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Cloud Spotting on the Easel

Cloud spotting on the Easel - letter C activity by learning 4 kids

Cloud Spotting on the Easel is a fun and engaging activity that involves searching for clouds with the letter C and placing a magnetic cotton wool ball cloud on top. It involves recognising which letters are the letter C and which letters are not.

What you will need?

Cloud activity - cloud spotting on the easel

You will need cotton wool balls, free printable clouds, self-adhesive magnets, an easel and Blu-tac or sticky tape.

I have laminated our letter clouds for more durability and also as I plan to use them in another activity, Cloud Theme Sensory Bin.

Download and print here: Printable Clouds

Let’s Play

Place the magnetic cotton clouds onto the letter c

Some Ideas:

  • Place the magnetic cotton wool balls onto the clouds that have the letter C only. C is for Cloud. You could sing as you play, change the words from “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” to “We’re Going on a CLOUD Hunt”.
  • Extend this activity by adding a white board marker to provide children with the opportunity to write the letter C next to each cloud.

Let’s Learn

c is for cotton cloud and spotting the letter c on the easel

Learning Opportunities

  • Concentration
  • Letter recognition
  • Oral language development – hearing the sound and saying it out loud.
  • Development of fine motor skills
  • Eye & hand coordination – watching and doing and coordinating these actions.
  • Sensory- Development of the sense of touch. Feeling and manipulating objects.
  • Learning alphabet letter names and letter sounds.

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