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Number Activity – Sorting Number Stickers

Sorting Numbers

Sorting Number Stickers is a number recognition activity that involves sorting and matching numbers.

Miss 3 absolutely loved doing this activity.  She loves stickers and has been playing with numbers for some time now. 

This is a great activity to help children recognise numbers and their names.  We can sometimes assume that our child knows their numbers because they can count them but can they name a number if we held it up in front of them?

What you will need? 

Number activities for toddlers

You will need blank paper, number stickers and a pencil.

Let’s Play 

Learning Numbers Activities

Sorting Number Stickers doubles as fine motor and maths activity.  It provides an opportunity for children to practise using the fine motor muscles in their hands and wrists to peel off stickers and place them in the correct boxes.  It also provides the opportunity to learn their numbers and recognise the name of them.

Number Activities for Kids

Let’s Learn 

After the number stickers had all been placed in the boxes, Miss 3 had a go at writing the numbers.  At this stage of development it is important that children have-a-go and feel safe.  It doesn’t matter if the writing looks like a scribble, it is writing and it resembles the number.  Praise what ever effort has been made, it will build confidence and encourage more risk taking with writing attempts.

Learning Opportunities

  • Language development – number names
  • Recognising numbers
  • Fine motor development and eye-hand coordination.
  • Literacy: oral language development through a repetition.
  • Numeracy: counting
  • Sorting and classifying numbers
  • Visualisation and memory
  • Problem solving – searching for the correct number.

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Number Sort with magnetic numbers and a white board is a great alternative to Sorting Number Sticker.  <CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL POST>

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