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Water Balloons Sensory Play – Bath Time Fun!

Water Balloons in the bath

Giggling and squealing with delight my 3 kids and a bath tub full of water balloons.

So much fun!!  It is a great sensory play opportunity for the kids to enjoy.

What you will need? 

I filled about 30 small balloons with a small amount of water and tied a knot.  The balloons naturally had a small amount of air in them as this helped make them float in the bath. 

My kids loved squeezing them, twisting them into other shapes and slipping them through their hands.  They giggled as the balloons brushed past their legs and bodies tickling them.  

Sensory play with the water balloons is a great opportunity for kids to explore and use descriptive words, describing their senses and what they were feeling; slippery, slimy, soft, squishy and heavy.

Let’s Play 


Why Sensory Play? 

  • Sensory play encourages children to manipulate and mold materials, building up their fine motor skills and coordination.
  • Sensory play uses all 5 senses, but the sense of touch is often the most frequent. Toddlers and children process information through our five senses.  They learning through exploring these.
  • Sensory play is process-driven, not product-oriented; it is the purest sense of exploratory learning
  • Self-esteem: sensory play offers kids the opportunity for self-expression because there is no right answer and children feel safe to change or experiment with what they are doing.
  • Language development and learning new words.
  • It is fun!!

15 thoughts on “Water Balloons Sensory Play – Bath Time Fun!”

  1. Amylynn Robinson (@1MommysJourney)

    Never thought of putting the water balloons in the bath tub with the kids. We may give this a go. The kids love to play with the water balloons outside. I think I have a bag of them still stashed away from summer.

    1. H Amylynn, thanks for taking the time to comment….it is always nice to recieve feedback. I am assuming it is winter at the moment where you are, this would be a great water play activity for this time of the year. Have fun! xx

  2. Hi I have been an early childhood educator for 7 yrs and I love all your experiences! My 12- 24 month olds will love them! Keep Em coming thanks! 🙂 x

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Hi and welcome to Learning 4 Kids!

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