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Lavender Play Dough Wooden Tool Set

Lavender Scented Play Dough

Lavender Scented Play Dough and Wooden Tool Set is a great activity for kids to explore creatively and imaginatively as they create freely using simple props in an open-ended and unstructured way.

Recently we shared a Lavender Scented Play Dough Recipe which was beautifully scented and textured.  We then used the Lavender Scented Play Dough to set up an invitation to play creatively with natural wooden play dough tools.

What you will need?

Invitation to play lavender play dough

You will need Lavender Scented Play Dough Recipe and Wooden Play dough Tools and Objects.

Let’s Play

Lets play Lavender scented play dough

Some ideas:

  • Use the wooden stampers, rollers and rolling pins to create imprints in the play dough.
  • Build and create imaginatively – the ideas are endless. We created a match stick garden, birthday cake with candles and pretend pizza that we cut into quarters with the bamboo knife.

Let’s Learn

lets learn lavender scented play dough

How cute are these Bamboo Tongs?  They are great for fine motor development and my girls were using them to pick up the wooden blocks and match ticks out of the play dough.

Learning Opportunities

  • Creativity
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Hand-Eye Coordination and Control
  • Cause and Effect
  • Concentration
  • Spatial awareness
  • Language development
  • Imaginative play

76 thoughts on “Lavender Play Dough Wooden Tool Set”

  1. The space playdough is my favorite (and on my to-do list) because it’s unique and my kids would love it

  2. Cassandra Darwin

    Giveaway Answer

    Lemon scented play dough for sure as I love using natural ingredients from my lemon tree which I planted when my Daughter was born πŸ™‚ and it makes the house smell gorgeous. X

  3. Christine Thatcher

    Neopolitan ice cream scented playdough is my favourite as you can do and make amazing things with it πŸ™‚ However, I love lots of the other recipes and I am so looking forward to using the Lavender recipe.

    Thank you

  4. I love the lavender recipe ! It’s so multi sensory. I think it offers a really rich play and exploratory play experience through colour, smell and texture. And lavender is so relaxing.

  5. We love the space play dough, because we make our own plantes and learn the actual names of the planets and also make up our own silly names!, plus we love all the sparkles.!!

  6. Sandy beach playdough! I love the extra texture, that you can includ marine animal play with it and because I adore natural products in play! Adore that wooden kit!

  7. oh too many to choose from, but love cloud dough.
    It is perfect for preschool. The wooden kit would be great for small motor development with my 3 year olds.
    thank you!!!!

  8. The minty candy cane scented playdough is our favourite. My girls love anything to do with Christmas and not just in December – all year round. Luckily I love Christmas too and am happy to do Christmas activities and sing carols at any time of the year!

  9. What a gorgeous giveaway – love the wooden tools! I love this lavender play dough, but my favourite would be the scented Spring play dough. And perfect for this time of year – using the shampoo for the scent is inspired!

  10. Honestly, I just today found this on my FB, so I don’t have a favorite (YET) anyway. But I LOVE this and Penndelynn our just 2 year old little girl would really think this is great! And can’t wait to check out the test of your site, it looks right up my alley! Glad I found you!

  11. Apple scented play dough for me! Yum! Yum! Yum! Because the fruity smell would be so yummy and I love new scents/sensations for my girls and we’ve not made apple play dough before!
    Love those tools and your shop/site is looking ah-ma-zing!!! xx

  12. Oooh that wooden play dough set is AWESOME!!! I love the the bamboo tongs! So many great things you could do with this set!

    My four year old is looking over my shoulder and saying ‘I want the bwack pway dough’ – he means the space play dough. LOL But I want to have a go at some salt dough as I have some ideas for Christmas decorations that it would be perfect for!

  13. That set is so stunningly beautiful. I really love the Coconut Play Dough because I think white is just such a lovely base colour to explore with various different additions and the texture is really enjoyable with the shredded coconut.

  14. I want to make the apple play dough, though I think my two year old would be temped to eat it. The tools look awesome! So many play ideas already thank you.

  15. Oh I just love those bamboo tongs – oh think of all the fine motor play that those would inspire!! We love making play dough at our place too – but you have so many I haven’t tried yet – inspiring! If I had to choose just one, then the candy cane scented play dough would be it, great for Christmas time, and I’ll admit also because I’m intrigued to see what it would be like!!

  16. Easy-love the Neapolitan ice cream play dough. We have adapted this to make lots of different flavoured ‘ice creams’ too, we use toilet roll tubes as our ‘ ice cream cone’; coloured rice, sparkly sequins and pebbles as our sprinkles. Throw in a few accessories, a play checkout till, and we have our own ice cream shop! The kids even designed their own signs for the shop. All the teddies and toys lined up at the shop door as our customers. Hours and hours of fun and learning and oh so simple πŸ™‚ sigh, I love days like that…..

