Make a Play Dough Teddy Bear

BY ON May 27, 2014
Play Dough Teddy Bear with Free Printable

Make a Play Dough Teddy Bear is an inviting activity for kids to explore their imagination and experiment with the tools provided and make some amazing creations.


Roll, mould, press and create some fun characters with play dough and buttons using a teddy bear play dough mat.


It is an open-ended invitation to play that allows kids to explore freely with no expectations or right or wrong way of completing this activity.


What you will need?

Play Dough Teddy Bear


You will need play dough, buttons, rolling pin, teddy bear cookie cutters (optional) and a kiddy safe play dough knife.  You will also need the Teddy Bear Play dough Mats and for more durability we laminated ours.

Click here to download and print: Printable Teddy Bear Template


Let’s Play

Play Activities for Toddlers - Making a Play Dough Teddy Bear

Some ideas:

  • Using the rolling pin, press the play dough flat and cut around the teddy bear outline.
  • Make clothes for the teddy bear and add buttons.
  • Create patterns with the buttons. Such as one red, one white, one red, one white, etc.
  • Create textures and prints in the play dough with the buttons and play dough knife.
  • Arrange the buttons around the outline of the teddy bear.
  • Sort the buttons from biggest to smallest.
  • Create different types of character teddy bears, such as a happy and smiley teddy bear or a grumpy and scary one.


Let’s Learn

Learning through play, fine motor skills and play dough

Learning Opportunities

    • Creativity
    • Fine Motor Development
    • Hand-Eye Coordination and Control
    • Cause and Effect
    • Concentration
    • Spatial awareness – experimenting with shape and space
    • Language development


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