How to make Sand Foam?

BY ON May 26, 2015
How to make sand foam for sensory play by learning 4 kids

How to make Sand Foam?

Sand Foam is perfect for sensory exploration. It is made up using only two ingredients, sand and shaving cream.

Kids will love running their hands and fingers through the fluffy, textured mixture.


What you will need?

ingredients for sand foam

You will need clean sand, shaving cream and a large tray or tub.

There is no real defined amounts for the ingredients, the sand and shaving cream amounts can be adjusted until you are happy with the consistency. We started off with 3 cups of sand and 200ml of shaving cream, however, we added another 3 cups of sand to our mixture to explore what would happen.


  1. Add 3 cups of sand to the tray.
  2. Gradually add the shaving cream and combine using hands. Add more shaving cream until desired consistency is made.


Let’s Play

sand foam for sensory play experiences

Some Ideas:

  • Add dinosaurs, shells and toy cars to extend the play and encourage imaginative play stories. The shells would make a great beach theme activity, the dinosaurs to create a sandy dinosaur world and the toy cars creating roads or moving sand construction site.
  • Hide plastic alphabet letters, numbers or other items to create a hide and seek game.
  • Use descriptive language to describe the experience, how does the sand foam feel? It feels soft, fluffy and gritty.
  • Draw and write in the sand foam tray. You can write your name, letters, numbers, draw shapes and pictures.


Let’s Learn

drawing and writing in sand foam by learning 4 kids

Learning Opportunities

  • Creativity
  • Fine Motor Development – Pre-writing skills
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Sensory- Development of the sense of touch. Feeling and manipulating objects.
  • Oral language development- using descriptive language.


We plan to repeat this activity but next time using coloured sand and maybe a touch of glitter too!


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24 Responses to “How to make Sand Foam?”

  1. Joy says:

    I was wondering how long this “keeps”—-can you re-use it by adding more shaving cream or is it a one time use activity?

  2. Helene Johannesen says:

    Is it possible to dry the sand and then add more shaving cream later?

  3. Isabel says:

    Can we use shaving gel rather than shaving cream?

    • janice Janice Davis says:

      Hi Isabel,

      Good question :) I have not tried shaving gel before and not really sure how this would work. To get shaving gel to foam up, you need to add water and wonder if this may help. If you give it a try, let us know how you go, good luck :)

  4. Toni says:

    We are making this tomorrow for our Dinosaur Summer Camp! It looks like a blast! Thank you for posting!

  5. Skye says:

    Any suggestions for kids with sensitive skin (in our case eczema)?

    My daughter wouldn’t be able to play with shaving cream unfortunately.

  6. Lu P. Cruz says:

    I love your ideas. I am going to use them for my special ed room. Also for my class.

    Thanks a Bunch

  7. Daisy says:

    I love this idea and want to use it as “snow”. Will it ruin the sand though or will I be able to use it as normal the week after?

  8. Nicky says:

    Look great, was wondering where you got the white trays that you are using in the pictures

  9. Michelle says:

    Hi, does the sand need to be dry before you add the shaving cream? We have some sand here that has been left out in the rain unfortunately!

    • janice Janice Davis says:

      Hi Michelle, unfortunately I think dry sand works best for this activity as wet sand is heavier and flattens the foam, making it less fluffy. I can’t see why not giving it a try though, I’m sure the kids will love it either way! Let us know how you go, thanks :)

    • Chad says:

      Just spread the sand out on a baking sheet and put it in the oven for a few minutes to dry it out

  10. Joanie says:

    I used shaving gel the other day with a student. Once our hands started moving it, it did become foamy without any water.
    This activity looks like a Monday activity! Can’t wait to try it.

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  12. bry says:

    i really like this website i might try out the foam ps how does it work just email me

  13. Guominmin says:

    Hi, I just want say this is such a great website. I’m a teacher in China and I can use it from time to time. Thanks a lot.

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