it.
  • Store in a plastic zip lock bag or air tight container.

Tip: If the play dough turns out a little sticky, sprinkle a small amount of plain flour onto the bench and knead until smooth and combined.

Click here to download and print : Printable Zesty Lemon Scented Play Dough Recipe

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3 thoughts on “Zesty Lemon Scented Play Dough Recipe”

  1. Hi, i was wondering, is it okay if the eat a little bit of the dough? My daughter is 1 years old and is still on the “everything goes in the mouth” face.

    1. Hi SB,
      This play dough is homemade and does not have any nasty chemicals in it but it does have a lot of salt and will taste very salty. If a small amount is consumed this would be okay but I would recommend discouraging putting the play dough in her mouth.

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