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Threading Activity for Kids

Threading Fun Activities for Kids using spools, buttons and pipe cleaners by learning 4 kids

Threading Activity for Kids: When setting up this threading activity for kids, my goal was to make it bright and inviting using different materials. The Coloured Wooden Spools and different Shape Buttons are very much bright and inviting for to arouse children’s curiosity.

The wooden spools and buttons added to the learning experience by introducing sorting by colours and shapes. The open-ended nature of the activity also sparked creativity and learning about patterns.

What you will need?

Threading activity for kids for fine motor development

You will need wooden spools, coloured shape buttons and different coloured pipe cleaners.

Let’s Play

So many ways to play with threading pipe cleaners

This threading activity is open-ended for the child to explore creatively and imaginatively. The ideas are endless for learning opportunities.

Some Ideas:

  • Sorting by colour or shape.
  • Making patterns along the pipe cleaner.
  • Matching the coloured pipe cleaner to the different coloured buttons or wooden spools.
  • Create jewellery and other items such as a watch or hair tie.

Let’s Learn

creative play threading activity for kids

Learning Opportunities

  • Fine Motor Development
  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Control
  • Concentration
  • Language development – colours, discussing the process

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1 thought on “Threading Activity for Kids”

  1. Hi Janice – thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas. Just wondering when you kiddo use the pipe cleaners and buttons do they get to take what they made home or is it left in the classroom and reused?

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