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Denim Baby Playon Crayon Review & Giveaway

How fun are these?  I just love the name and love the look of these stackable crayons for kids.  When Denim Baby approached us about doing a review on The Playon Crayons, I instantly knew that they would be a huge hit with my kids!  They are a wonderful novelty to encourage lots of fun and learning! 
My kids had a great time stacking the playon crayons and creating a number of beautiful drawings.  Look out Nanny there are some more pictures coming to put up on your fridge!!
Playon Crayons would make a great first crayon for kids as they are a perfect size and shape for little hands to easily grip and hold.  They also encourage a better ‘pencil grip’ or a more natural way of holding a pencil correctly.  The Playon Crayons are a strong crayon that will take some effort to snap or break when pressed down on to hard.  I really like that they do not leave any residue or a slimy/oily feeling on the hands.
The Denim Baby Playon Crayons would make a fun great Easter gift idea.  Each box comes with 12 bright primary colours or 12 pastel colours; they are completely non-toxic and a stain free stackable crayon.
The awesome people at Denim Baby are offering a giveaway of one box of Playon Crayons to one of our lucky readers.
This giveaway has now closed!
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23 thoughts on “Denim Baby Playon Crayon Review & Giveaway”

  1. I have liked Denim Baby on Facebook.
    My favourite colours are all the blues, but especially the aqua one!
    Thanks for the cute giveaway!

  2. My favourite are the blues ♥ probably the light blue the best. They look fabulous- all the ideas on the right look fantastic too ♥

  3. I love the purples, both light & dark. My favourite colour & here it is in two shades.

    I ‘Like’ Denim Baby’s Facebook page & Subscribed to Denim Baby’s newsletter.

  4. I like red in winter and yellow in summer so they would be my favourite colours here too! Though the greens are gorgeous too.

    Liked Denim Baby on fb.

    What a great giveaway!

  5. I love the purples, especially the dark purple! Gorgeous range of colours perfect for little hands.
    I liked (love!) denim baby on fb 🙂

  6. My bog standard ‘favorite colour’ answer is usually yellow, so bright and sunny!
    However I just love these pastels, the lilac is definitely my favorite and the one I’d use
    To colour in a picture of myself!!!!

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