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Imaginative Play Felt Pizza

Pizza shop pretend play

Create an opportunity for your child to take on the role as a pizza chef and play creatively as they pretend make different pizzas using felt pizza toppings and other props.

It is amazing the wonderful creative ideas they will come up with as my kids made several pizzas faces, patterns using different felt toppings provided.

The great thing about making a felt pizza and toppings is that it becomes a toy that can be played with over and over again.  Our Felt Pizza is still played with on a regular basis and sits in the toy kitchen.

What you will need?

How to make a felt pizza

You will need a pizza box, cardboard, PVA craft glue, an array of coloured felt, pizza props such as tomatoe sauce bottle, spatula and food containers.  You will also need the printable pizza toppings sheet as a guide or template for making the different food toppings.

To make the pizza base I measured and cut a circle out of cardboard and glued cream coloured felt onto the board.  While I was waiting for this to dry, I cut out the different pizza toppings using the coloured felt sheets I had, tomatoe (red), pineapple and cheese (yellow), capsicum (green), ham (pink), mushrooms (brown), olives (black) and onion (white).

I also placed labels of the different pizza toppings on the bowls to encourage reading.

Click here to download and print: Printable Felt Pizza Toppings

Let’s Play

elt Pizza Imaginative Play

Pretending to squeeze on different flavoured sauces and using the spatular to spread the topping.

Imaginative Play Felt Pizza Topping 2

As my kids played I noticed that some of the pizza toppings made were sometimes random, others were placed more deliberately creating patterns.  Miss 2 loved to sprinkle all the toppings on from a great height.

Let’s Learn 

Creating Pizza Patterns

Other fun things you can create with a felt pizza, patterns and pizza faces!   Note the red ribbon (tomatoe) in the hair of the pizza face, olives for eyes, mushroom nose with onion eye brows and smile and pineapple ears.

Learning Opportunities

  • It provides opportunities for children to identify with the adult world.  Practice and role play their understanding and interpretation.
  • Develop social skills: practising negotiation skills, turn taking and sharing. Provides opportunities for working out problems and experimenting with solutions.
  • Emotional development: Understanding and expressing their feelings through the re-enactment of certain experiences.  Taking on roles that encourage discipline and empathy.
  • Encourages imagination: Children can be anyone and do anything in the pretend world.
  • Develop language skills: practicing listening, looking and talking.  Being spoken to and talking with other people, also developing an understanding of what is being communicated through body language such as smiles and nodding.
  • Creativity, exploring with space and shape.

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6 thoughts on “Imaginative Play Felt Pizza”

  1. A fantastic idea Janice…they look like so much fun, i have to make some for the girls…hmmm adding it to the list now…stop with all the good ideas!

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Hi and welcome to Learning 4 Kids!

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