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Counting Collections Numbers 1-20 Activity

Printable Counting Numbers 1-20 Activity Mats Truck Theme

Counting collections provides valuable opportunities for children to practice their oral counting and to develop efficient counting strategies.

The Truck Theme Counting Numbers 1-20 Activity is a maths activity where students learn and practice their number recognition, count small collections 1-20 and make connections between the symbols and quantities. 

Playing hands-on number and counting games and activities provides children with an opportunity to build on their own thinking and understanding of mathematical concepts and numeracy skills.

What you Will Need?

You will need the Printable Truck Theme Counting Numbers 1-20 Activity Mats and stackable concrete materials.  Some materials that you can stack include, connector blocks, flat tokens, 2cm or 1cm cubes and stackable counters (round and connect). 

The stackable counters and connector blocks are my favourite to use because they can be clicked together and easy to stand up if they fall over.

It is great to change and vary the activity using different stackable materials as it keeps children interested and engaged.  It also provides a comparison between the different materials, such as flat tokens will be shorter when stacked compared to 2cm cube block which will be taller when the same number of objects are used.

Let’s PLay

To play, children locate and read the numeral on the truck and count out the number of blocks or counters (make a collection).  Then they connect or stack the blocks or counters together and place them into the box provided next to the numeral on the truck.

This activity can be completed independently, with a partner, small maths groups or set up as part of a Counting or Number Recognition Learning Centre. 

Number Learning Centres invites children to visit and play throughout the day. You can include a range of number learning resources such as number lines 1-20, ten frames, number recognition books, tokens, blocks and other number resources to support learning numbers 1-20.

Let’s PLay

Printable Counting Collections Numbers 1-20 Activity

The Truck Theme Counting Numbers 1-20 Mats can be used different ability levels and readiness of the student.  There Counting Mats cater for number recognition and counting for 1-10, 11-20 and mixed 1-20.

Other Ideas to play:

  • Ask questions, which number has the most value on the activity mat?  Which number has the least value? What is the difference between 5 and 11? Can you put your finger on the number 12?
  • From my experience with this activity, children also love to create patterns with the connector blocks stacking.
  • Matching the coloured counters or blocks to the colours on the trucks.

Let’s Learn

Printable Counting Collections Activity Numbers 1-20

Learning Opportunities

  • Make connections between the symbols and quantities.
  • Number recognition 1-20.
  • Counting out loud and making collections 1-20.
  • Recognise quantities, smaller and larger, most and least.
  • Concentration and fine motor skills.

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Truck Theme Counting Numbers 1-20 Mats

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