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Chocolate Play Dough Easter Eggs

This Chocolate Play Dough really looks and smells just like the real thing!  YUM!!

The chocolate aroma has filled our house this week as we have played with the chocolate play dough every day so far, we even had this play opportunity set up for Miss 4’s play date with her kindy friend.

As we plan to make homemade chocolate Easter eggs for gifts using our Easter chocolate moulds, I thought I would link this in with a bit of role play and using our chocolate play dough.

My girls and their kindy friend found this a lot of fun as they made their very own chocolate Easter eggs using the moulds and chocolate play dough.

What you will need?

You will need chocolate moulds and chocolate play dough.  You can download and print the recipe here:

Chocolate Play Dough Printable Recipe

Let’s Play 

Making chocolate play dough Easter eggs and other Easter themed pretend chocolates with the moulds, exercising fine motor through pinching, pressing and manipulating the chocolate play dough.

Miss 4 making a large chocolate Easter egg by pressing the play dough around the edges of the mould.  When the play dough chocolate egg was pushed out of the mould, it even had the patterns of a really Easter egg.

Finding other ways of using the chocolate moulds with the play dough – a stamp!  Gently pressing and pushing the mould into the chocolate play dough to reveal egg shapes and other patterns.

Exploring further and experimenting with new ideas – almost like the real thing, chocolate Easter eggs made with chocolate play dough.

Let’s Learn 

Learning benefits of playing with dough:

  • Spatial awareness – experimenting with shape and space
  • Creative Thinking and concentration skills
  • Oral language development – practising and experimenting with new words
  • Building up their fine motor skills and  coordination
  • Encourages imagination and creativity

Did I mention the Chocolate Play Dough smells soooooo good??  Miss 20 months certainly thought so!!!

It really does smell just like real chocolate – YUM!!

8 thoughts on “Chocolate Play Dough Easter Eggs”

  1. Thank you for this activity, I gave it too my four year old tonight and she and my 18 month old had a ball. I’m taking it too school tomorrow for my kindergarten students. Wonderful idea and a great recipe.

    1. Thank you Sally for your comment! I always love to hear from our readers. I am so thrilled that the chocolate play dough has been a huge hit with your kids, your kinders will definitely love this too! xx

    1. Hi Bek, adding a little bit more oil and not over cooking it is the key I think. I just made some again this week and I overcooked it and found it to be a little dry. Hope this helps 🙂

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