Homemade Christmas Gift Wrap – Sponge Painting

BY ON Nov 19, 2011
Christmas Sponge Painting



Making your own Christmas gift wrap personalises your gift and it looks fabulous too!

We have done this a few times over the years and every year the kids ask to make it, so it is becoming a bit of a tradition in our house.

My kids love to play with the paints and get their hands messy but most importantly they feel proud to give a gift wrapped in something that they made by themselves.


What you will need?

Making homemade christmas gift wrap


You will need, white sheets of paper, printable Christmas sponge painting template , green and red paint, sponges and clean meat tray.

Click here to download and print:  Printable Christmas Sponge Shapes


Let’s Play


Print off Christmas Sponge Template and use the template to trace and cut out sponges.  We placed a small amount of paint onto a clean meat tray and place the cut out sponges on top.  Gently press the paint over sponges onto the paper and repeat until the sheet of paper is covered.


Let’s Learn 

Christmas sponge painting gift wrap


My kids love to use their homemade gift paper to wrap Christmas presents.  We have added some ribbon to add that special touch.

Don’t throw away any leftover paper; this can be used to make something else:


Homemade Christmas Crackers


We have used a recylced paper towel roll cut in half and wrapped with the left over sponge painting paper.

  • You can place some yummy surprises, colouring in pictures with a crayon or jokes inside the Christmas cracker.
  • You could alternatively use commercial Christmas gift wrap instead of the Christmas sponge paintings paper.
  • The Christmas crackers can be used as gift tags or make as a small great gift.


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12 Responses to “Homemade Christmas Gift Wrap – Sponge Painting”

  1. Homemade wrapping paper is so much better than bought. It is always enjoyed twice – once making it, and again when receiving it! We did something similar last year with potatoes. I cut simple shapes out of the potatoes for the kids to go crazy with. Looking forward to doing it again this year too!

  2. I picked up some great sponge shapes so we are planning on doing this with the kids as soon as the sun comes back out!!

  3. oh what fun!!! It looks so lovely too! So much nicer to give than bought wrap! Thank you for linking up this great idea!

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  6. I’ve always loved this idea. Not only is it cute, but kids get to feel extra special when you tell the gift receiver how your kids helped hand made the wrapping paper!

    Shared this on my blog today. http://www.noordinaryhomestead.com/16-holiday-projects-to-do-with-kids/

  7. Love this! Used this post as an example of how to make your own gift wrap and gave you a link back here:


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  10. […] is such a wonderful way to count down to Christmas and read along the way.      Christmas Sponge Paint from Learning 4 Kids is such a fun activity and then a great gift wrap.   Water […]

  11. […] is such a wonderful way to count down to Christmas and read along the way.      Christmas Sponge Paint from Learning 4 Kids is such a fun activity and then a great gift wrap.   Water […]

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