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Green Sandy Play Dough Shape Monsters

Sandy Green Shape Monsters Play Dough Fun - play activity idea

Green Sandy Play Dough Shape Monsters – Play Dough is such a fun learning tool to play with and explore new concepts. It also provides children with the opportunity to play creatively and imaginatively using the tools provided.

Recently we made a new play dough recipe, No Cook Sandy Play Dough. The play dough turned out into some fun, green, speckled and textured play dough which was perfect for creating play dough monsters. We added some shape cookie cutters to the play opportunity to continue our learning and understanding about shapes and this is how we ended up with Green Sandy Play Dough Shape Monsters.

What you will need?

invitation to play with play dough - create play dough shape monsters

You will need play dough, shape cookie cutters, assortment of sizes wiggly eyes and pipe cleaners cut into different lengths.

The play dough recipe we used for our Shape Monsters is here –> No Cook Sandy Play Dough Recipe

Let’s Play

Shapes activities for kids and toddlers - sandy play dough shape monsters

Some Ideas:

  • Create Shape Monsters using the tools provided. Children are invited to create feely, creatively and imaginatively using the shape cookie cutters, wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners and play dough.
  • Talk about the process of making a shape monster and ask questions. What are you doing? How do you think we should do that? What item will you need? Name the play dough tools you are using.
  • Name the monsters using the shape as part of the name, for example we made a monster using the star shape and named it Starry Eyed Monster.
  • Make up stories about the monsters, where did they come from? Have a monster play dough party!
  • Place the monsters in order from smallest to biggest.
  • Place the shape monsters into a line from the monster with the most eyes to the monster with the least eyes.

Let’s Learn

Sandy Play Dough Shape Monsters - play activity

Learning Opportunities

  • Fine Motor Development
  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Control
  • Overcoming challenges – problem solving
  • Spatial awareness – experimenting with shape and space
  • Language development – shape names, stories telling
  • Mathematics – measurement
  • Imagination – create stories
  • Creativity
Play dough fun making shape monsters wth sandy green play dough

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