Learning Tray – Threading Beads

BY ON Jan 8, 2013
Fine Motor Learning Tray Activities


What the Activity Involves?

Threading beads onto pipe cleaners is a fabulous fine motor learning tray activity for toddlers and kids.  It is so simple to set up, colourful, engaging and is sure to grab the attention of any child!

The Threading Beads Learning Tray involves the child threading beads onto the pipe cleaners.  It is a repetitive activity that requires concentration and fine motor control and coordination.


What you will need? 

Threading Beads


You will need a tray, pipe cleaners and threading beads that will fit over the pipe cleaners. I cut our pipe cleaners in half to create more and presented them on the tray glass jar with beads in a bowl for easy access and organisation.

Tip: To stop the beads threading off the pipe cleaner, we slightly bent one end of the pipe cleaner so it was thicker and prevented the bead coming off.


Let’s Learn


Fine Motor Learning Tray Activities 2


Learning opportunities:

  • Fine motor control
  • Hand and eye coordination
  • Concentration and problem solving
  • Determination and perseverance to accomplish a task
  • Colours and patterns


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4 Responses to “Learning Tray – Threading Beads”

  1. My oldest loves to do this. She will sit and make “bracelets” for a quite a while. Sometimes we clip a clothespin to the end if she starts pushing the beads off of the bent end of the pipe cleaner.

  2. Penny says:

    Miss Possum enjoyed a similar activity when we were make the snake craft for the stay safe post. She was threading pasta onto pipe cleaners. I love to see the concentration on their face.

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