Simple Easter Gift Ideas

BY ON Mar 24, 2015

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Simple Easter Gift Ideas - Fun Ways to give Chocolate Easter Eggs

I have been having lots of fun shopping and stocking up on my Easter art and craft supplies at The Reject Shop.   I went looking for inspiration for some simple Easter gift ideas that are quick and easy to make.  The Reject Shop is a great place to go for all your Easter crafts.

I was blown away with the range of choice and it left me with so many ideas buzzing around in my head for making and creating with the kids plus some fun gift ideas to give chocolate Easter eggs.  I have chosen a few of my favourites to share with you.  These Simple Easter Gift Ideas can be completed by anyone, using all the wonderful crafty supplies from The Reject Shop.

Be sure to scroll down for your chance to win a $100 The Reject Shop gift card to stock up on all your Easter art and craft supplies!


What will you need?

Easter Art and Craft Supplies The Reject Shop

I went a little crazy shopping at The Reject Shop for my Easter craft supplies, there is just so much choice and at such a savvy price.  I always take home so much more than I had planned because I discover something new and different every time I visit.  My mind can’t help but think of all the imaginative ways to use their products.

The Reject Shop’s Easter craft range includes painting sets, fluffy chickens, printed cello, Easter bonnet sets, shredded paper, craft kits, mask kits, tinsel, egg stencils, paper cut-outs, noodle boxes, table scatters, stamps, stickers, gift bags, ‘Happy Easter’ confetti, plastic eggs, ribbons, jars, boxes, decorations, Easter foam shape stickers, and so much more.


Easter Bunny Box

Simple Craft Easter Bunny Gift Box

A crafty Easter Bunny Box is such a fun way to give Chocolate Easter eggs.  We turned a plain and simple cardboard box into a cute bunny by using one of the craft kits available at The Reject Shop.

I purchased a ‘Bunny and Chick Paper Plate Mask Kit’ and repurposed the bunny ears, feet and wiggly eyes to make the Easter Bunny Box.  I added a cotton wool ball for a tail and glued it on the back of the Easter Bunny Box.

To finish, I would wrap the Easter Bunny Box in clear cellophane with a small card or gift tag and you have a fun way to gift Chocolate Easter Eggs.


Simple Easter Gift Idea

Simple Easter Gift Idea using Paper Ice Cream Cups

These paper ice cream cups are perfect for gifting chocolate Easter eggs.  We have decorated ours with Foam Easter Shape Stickers I found at The Reject Shop.  The foam shape stickers come in large packs of 30 which is value for money.  The Reject Shop has these foam shapes in chicks, small and large Easter eggs, bunny rabbits and carrots. They are supper cute!!

Again to finish, I would wrap these paper ice cream cups and Easter eggs in clear cellophane with a small card or gift tag.


Chocolate Easter Eggs in a Jar

Chocolate Easter Eggs in a Jar

Clear jars are great for Easter gifts and The Reject Shop has them in various shapes and sizes.  Fill them with small chocolate eggs and decorate them with ribbons, stickers, and Easter foam shapes to add a little bit of cute factor.

Making these Chocolate Easter Eggs in a jar also turned into an engaging and educational experience as the kids and I sorted the Easter eggs into groups of colour and had fun predicting how many eggs we will need for each jar.


Cute Easter Gift Bags

Easter Decorated Gift Bags

I saw these adorable gift bags at The Reject Shop and I could not put them down.  They had to come with me!  The gift bags come in a pack of six, which is perfect for shopping savvy and saving money.  As simple as it is, we placed Easter Foam Shaped Stickers on each of the gift bags, matching them with the colours.  These gift bags will be perfect for placing our jar full of Chocolate Easter Eggs.


Win $100 The Reject Shop gift card

Win $100 Voucher at the Reject Shop

Imagine all the fun you could have with this $100 gift card at The Reject Shop!  Today we are so thrilled to have the opportunity to give away this prize to one of our readers.


To enter please answer the following question in the comments section below:

What Easter presents would you purchase for your friends and family with a $100 Reject Shop voucher?


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This competition has now closed.  Congratulations to Verity and thank you to everyone who entered. :)



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45 Responses to “Simple Easter Gift Ideas”

  1. Dan says:

    I love how all your ideas are so do-able! What would I buy? Oh so many possibilities…. The craft kits are a fantastic gift for Easter Sunday at Grandma’s house, as then I don’t have to worry about whether Grandma has this or that, and I love all the little Easter stamps and stickers, but really, at the end of the day, we all know it would be CHOCOLATE!

