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Counting Activity – Dominoes Cookies

Dominoes cookies counting activity

Learning to count with Dominoes Cookies is a fabulous, fun and motivating activity for kids.

So much learning happens when we cook with our kids.  There are the social interactions, processing information, following directions, problem solving, coordination and so much more.

Making Dominoes Cookies with your child will also open the opportunity to learn to count, read and name small collections of groups (subitising) and introduce the concept of addition.

What you will need?

How to make Dominoes Cookies

You will need our Easy Cookie Dough Recipe which is available on our site <Click here>.  I love this recipe as it is so easy to make, tastes great and you only need 3 ingredients.

The full recipe for the Dominoes Cookies can be downloaded and printed from here:

Easy Cookie Dough Recipe Dominoes Cookies

You will also need Mini M&Ms, baking paper, baking tray, knife, ruler and rolling pin.

To make the Dominoes Cookies

  1. Combined the ingredients from our Easy Cookie Dough Recipe and knead until smooth.
  2. Place in the fridge to rest for 15 minutes.
  3. Roll out flat with a rolling pin on baking paper.
  4. With a ruler, measure and cut rectangle dominoes shapes approximately 3cm x 7cm x 0.4cm.
  5. Gently press the knife to make a slight crease in the dough for the centre line on the dominoes.
  6. Repeat until all dough has been used.
  7. Add mini M&Ms to create the dominoes dots.
  8. Bake at 180 degrees for 15 minutes or until golden brown.

If you have a set of dominoes blocks, be sure to bring them into the learning experience as they will provide an example for kids when placing the Mini M&Ms onto the cookies.

Let’s Play

Simple Kids cooking ideas

Some ideas:

  • Count out loud the number of dots on the dominoes or as you place the Mini M&Ms onto the cookie dough.
  • Match the patterns and group the dots on the dominoes. This is also known as subitising, you can read more about it  <HERE>
  • Add the number of dots together on each domino, for example, 3 red Mini M&Ms and 4 green Mini M&Ms makes 7.
  • Talk about and predict which dominoes have the most dots on them or the least amount of dots on them.
  • Pack the cooked and cooled Dominoes cookies into a lunch box and go down to the park for a picnic and play. While you are there park, extend the learning and count groups of objects you can find at the park, such as 3 flowers and 2 trees.

Let’s Learn

Benefits of cooking with kids

Learning Opportunities

  • Numeracy: measuring, counting, addition, subitising and patterns.
  • Colours
  • Following instructions
  • Problem solving
  • Sensory- hands on feeling and manipulating the dough through the senses.
  • Fine motor skills- strengthening little muscles through manipulation and moulding the cookie dough.
  • Hand and eye coordination- watching and doing and coordinating these actions.
  • Language development – cooking is a social activity requiring speaking and listening, also developing vocabulary.
  • Self-esteem- a sense of pride and achievement

Take a look at our Number Cookies <CLICK HERE>

Take a look at the Domino Addition book by Lynette Long (affiliate link)

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Hi and welcome to Learning 4 Kids!

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