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Magical Fairy Wonderland

Small world play - magical fairy wonderland

Playing with the Magical Fairy Wonderland was such a magical moment for Miss 5 as she is absolutely crazy for all things fantasy and fairy tales. I knew it would instantly be a huge hit for her and a moment she will remember forever. Watching her face light up was priceless and it is moments like these that I cherish as my daughter grows. Kids grow up so fast and it is important to create and capture magical moments like these with your kids.

Our recent activity, Magical Fairy Wonderland is a small world in tub play opportunity for children to create their very own imaginative magical stories. It enables children to be creative and spontaneous in their role play and storytelling.

Small world play is rich in learning and play possibilities. It supports personal, social and emotional development, problem solving, knowledge and understanding of the world, physical development, creative development and also communication and language skills. The Magical Fairy Wonderland small world promotes improvisation and the appropriate use of language including fantasy language. It allows children to communicate and experiment with new vocabulary in a safe way.

What you will need?

Invitation to play - create a magical wonderland

You will need a small tub, soap flakes*, white and blue gem stones, silver glitter, fairy figurines, snow flake confetti, twigs and cotton wool balls. We scarcely added the cotton wool balls to the twigs to create a look-a-like coating of snow on them. To help make the twigs stand in the tub we used blu-tac which is hidden under the soap flakes.

*We used Lux Soap Flakes which can be found in the washing/laundry isle at your local supermarket. The soap flakes are perfect for creating snowy small world scenes as they are bright white, light and flaky.

Play Ideas:

Create magical stories in the small world - snowy wonderland

Some ideas:

  • Play imaginatively and make up pretend stories with the fairies and added props.
  • Extend or re-create magical stories shared at home or in the classroom. This allows children to reflect on experience or a story, sequence actions and events, and reflect on experiences and feelings.
  • Once the Magical Fairy Wonderland Small World is finished with, re-create the tub and items included into a sensory play tub.
  • Hide the gem stones (treasures) underneath the snowy soap flakes and find them with scoops, spoons or hands.
  • Count out loud the number of fairies or treasures found inside the tub.

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Hi and welcome to Learning 4 Kids!

Hi and welcome to Learning 4 Kids!

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