  2. Debs says:

    What cute gift ideas. I especially like the glass jars as I love things I can re-use for other purposes later.

    With a $100 Reject Shop Voucher, rather than chocolate this Easter, I’d love to get some of the gorgeous decorative garden tinware they have and gift them with a potted plant inside and some of the little chicks for decoration. (To “Easter” it up a little, haha)

  3. kate says:

    What a great idea to use the little ice cream cup thingies!

    One Easter we were given a baking hamper as a family gift and I’d love to do that for someone else – a big mixing bowl, a spoon, tea towel a recipe for a cake and then lots of fun things to decorate it with – mini easter eggs would be cool and the little chicks!

  4. I love the little decorated ice cream cups – so sweet!! My kids would go bananas over all that fun easter gear – makes it all so fun and creative! With $100 Reject shop voucher – let’s be honest, I would be buying a LOT of chocolate!!! 😉 With anything left, I’d buy up lots of easter crafty fun :)

  5. Oh boy! I think I’m going to have to head to the Reject Shop this week! I always make sure I stop in there when I make the trip into town… $100 would be awesome!
    I haven’t checked out their Easter things but love the bits and pieces you’ve shown. I really need some of the plastic hollow eggs for hiding little surprises in and I also love those foam shapes… I think I’d be able to quickly spend $100 on some fabulous Easter goodies!

  6. verity ginger says:

    The reject shop is my first stop when looking for innovative, cheap craft gear to suit projects with my 3 yo daughter or my students at school. I would love to give chocolates to my students this year and that’s what I would use the voucher for. They’ve worked so hard and a little reqrd from me would go astray.

  7. Carmen Jenkinson says:

    I love these gift ideas and my girls would love making them too. I would spend the $100 gift card on some of the craft ideas you’ve just given me, 2 of the frozen cups with straws for my grand-daughters and the rest would go on easter eggs for my 8 kids.

  8. Amber Hardman says:

    Wow! The Reject Shop really is a great place to go for all your Easter crafts. Learning 4 Kids has some fantastic Easter Gift Ideas and craft projects. With a $100 Reject Shop gift card I would stock up on all the Easter art and craft supplies! All the different craft projects would be a lot of fun to do with the kids in the holidays. Not only would it keep them well and truly occupied but it would get them into the Easter spirit and excited about Easter day! A lot of fun to be had!

  9. My children and I love the Reject Shop for craft supplies. With the school holidays approaching, we’d use the gift card on products to create fun projects and keep ourselves entertained… and possibly a few seeds from their garden section, to plant our autumn garden.

  10. Mary Preston says:

    I can see myself buying a lot of jars. Not only functional and useful, but as you did, they can be used for all kinds of gifts. A $100 Reject Shop voucher would go a long way with my gift giving.

  11. Nicole Hannah says:

    I would spend the gift card on garden supplies for my son and nephews as we have just started building a vegetable garden and now they want flowers too. So lots more garden supplies needed to make our yard pretty.

  12. Michelle says:

    I’d buy the helium balloon kit, the bubble machine and lots of chocolate. An Easter with balloons, bubbles and chocolate what more could you want.

  13. Kylie G says:

    The Reject Shop
    Has a large
    Expanse of
    Really amazing
    Easter resources
    Just begging to come home with me.
    Eggs, baskets
    Cups, jars
    Textas and stickers.
    Such variety and so cheap!
    Perfect for Easter gift creating?!

  14. Nicole W says:

    I would purchase some chocolates for the kids, plush toys for the babies and some Easter craft activity packs to entertain the children on Easter Sunday after their egg hunt.

  15. Denise says:

    Anything to do with art and craft as my kids love making things, plus a few other great bargains for me

  16. Stacey Shailer says:

    We only buy for the kids in our family, so I would buy craft items and winter pyjamas as well as the traditional chocolate

  17. kelly says:

    what would I do with $100 to spend on Easter presents? Baby powder and a craft pack containing rabbit paw shapes to stencil baby powder paw prints through the house. Jelly beans and lollipops so the kids ‘plant’ jelly beans the night before Easter then wake to magically grown lollipops. A tin for the kiddies to leave out goodies for the Easter bunny. A container, plastic and chocolate eggs, and Easter craft, to make an Easter themed “sensory play box”. Paper and craft supplies to get my three kids to do A four-fingered hand-print that will look like a bunny with two ears once we draw a face on it, to give to the grandparents. And some dress ups and chocolate for the kids to wear at a family Easter eggs hunt in the back yard :) We also use plastic eggs with morning tea fruit in it in the egg hunt, then in the arvo reuse these to Dip in paint for an Easter craft. We might even buy a couple frames for our artwork. :) Can’t go past the Reject Shop for Easter supplies!!!!

