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BY ON Mar 15, 2012


The great thing about the internet is that there many fabulous sites out there sharing so many wonderful play and craft ideas.  This post has been developed on the fabulous idea Frozen Paint Art – Cool Fun on a Hot Day I found on the gorgeous blog Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.  It looked like so much fun that we had to give it a try.  My girls renamed this to Paint Pops and had a blast painting with melting ice paint!


What you will need?


You will need paint, ice cube tray, pop sticks, paper and a divided paint tray.  We froze the paint a little then took them out the freezer to place in the pop sticks.  When we were ready to use the frozen paint pops we placed them in the sun for little to slightly melt them and remove them from the tray.

Let’s Play 


Some of the paint pop creations made by Miss 4 and 5; a garden of flowers and a boat on the sea.  Miss 4 loved to just mix the colours together on the paper, making new colours.

Let’s Play 


Making patterns and swirls with the paint pops!  These will make great wrapping paper for Nanny’s birthday present!


Learning opportunities:

  • Self-expression with paint
  • Eye and hand coordination
  • Fine motor development
  • Experimenting and exploring with a new paint tool
  • Sense of achievement and pride


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15 Responses to “Paint Pops”

  1. Stacie says:

    What an awesome idea! I will have to try this with my daughter. I bet she would get a kick out of it.

  2. Abby says:

    We’re definitely going to be doing this this summer!

  3. I am having a messy art night at work and these will be perfect. Pinned. Thank you so much for a great idea! Kristi

  4. Jen says:

    Great idea! I am going to do this when we paint with colored ice cubes. Way easier on the hands! :)

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  6. This is truly fantastic Thankyou for posting this 😀

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  8. Kaliko says:

    What kind of paint do you use? Tempra paint?

  9. […] Freezer “pop” paint – paint with ice cubes of color! […]

  10. Sue says:

    Your idea inspired me to do it in reverse. We’ve just survived that frigid arctic cold (wind chills of -50 degrees!) I’m going to have my class squeeze their favorite color paint into a frozen treat mold, then take it outside to freeze. :)
    ALSO, the suggestion of using colored ice cubes iss a great one. Here’s a twist….fill ice cube trays with water, add a craft stick for a handle. Sprinkle dry Jell-o onto fingerpaint paper & paint with the ice cube. It’s a great way to celebrate all 5 senses! Been doing that activity for 20 years!

  11. Stephanie says:

    What kind of paint is ideal for this activity?

    • janice Janice Davis says:

      Hi Stephanie, Sorry, I haven’t tried any other paint other than tempura paint which is safe for children. I can’t see why other paints would not work as long as it is water based and safe for children. You could dilute the paint with water also. Good luck :)

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  13. Jodie says:

    We did this at my preschool last summer using water and food coloring, no worries when the kids put it in their mouth because it was totally safe! The food coloring “ice paints” have more of a watercolor effect, but still super fun and the kids loved it!

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