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BY ON Apr 13, 2014
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Super soft play dough is a wonderfully textured play dough that will invite children to explore their imaginations and play creatively.  Children can pretend to be a chief making cookies and cupcakes in a bakery. They are able to experiment with the texture and make some amazing creations.


[h2 style1] What you will need?[/h2 style1]

Super soft playdough



You will need Super Soft Play Dough Recipe <FIND IT HERE>, rolling pins, cupcake cases, cookie cutters, small containers and decorative toothpicks.  Some of these resources are optional as you can use just about anything from around the house.  Whatever you choose to add to this invitation to play will add and heighten the learning experience.


[h2 border style2]Let’s Play [/h2 border style2]

play dough activities for kids


The texture of the Super Soft Play is very inviting for children to squish, squeeze and manipulate with their hands.  As it dries out a little, it is still soft but changes its constancy to a more flakey and crumbly play dough.  This adds to the learning experience and play.   They will have fun moulding all the different colours together and watching as it changes colour or create swirls of colour.  Children will enjoy making characters, pretend food and other imaginative ideas.


[h2 border style3]Let’s Learn [/h2 border style3]

lets learn - super soft play dough


[h2 style1]Learning Opportunities [/h2 style1]

  • Creativity and imagination
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Control
  • Cause and Effect
  • Concentration
  • Spatial awareness – experimenting with shape and space
  • Oral language development


[h2 style1]PLEASE NOTE: [/h2 style1]  This play dough recipe is not like other traditional play dough recipes and has no preservative in it; therefore it will not last as long as salt based play dough recipes.  Super Soft Play Dough is designed for a sensory experience, an alternative to other play dough and will become flaky and dry with continued play.  I believe this is part of the experience of playing and experimenting with texture.


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  1. Kathy Epting says:

    My 3’s love play dough. Love your ideas! Where can I find the tall cookie cutters?

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