  18. Lauren says:

    I would buy chocolate, Easter eggs, baskets, gift bags, Easter cards and Easter books and craft products for the kids.

  19. Carolyn Kitchener says:

    I really love the idea of filling small decorated mason jars with assorted easter eggs and leaving them on the desks at work to surprise my gorgeous workmates on easter friday :)

  20. sue petrie says:

    Disney Frozen Canvas & Paint Set,Roller Storage Containers, 5 XCadbury Dairy Milk Bunny, 3x Easter Craft Accessories, Gift cards than people would be able to choose what else they would like

  21. Leanne Jay says:

    i would buy some arts & crafts for the grandchildren & friends to play with & create presents for others, and of course yummy eggs to eat.

  22. Helen La Reux says:

    I would love a $100 voucher, so my dear daughter could purchase what she liked for her three kids for Easter.

  23. Teresa Nauer says:

    Besides Easter eggs I’d get some craft projects for the kids during the holidays as well as some gardening stuff to improve the garden

  24. natasha kemp says:

    I’d buy loada of plastic hollow eggs as well as id do your gift bag idea but fill the bags with the craft ideas uou also purchased for the kids to do. I know watching my kids nand neices and newphews make masks and paint eggs would be so much fun easter afternoon.

  25. Ruth Walker says:

    I would buy lots of chocolate and Easter crafts to keep the kids happy and entertained for the school holidays.

  26. Belinda burns says:

    im totally loving chevron bowls I’ve seen at the reject shop- filled with Easter eggs and cellophane wrap a cute gift! I also like the concept of those straw glass mugs with the kids- filled with eggs they would also make cutie gifts

  27. Gemma Westacott Blair says:

    At the treasure trove The Reject Shop what wouldn’t I find;
    To excite the kids and blow hubby’s mind.
    Lots of stickers and crafty kits to entertain the kids;
    Challenge their creativity like a simple egg hunt never did.
    But I’m not saying we wouldn’t want sweet treats.
    If only because all the delicious chocolate I want to eat!!
    But I’d also splurge on some gardening tools;
    To help hubby in his long weekend project to make the garden a jewel!

  28. Zoey Weir says:

    The Reject Shop is my first stop for all things deco and craft items! I’d buy a heap of decorations, Easter themed craft gear and LOTS of chocolates to throw my nieces & nephews an awesome party!

  29. i would spend the money on more Easter activities with my kindy class of four year olds who have already made baskets, rabbits and eggs with your Reject shop craft supplies

  30. Sarah says:

    I love the ideas you have shown defiently inspired me too do something this Easter :) $100 would be awesome to help get all those creative goodies to make my 1yr and 3yr old have the best Easter imagaginable an to make there face light up Easter Day when they see what I have done with the $100 worth of craft an goodies :) would b the best in my eyes my heart wil flutter :) I’d buy a lot of craft as my daughter would spend 24-7 doing art n craft if I gave it too her that much thanks if I win :)

  31. I love all these craft ideas. I’m going to get my craft on this week to make some Easter gifts for Friends. If I won the voucher I would buy some crafty items to keep my girls entertained over the Easter holidays. I’d also buy them a Frozen Bucket Chair each because I think there will be some movie watching too, and the chairs have been on my list to get for a while. Great competition!

  32. wow!! What great ideas for a crafty Easter! Makes Easter way more unique when it’s full of different fun cheap ideas!! My children would be stoked for $100 voucher! Things have been tough this year and they have never complained they haven’t received anything since Christmas! This would make there Easter!

  33. Keryn Short says:

    Buying some storage for the kiddies so i can hide the eggs and craft supplies for Easter and winter pajamas sounds good to me if i win

  34. kylee maher says:

    Eggs, eggs and more eggs!
    Craft supplies to make egg baskets for the egg hunt, bunny foot prints and cotton wool balls to make tuffs of bunny tail and when the kids are asleep hide the eggs and place tuffs of bunny tail here and there in the garden (near the eggs) with the bunny foot prints, the excitement on their faces as they squeal when they see the bunny has been will be a gift of its own.

