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Sight Word Play Dough

Creating Sight Words in Play Dough with letter stampers - alternatively use plastic magnetic letters to make letter prints

Hands-on sight word activities are a motivating way to help children learn how to read common sight words. Making Sight Words in Play Dough with letter stampers creates a fun canvas to promote sight word recognition or reinforce any prior learning.

Sight Word Play Dough would be a great activity for literacy work station or centre activities in the classroom.

For this activity I have used the FREE Printable Sight Words here on Learning 4 Kids.

What you will need?

Sights words and play dough

You will need Play Dough, Free Printable Sight Word Cards and Letter Stampers.

If you do not have letter stampers, you could alternatively use plastic magnetic letters and press these down into the play dough to create letter prints.

Let’s Play

Hands-on fun with sight words, literacy centres or work station sight word activity

Some Ideas:

  • Place small balls of play dough out and pressed them flat with the palm of your hand.
  • Stand the laminated sight word cards up into the play dough, leaving enough room for the letter stampers.
  • Point and read the sight word.
  • Search for each letter in the play dough stampers and match them to the letters in the sight words.
  • Turn the play dough balls over and add new words or repeat difficult sight words.
Literacy centres - creating words in play dough

Children can create other words in the play dough, such as words that are part of a unit study or other words that have been added to the classroom word wall. Children may also like to create their names or he names of their friends in the play dough canvas.

Let’s Learn

Learning the alphabet, using play dough as a canvas to create letter prints

Another fun way to use play dough and the alphabet letter stampers is to sing the alphabet song and order all the letters of the alphabet.

Learning Opportunities

  • Literacy – letter names and sounds.
  • Interactive and hands on learning; picking up the letter stamps, matching letters and ordering letters to create sight words.
  • Problem solving – using strategies to decode the sight word. Such as looking for letter patterns or smaller words within the sight word.
  • Memory – Recall, recognise and become familiar with some sight words.
  • Develop early reading skills
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Control
  • Concentration

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Dot-to-Dot Number Rhyme Charts

Dot-to-Dot Alphabet Letter Charts

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