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How to make Squishy Sensory Bags?

How to make sensory squishy bags for pre-writing activities.

How to make Squishy Sensory Bags?- Squishy bags are perfect for sensory play without the mess. They are cheap and easy to make and your child will enjoy manipulating and playing with them.

The squishy bag is perfect for practicing letters, numbers, name writing, drawing pictures, shapes and words. Your child can practice hand and finger movements for pre-writing development on the squishy bag.

There are so many different ways to make squishy bags, I have seen others use glue, paint, hair gel, baby oil and shaving cream. Today I am sharing with you how we made our Squishy Sensory Bags using flour, water and food colouring.

What you will need?

how to make squishy bags

For one sensory bag, you will need 1 cup of flour, 6 tablespoons of water and food colouring. You will also need zip-lock lunch bags (22cm x 22cm), sticky tape and a small mixing bowl.

Adjust the flour and water amounts if you are using a smaller or larger zip-lock bag.

Step 1:

Add food colouring
  • Place flour into a small bowl.
  • Add food colouring.

Step 2:

Add water
  • Now add the water.

Step 3:

Blend all ingredients
  • Mix until all the ingredients are well blended.

Step 4:

add flour mixture to freezer bag
  • Scoop the flour mixture into the plastic zip-lock bag.

Step 5:

remove all air bubbles
  • Before fastening the end, place the squishy bag onto a flat surface.
  • Gently push any excess air out to avoid air bubbles.

Step 6:

Fasten the opening
  • Press the clips of the bag closed and ensure there are no holes.

Step 7:

fasten with sticky tape
  • Place sticky tape along the opening to secure the opening.

Play Ideas 

Squishy Sensory Bags for pre-writing activities

Some ideas:

  • Place the squishy bag onto a light table/panel.
  • Use your finger, soft paint brush or a cotton wool bud (Q-Tip) to write your name, letters, numbers and shapes.
  • Explore the squishy bag for a sensory experience, watch what happens as you squeeze, squish, press, etc.  Cause and effect, one action creates a another reaction.

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9 thoughts on “How to make Squishy Sensory Bags?”

  1. I made the recipe exactly as you said, 1 cup of flour, 6tbsp of water. I tried it twice. And both times there’s no where near enough liquid to make mine look like yours does in the picture. Am I doing something wrong??

  2. I loved this idea! The only thing I would like to point out is that you can’t make these ahead of time. I made 13 bags for my preschoolers on Sunday to do on Tuesday. They all worked great when I made them. I even taped the entire bag because my biological kids were putting holes in the ziplock bags from using them so much. But by Tuesday the bags had all doubled in size with air, and since they were taped shut, I had to toss them all and make new ones. So the lesson here… make them right before you need to use them. 🙂

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