Threading, Fine Motor and Measurement

Fine Motor Threading with Pipe Cleaners and Straws

Threading Pipe Cleaners with Straws involves threading smaller length straws onto longer length pipe cleaners.  It is a great fine motor activity that is simple to set up and will arouse any child’s curiosity to play and have fun.

This is also a great activity to introduce and play with the concept of measurement such as length.  Giving children the opportunity to play with measurement helps them learn how to compare objects and use language associated with measurement, such as ‘tall’, ‘taller’, ‘tallest’, ‘short’, ‘shorter’ and ‘shortest’.

What you will need?

Learning Tray threading pipe cleaners and straw for fine motor

You will need thin pipe cleaners cut in half and three longer lengths, straws and scissors.  We also cut the straws to a number of lengths and made three straws to match the length of the pipe cleaners.

Let’s play

Fun Fine Motor Activity Threading Pipe Cleaners with Straws

Some Ideas:

Measure and match the three length straws to the three pipe cleaners.

Set a challenge – Thread the pipe cleaners so that it is completely covered with straws. This is a great opportunity to discuss length, “that straw is too long, let’s find a shorter one.”

Create colour patterns with the straws as you thread them onto the pipe cleaner.

Bend and mould the pipe cleaner to make shapes. The straws act as the sides of the shape.

*To avoid the straws sliding off the pipe cleaner, create a small bend on one of the ends.*

Let’s Learn

Measurement Activity using Pipe Cleaners and Straws

Learning Opportunities

  • Fine Motor Development
  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Control
  • Cause and Effect
  • Concentration
  • Language development – Such as taller, tallest, shorter, smaller, longer, middle size, too long.
  • Mathematics – Measurement (Length)
  • Problem solve and overcome challenges

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2 thoughts on “Threading, Fine Motor and Measurement”

  1. Again – a fantastic idea that is simple but with so many developmental opportunities while having fun, and again I ask myself “Why didn’t I think of that?”

  2. Always so impressed with your ideas.
    I love that you use recyclable items.
    Thank you for taking the time for sharing with us your ideas, and pointing out the learning possibilities.
    I look foreword to your emails, because I know I will love what I see.
    Again thank you.
    Sincerely Marsha

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