Cardboard Rolls Painting Ideas

BY ON Apr 27, 2014
Cardboard Rolls Painting Ideas - learning4kids


Cardboard rolls are great for activities and crafts.

Since Christmas I have collected a number of cardboard rolls left over from wrapping paper.

It has also been a long since my kids had a chance to get messy and play with paint so I thought that using the cardboard rolls would be a great way to mix the two together.

Painting with Cardboard Rolls is a great opportunity to explore textures, printing and patterns with paint.  It is also provides as a sensory, creative and a self-expression experience.


What you will need?

Cardboard Painting Ideas - learning4kids


You will beed cardboard rolls, scissors, sticky tape, string, pompoms, paint trays (we used cleaned meat trays) and bubble wrap.  You will also need a large sheet of paper.  I sticky taped a large area of paper together and fastened it to the floor with masking tape.  I find masking tape so much easier to remove than ordinary sticy tape.


Let’s Play

Bubble Wrap and Rolling String


Some ideas:

  • Bubble Wrap: Wrap a cardboard roll with bubble wrap to create a dotty imprint when rolled into paint.
  • String: Fasten one end of a piece of string with sticky tape to one end of a cardboard roll and continue to wrap the string around until it is sparsely covered.
  • Star Shape:  With a pair of scissors snip equal widths apart on one end of a cardboard roll.  Push the cut end outwards to form a star shape.
  • Shapes:  Press, push and manipulate one end of a cardboard roll to form a heart shape and square.  Use an unshaped cardboard roll to create a circle shape.


Let’s Learn

Stars and Shapes Printing


Learning Opportunities

  • Self-expression with paint
  • Eye and hand coordination
  • Fine motor development
  • Experimenting and exploring with a new paint tool
  • Sense of achievement and pride
  • Colour recognition
  • Sensory experience of exploring paint, textures and prints.


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