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WIN Fisher Price Stand-up Ballcano 1
The squealing, laughter and excitement of my daughter was priceless as she watched a collection of colourful balls erupt and roll down the different passages of the Fisher-Price® Stand Up Ballcano™.
The Fisher-Price® Stand Up Ballcano™ is an interactive activity table and ball toy for kids from 6 months to 36 months of age.  There are lots of fun and action with this toy as 6 colourful balls lift and erupt from the centre and roll off into dividing sections as music plays and lights flash.  There is even a cute little character and roller ball that when activated by the child’s touch causes the eruption.
The Fisher-Price® Stand Up Ballcano™ will keep little ones between 6 – 26 months active and busy as they chase and collect the balls over and over again and again.
Fisher Price Ballcano 2
The Fisher-Price® Stand Up Ballcano™ promotes lots of repetitive play and action as it encourages toddlers to continually fill the centre and bat the roller to activate the eruption.  Every time Miss 2 squealed and clapped her hands with excitement!!   These repetitive actions of grasping and dropping the balls on top encourage and promote hand-eye coordination and motor skills.  The balls are the perfect size and non-slippery for toddlers to grasp easily and manipulate.
I love how the Ballcano initiates the anticipation of a ‘surprise’ for Miss 2 each time the colourful balls erupted from the centre.  It is through playing, watching and doing that toddlers will learn quickly the cause and effect of their actions.  The action of batting at the roller ball or the character switch causes an eruption of balls, energetic music and flashing lights.  It is a wonderful reaction and a fun surprise every time!  
Fisher Price Ballcano 3
The Fisher-Price® Stand Up Ballcano™ is an interactive toy that also encourages young toddlers and babies to stand and promotes gross motor development through playing and chasing after balls.  It has three sturdy legs and overt handles which are easy to grip and hold to stand and pull-up on for pre or early walkers.  During an eruption the balls roll down the ramps and tunnels of each leg but while most of the balls may end up captured in the bottom of the Ballcano’s legs, some will miss and roll away. This will encourage your baby or toddler (depending on the age) to chase them and return them back to the action. 
The Fisher-Price® Stand Up Ballcano™ encourages babies to pull-up, stand, cruise, scoot and crawl helping to develop gross motor skills. 
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Ballcano Giveaway 4
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  1. I absolutely love how easy it is for the littles to erupt the balls from the center! I have never seen a stand up ball toy like this before, only sitting ones. That is also one of my favorite things about this.

  2. BTW, I’m not in Australia so I can’t enter, but I wanted to comment about how awesome I think this toy is! I wish I had seen something like this for my 19 month old last Christmas. Maybe something to consider for my new baby due in February. 🙂

    1. Sorry Kendall, I wish that it could be for outside Australia too. Thank you for your lovely comment and good luck with bubs in February….very exciting. 🙂

  3. Love that it encourages them to move from one position to another – sitting to standing and then crawling after any lost balls.

  4. I like that both my 8 month old and 2 year old would be able to play with the ballcano together. They’d love the colourful balls!!

  5. I actually love how some of the balls stray and encourages the child to move away from the toy, retrieve the ball and return instead of being engrossed in one constant position.

  6. Love how it entertains kids for hours with its catch kind of game. Can be played outdoors or indoors when its too hot or when raining. Very versatile.

  7. Bright colours, balls going everywhere and having to put them back over and over, what more could they want, and I get to watch them run around and laugh – all that I could ask for!

  8. The surprise eruption with the balls rolling down the maze like ramp, definitely is my favourite part of the toy as it’s like no other toy invention I’ve seen!

  9. The feature I love the best is just the action of manipulating balls. My girls aren’t into balls so this would be great for them. It encourages more than just throwing and rolling but manipulating too!

  10. I love that it seems big enough and interesting enough for both of my twins to play with at once! The gross motor aspect of the play is a definate advantage and what’s not to love about balls and colour? Thanks for sharing this great product and giving us the opportunity to win it Janice x

  11. I love that it applies to a broad age range. It will suit both my children and keep them happy together. My eldest loves balls and is learning colours now, so would have a great time naming all the lovely bright colours.

  12. Having 2 boys with minimal motor dysfunction, I love the way the ballcano encourages gross motors skills and would be perfect for my children 🙂

  13. It’s got to be learning about cause and effect. Such an important and pivotal part of understanding science concepts and life skills as well as how your own actions effect the outcome. What a great learning experience!

  14. What a great toy. I love the idea of the kids having to chase the balls. A toy that entices them to use up their energy whilst developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination is invaluable. Great for those rainy days inside when they there are not many energetic activities available to them.

  15. The element of surprise would be the highlight for my little ones, and I love the fact that they would also be kept on the move, chasing the brightly coloured balls to bring back and start the process all over again.

  16. My favourite feature of the Fisher Price Stand-up Ballcano would be the squeals of surprise and excitement my daughter would deafen me with every time she played with it. All the bright colours, unexpected eruptions and chasing balls around the room, my little one would be in play heaven.

  17. I love how is suitable play toy for any baby learning to stand or who has already stood up – teach them the basic skills they need to know

  18. My favourite feature of this fantastic looking toy is that it encourages pre walkers to pull themselves up to standing so they can stand and play. This would benefit my son! It also looks so exciting and heaps of fun!!! Love it!

  19. I love that it encourages gross motor development while they are having fun and also talking about colours and developing language at the same time!

  20. I think this Ballcano will encourage my toddler to play with his 6 month old sister. They have just started interacting with balls together!! Finally!! I also love its bright colours. What a great toy.

  21. It goes without saying that the eruption aspect of this toy will be a hit around here! Sweet cakes will love chasing the balls and bringing them back to set off yet another eruption. Bubby cakes would be trying to work out what makes it tick and Master 3 will be the Master of Eruptions and Director of Play!

  22. oohh I love everything about this toy, but if I think about my daughter she will love chasing after the balls and returning them’home’

  23. My favourite thing about the Fisher Price Stand-up Balcano is that I can see my 9 month old and my 2 year old playing and learning together. I can picture my son putting the balls in, while his little sister, who has just started crawling, can watch the outcome and chase the balls. What a fabulous toy.

  24. I love that it promotes good hand eye coordination, it looks like so much fun. My 1 year old and 3 year old would love it!

  25. This would be a wonderful toy for myself and my 6month old daughter. Initially playing together, with me then able to take more of a watching role as she grows and is able to interact more with the toy herself. I love the explosion, and random nature of the balls, and I’m sure that my daughter would love becoming old enough to activate it instead of watching me playing! A lovely gift.

  26. I love how it is suitable for a wide age range. If I won it I would donate it to my local Toy Library so many, many children would get to borrow it and have lots of fun!

  27. I love that its a toy that still encourages kids to move around while playing. I think the eruption and chasing of the boys would keep both my littlies enthralled!

  28. I love the way it encourages children to chase, catch and pick up the balls, learning these skills early may create great sports people in the future! Baseball, cricket star here we come!

  29. The colorful balls are great to grab a child’s attention. Also loving the ramps and eruption mechanisms for attention seeking!!

  30. It’s interactive which will help encourage bub to play and move around from sitting to standing .. i also love the colours !

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