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Easter Felt Activities

Felt is a wonderful sensory hands-on learning toy as it is a fun and creative way for exploring early concepts.

We have been playing with felt and bringing the theme of Easter and learning some basic maths concepts together.   We have been learning about numbers and decorating felt Easter eggs with patterns!

Making these felt Easter eggs is so simple and inexpensive.

This post also provides 2 simple and inexpensive ways of making your own felt boards.

What you will need?

You will need sharp scissors, a range of coloured felt, a felt board (see below for some DIY felt board ideas) and a printable Easter egg stencil.  I cut out the Easter egg stencil, pinned it onto a piece of felt and carefully cut around the edge.  I used bottle tops as a stencil to make the small round circles.  With the left over pieces of felt I randomly cut different patterns and shapes to use as decorations for the egg shape.

Download and print – Printable Easter Egg Stencil- Felt Activities

Let’s Play 

How many spots belong on the Easter Eggs?  Miss 4 matching the number of spots to the correct number displayed on the Easter egg.  This can be done vice versa too, by only placing the dots onto the felt eggs and then matching the correct number.  We also did this by jumbling up the numbers and not having them in order.

Let’s Learn 

A less structured activity exploring patterns and creativity with decorating the felt Easter eggs.  Taking on the role through imaginative play of little Easter bunnies whose job it is to decorate all the felt Easter eggs in time for Easter.  Miss 5 created a little face using the shapes and patterns provided as the egg shape also looked like the shape of a face.

Playing with felt encourages many great learning experiences:

  • A sensory toy that involves touching, feeling and manipulating
  • Great for the imagination, make believe and role playing
  • Hands on learning
  • Fine motor development and hand – eye coordination
  • Spatial perception and exploration
  • Language skills: story telling
  • Imagination and creativity: taking on roles, pretend play
  • Mathematics – patterns, basic counting and number stories using concrete tools

Here are some simple Ideas for making your own a felt board at home:

I converted our chalk board easel into a felt board by cutting some felt into the correct shape and size to fit the board.  Using a light layer of PVA glue, I glued the felt onto the board.  I chose to use blue and green felt to symbolise the sky and the landscape.  Easels are the perfect height for little people to reach.  My girls have been playing with this felt board for nearly 5 years and I wanted to move onto something a bit bigger, something mobile that doesn’t need to be fixed to the wall, could be put away if needed and is large enough for more than one child to play with at a time.  I saw a fabulous idea over at Teach Preschool where they converted a light weight canvas into a large felt board.  This is perfect for what I was looking for and super easy to make!

Felt Covered Canvas 

Deborah over at Teach Preschool has the full instructions on how to make this felt board.  It is very simple and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!  I chose to use a light coloured felt this time as it is a more versatile colour and most of our felt toys are brightly coloured.  Our new felt board fits nicely into our playroom for some more felt play activities.

Full Instructions Here – Teach Preschool -DIY Flannel Board

Other Felt Play Ideas on Learning4kids –

Imaginative Play with felt: Story Telling

8 thoughts on “Easter Felt Activities”

  1. Hahaha, I’m with Abby – I feel a conversion of our easel coming on too! We don’t use it much but I think if it had felt on it we would use it more.

    Janice, I don’t comment anywhere near enough but I just LOVE your site. Your ideas are so simple and so much fun.

    1. Aww Kate, thank you so much for your lovely comment!! I must make more time to comment too! I would love to see photos of your converted ;O) easel, haha! xx

  2. Love you felt ideas, I have just converted an old picture frame into a felt board. Took out the glass and glued the felt to the old picture, the kids love it. I am going to use felts and laminated pictures with sticky dots, I like the easter eggs and different patterns for creating. Keep the ideas coming Janice they are great.

  3. just a question, how do you get the circles of felt to stick on to the felt egg shapes with the corresponding numbers?

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