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Mrs Bosman’s Kindergarten Classroom

Show and Tell Classroom - take a tour around Mrs Bosman's inspiring Kindergarten Classroom on Learning 4 Kids

Welcome to Mrs Bosman’s Kindergarten Classroom, part of our Show and Tell Classroom series. There are so many inspiring teachers out there doing  amazing things in their classrooms every day.  Show and Tell Classroom is an opportunity to share and celebrate their wonderful work and a place to find inspiration!!

Today we are visiting an Australian Kindergarten classroom.  I am so excited and absolutely grateful to be sharing with you today the very inspiring Mrs Bosman’s Kindergarten Classroom.  Mrs Bosman  gives us a tour showcasing her weekly Aboriginal themed activities.

Mrs Bosman also has her very own website called Kindy Corner, be sure to pop over and visit as she has so many inspiring ideas for the classroom!!

Transient Art table

Show and Tell Classroom - Transient Art Table - Image credit Francis Bosman

Every week I provide loose parts for the students to create temporary art. This week it will be natural materials with Aboriginal symbols for their provocation.

Camping Role play

Show and Tell Classroom - Camping Role Play - Home Corner - Image credit Francis Bosman

I have set up a ‘Bush Camp’ experience for our role play this week.

Maths Provocation

Show and Tell Classroom - Maths Provocation for this week will focus on counting - Image credit Francis Bosman

This week we will focus on counting at our maths table. I have been encouraging students to record their explorations.

English – Literacy Table

Show and Tell Classoom - English Literacy Table - Imge credit Francis Bosman

We will be using the Aboriginal story stones on our English table. ‘How the Kangaroos got their tails’ is our Shared reading book for the week and I have provided small copies around the room for students to use.

Writing Corner

Show and Tell Classroom - Writing corner - image credit Francis Bosman

These gorgeous Aboriginal symbol cards were purchased from <here> and I have added some paper bark for mark making. We will be painting boomerangs later in the week but instead of throwing out the negative I have placed them in here for students to write on.

Light table

Show and Tell Classroom - Aboriginal dot art on the light table. Image credit - Francis Bosman

We will be looking at some art works by Aboriginal artist and will have a go at “dot’ art on the light table.

Small World

Show and Tell Classroom - Small world - Image credit Francis Bosman

This week I have gotten my small world inspiration from <HERE> . They provide an awesome program for their students and I saw these little cork people on there.

About Mrs Bosman:

I have been teaching for 15 years. I started my career in South Africa and then moved to the UK where I worked for 5 years. The last ten years I have been teaching in a small town in NW Australia. During this time I have taught nearly every year group from Kindy to Year 7 but my true passion lies in the early years. My main reason for uploading my ideas is to share the passion I feel for teaching with others. I have really high expectations for all students and will do everything in my power for them to succeed and a stimulating environment is a good start 🙂

Thank you Mrs Bosman for sharing with us your AMAZING and incredibly INSPIRING classroom.

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Show and Tell Classroom

If you would like to Show and Tell about your Classroom, please email me: janice@learning4kids.net

6 thoughts on “Mrs Bosman’s Kindergarten Classroom”

  1. Wonderful! Am just starting an exploration into Aboriginal Culture with our PP class so the timing could not be more perfect. I will be using most of your inspirational ideas for our little provocation tables. LOVE your work! Thankyou so much for sharing.

  2. Wow! What an amazing learning environment!! There are some fabulous ideas I’ve not seen before here and definitely all will keep the kids interested and engaged! Thanks for sharing – and thanks to Mrs Bosmans… can’t wait to see more classrooms! 🙂

  3. Mrs Bosman…what a wonderful class you have and how fortunate your students are…when a teacher has high expectations for their students and wants to help them succeed in any way possible…students invariably rise to the occaision and the challenge.!

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Hi and welcome to Learning 4 Kids!

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