  35. Abbey says:

    I absolutely love your ideas, they are so creative. I wish that my brain could think up creative ideas like yours. I remember one time I tried to make meringues, I don’t know what happened but they went everywhere. They were really runny and the look disgusting. If I had the $100 gift voucher I would make cute little Easter bags for my brothers cause I always want to make stuff for their birthdays and for Christmas and Easter but I just don’t have enough money!! It gets frustrating sometimes!! I would so love to have that $100 dollar voucher cause I would save some of the money for other occasions. I have always wanted a M&M dispenser, and I saw one in The Reject Shop and if I had the $100 voucher I could get it!! Yay#happyface#thxfortheoppertunity#evenhappierface!!

  36. AJ says:

    I would spend the $100 on Easter eggs, Easter Bunnies. Bunny ear headbands, Easter cards, Easter eggs in Cup and Easter gift bags.

  37. Cath A says:

    My kids are balloon obsessed so I would buy the disposable helium balloon kit – what a great idea; it’s cheaper than hiring one. I’d put little Easter eggs & small trinkets in the balloon before blowing them up. Then we can spend the day decorating the balloons as eggs & place them in the yard tied to rocks as decoration for our Sunday lunch. Any leftover helium will be used for a first birthday party coming up.
    Thanks the competition The Reject Shop!

  38. Lucy says:

    From egg-cellent kitchen tools to make tasty treats over the Easter weekend, to fun toys that will keep the kids occupied, there is great range of Easter presents that I would love to buy for my family and friends. I would love to buy the natural dye Easter egg colouring kit that comes in a cute little egg carton and contains all the supplies kids need to create decorative eggs for Easter. I also adore the paper ice cream cups. What a clever way to gift chocolate eggs and this will definitely get the kids and adults excited so I would love to buy some of those.

  39. Lam says:

    Wow, I am in love with your creativity. Wishing everyone a happy Easter!
    With a $100 voucher, I would like to purchase those cute baskets. My kids will be so excited when they can collect their Easter eggs on Easter in this very sweet fluffy basket that’s been personalised with their name! Also, what a better way to get your kids in the swing of it than with some fun Easter craft? Would love to grab some materials from the Reject Shop such as bunny masks, Easter egg placements, bunny ears and hand-print Easter cards to get my kids creativity blossoming. My family enjoy seeing the kids put their imagination into good use so a $100 Reject Shop voucher would come in handy and make our Easter unforgettable!

  40. Kimberly says:

    I would like to buy glass jars that I can fill with chocolate eggs for the kids. I will fill these jars with colourful layers of eggs and lollies for a quick and festive centre piece. Also would like to give the children their own chocolate basket so hopefully I can buy a few of these at the Reject Shop. With these baskets, I will put one chocolate egg bunny in green paper to make grass and then finish off with ribbon and a tag with their name written on it. Another gift I would like to give my family is a box of dyed eggs where everyone has the opportunity to decorate their own and display it on the table.

  41. L.S Jong says:

    With a $100 Reject Shop gift card, I would buy balloons in all sorts of colours and tie them to a string to brighten up my outdoor Easter celebration and to lift up the mood of my children. I would buy decorated dyed eggs with crepe paper and pom-poms to put in the centre of my table. Buy some paper and would like to make envelope bunnies to treat the kids made using construction paper, pom-poms, and paper bunny ears. Buy tasty chocolate treats and hide them around our garden and invite the neighbourhood to come over for our annual Easter hunt.

  42. Luc Sarah says:

    Easter baskets are a popular gift for both kids and grown-ups. I’ve got families coming over for Easter so I would like to decorate a good looking gift basket for them. Themed baskets are awesome because everyone enjoys them. Easter gifts are fun and usually full of colours and always delicious. I’m thinking of buying super soft and cuddly plush bunnies for the children as well as Easter sweets which are sure to make the guests happy on Easter morning. The Reject Shop will have me covered for these treats and gifts.

  43. Aleth says:

    Wow! This is great…if i won $100 gift certificate i would shop a lots of crafts so my daughter& her friend have a supply all year :-) they do crafts most occasions togther either at the beach, park or anywhere when they have mini field trip. I am the one usually provides crafts ideas, the other mom for food, and the other one for activities what a great team work for our girls. Hoping to endulge this opportunity for our girls

  44. Jo says:

    The list is endless from baskets to craft things for the kids big and old. Thanks for the chance

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