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Numbers & Counting Activity

Numbers and Counting Activity - learning4kids

This Numbers and Counting Activity is an opportunity for children to play and learn with numbers.

The activity involves children counting out the value for each number and placing ‘how many’ pop sticks into the cardboard roll with that number.  Such as Number 1 = 1 pop stick, Number 2= 2 pop sticks and so on.

Whatever the level ability, it a great opportunity for children to practice counting out loud, recognise and name numbers and also develop an understanding of the value of numbers and ‘how many’.

What you will need?

Number and counting activity for kids - Learning4kids

To set up this invitation to play you will need cardboard rolls, scissors, coloured paper, sticky tape and 55 pop sticks.

You will also need to download and print these numbers – Printable Numbers for Counting Activity

Firstly, we cut the cardboard rolls to height and then wrapped the coloured paper around it, holding it together with sticky tape.  We then printed, cut and laminate the numbers.  Lastly, we stuck the numbers onto the cardboard rolls using double sided sticky tape.

Let’s Play

Sorting by number and colour - learning4kids

Some ideas:

  • Counting numbers out loud. (Repetition)
  • Place the cardboard rolls in order from 1 to 10.
  • Sorting ‘how many’ pop sticks according to the number on the cardboard roll.
  • Sorting coloured pop sticks.
  • Point to the number (say the number out loud).
  • Jumble up the order of the cardboard rolls and put them back into order from 1 to 10.
  • Balancing – arranging the pop sticks so that the cardboard rolls do not tip over.
  • Ask questions – Which number holds more?  Which number holds less?

Let’s Learn

Number Activities for kids - learning4kids

Learning Opportunities

  • Fine Motor Development – manipulating objects.
  • Hand-eye Coordination and Control
  • Concentration
  • Language development – Counting our loud and pronunciation of numbers.
  • Maths – Recognising numbers and their name.
  • Maths – Value of numbers, ‘how many’, ‘more than’ and ‘less than’.
  • Sorting by colour and number.
  • Balance – the cardboard rolls can tip over when unbalanced.

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Hi and welcome to Learning 4 Kids!

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