  17. The SCENTED SPRING PLAY DOUGH is certainly timely. A wonderful introduction to the seasons. I can imagine it smelling as pretty as it looks.

  18. Lavender! What a wonderful tool to keeping my kiddies calmer (using pure Lavender oil) and occupied and mentally stimulated.

  19. The lavender playdough by far. It just ticks all the boxes in every way. It stimulates the sense of smell, the lavender is so beautifully calming. The colour is soft and gentle, the texture with the natural wooden toys is reminiscent of days gone by in our fast paced world. A perfect learning tool for my prep/ones. Thanks so much, please consider us for your competition.

    Best wishes,


  20. I love the lemon scented play dough. The kids love picking the lemons from our tree and helping to make the play dough. It smell’s great too.

  21. Catherine Carroll

    Lemon scented play dough, lovely fresh smelly play dough, hours of fun, gets the imagination working overtime & enjoyed by all πŸ™‚

  22. We love the apple scented play dough the most at our house. We use the leaves and sticks in the garden to make our own stalks, practice our counting and sharing, cut our apples into slices and make a lovely imaginary morning tea.

  23. I love the space play dough. We have been focusing on space had made moon sand but this has given me another great idea for our 2-3 year old program!

  24. I just adore those wooden tools and loose parts…so many opportunities for learning there!
    My favourite would have to be your black sparkly space playdough as I had never thought of using a black tint before I saw that and you opened my eyes to a new world of sensory and imaginative possibilities! And there’s sparklies…what else can I say!

  25. Oh those wooden tools are divine. I really love the bamboo tongs.

    I love the lemon scented playdough as it’s multisensory and smells like lemon pie, yum!

  26. We have not got a particular favourite my children enjoy playing with most dough however this lavender one may become my favourite im going to give it a try after tea and see if the lavender relaxes my girls ready for bath and bed

  27. Play dough is my 3 yrs old fav activity anytime anywhere and what more makes it interesting is the apple recipe as that’s her fav fruit. It’s a double treat for her.

  28. We love using the sandy beach recipe. We added all the fab things we found on our first trip to the beach and it made the holiday last a little bit longer!

  29. Our favourite is NEAPOLITAN ICE CREAM SCENTED play dough because is looks and smells so nice! Children are always excited playing with it πŸ™‚

  30. I think mine would have to be the cloud dough. The fact it can be light and powdery like flour, but then can change in an instant to be extremely mouldable is a great experience for the children! It’s like wet sand, left dry the consistency won’t allow you to mould it together, add some water and the consistency is perfect for shaping, squeezing and patting.

    The tools are also gorgeous!

  31. There are so many varieties of play doh on here I will definately be trying. We are a new pre school and the fab craft ideas on here are a great inspiration. I love the sandy beach playdoh. Makes beach themes come alive. But think I’m going to try the Neapolitan play doh and have an ice cream shop sometime soon. Thanks x

  32. I love the jelly playdough we made raspberry flavour…, my day care children couldn’t stop smelling it…. They helped make it as well…, next on the agenda will be the space playdough my boys in care will love this…. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful ideas…..:)

  33. Love the lavender playdough, but can’t wait to try some of the others at our Childcare Centre. There are so many great uses for playdough and it is such an easy set-up and clean-up activity.

  34. I loved the chocolate Easter egg play dough recipe so that my daughter could join in the fun of decorating Easter eggs without handling her no. 1 allergen (eggs).

  35. We love the nutmeg playdough. My 2 year olds favourite spice is cinnamon and he always loves to add it to the mixture. Ours always ends up more cinnamon than nutmeg but still smells great and he loves it, especially for play baking and then it usually inspires him to ask to make banana cinnamon muffins for real, so it leads to all sorts of good play here πŸ™‚

  36. The Super soft play dough…I usually cannot stand the texture of play dough and therefore always avoid it. The super soft play dough has encouraged me to start using play dough with my two year old daughter as I could touch it and therefore play with her.:-)

  37. Lavender Scented Playdough is our favourite, my daycare children inhale the beautiful fragrance and always comment on the smell. It’s is relaxing and therapeutic to play with and we all love that our hands smell nice afterwards!!

  38. I love the space themed playdough. It is a great idea for children to explore space even further and it looks fantastic with the glitter and bright colours through them.

  39. Haha, I like all kinds of yummy smell play dough , it’s give me refreshment , and give my kids had a very good imagination about play dough ! They said! “Mummy it’s yummy choloate! ” We love it! Thanks for all lovely recipes !

  40. Zesty Lemon Scented Play Dough Recipe is our favorite. Usually the scents would be from fruits or flowers. Lemon is a very good thought. Me and my LO love the lemon scent and yellow colour. πŸ˜‰

  41. We are looking forward to trying out the Lavender playdoh!!!! My kids play with playdoh each and everyday but never actually played with scented doh.

    Thank you for sharing with us

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