Learning Trays – Sorting Coloured Pompoms

BY ON Nov 27, 2013
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Learning Trays – Sorting Coloured Pompoms

[h2 border style2]What the Activity Involves? [/h2 border style2]

Sorting Coloured Pompoms is fabulous hands-on fine motor learning tray.  It is so simple to set up, colourful, engaging and is sure to grab the attention of any child!  The Sorting Coloured Pompoms Learning Tray involves the child sorting different coloured pompoms using miniature tongs and matching them to the relevant coloured jar.  This activity can be adapted for different abilities by adding more colour pompoms to match to the jars or less as pictured for the learning only two colours at a time.   It is a repetitive activity that requires concentration, fine motor control and coordination and is great for learning yours colours.


[h2 style1] What you will need: [/h2 style1]

Sorting Coloured Pompoms


You will need mini tongs, coloured pompoms,  jars or containers and the Printable Coloured Dots.

Click here to download and print–>  Printable Coloured Dots

[h2 border style3]Let’s Learn [/h2 border style3]


Learning Trays Collage a


[h2 style1]Learning Opportunities [/h2 style1]

  • Fine motor control
  • Hand and eye coordination
  • Concentration and problem solving
  • Determination and perseverance to accomplish a task
  • Colours and patterns
  • Matching, sorting and classifying

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2 responses to “Learning Trays – Sorting Coloured Pompoms”

  1. Robyn says:

    Love this idea! And what a great quiet play idea for our kids area at church – thanks!

  2. Krystal says:

    For what age group would you recommend this activity?

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