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Printable Measuring Length Learning Centre Mats

Printable Measuring Length Activity Mats.  Indirect measurement.

The Printable Measuring Length Learning Centre Mats provide a hands-on opportunity for children to indirectly measure a range of pictures and write their answers on a record sheet. They are great for small group work or learning centre activities to consolidate the learning completed during mat sessions or whole class tasks.

The aim of the Measuring Length Activity Mats is for children to compare the lengths of several pictures using the language associated with measuring length such as shorter, taller, tallest, shortest, etc. Children have the opportunity to compare objects directly by counting to determine which is longer or shorter.

Print and laminate these templates for a re-usable resource children can learn and play with.

The Printable Measuring Length Activity Mats used in this post are available for purchase in my online shop.

What you will need?

Printable Measuring Length Activity Mats - Measure (indirect) and Record

You will need the Printable Measuring Length Activity Mats, laminating sheets, white board markers and connector blocks.

The Measurement Mats come in a set of 15 pages. 6 measurement recording mats and 16 pictures for measuring. All recording mats are different and the pictures have a line which children use to measure along.

Let’s Play 

Indirect measure with connector blocks. Printable activity for maths learning centres

The Measuring Length Activity Mats Pack include 6 recording mats to allow groups up to 6 children. Each child has a laminated mat and a whiteboard marker. Place all the pictures in the centre and children take turns to measure the length of each picture that is shown on their recording mats.

Children indirectly measure using connector blocks along the line provided on the picture.

Printable Measuring Length Activity Mats - measure along the line on each picture and record the answer on the mat

Count and record the number onto measuring mat next to the picture that was just measured.

Some Ideas:

  • Have a number line handy for writing numbers as a visual support.
  • Ask questions: Which object/picture is the longest? Which objects are the same size? Predict which picture is going to the shortest.
  • Provide different tools to measure with: Bottle tops, buttons, gemstones, 1cm or 2cm cubes.

Let’s Learn

Printable Measurement Mats - great for learning centres and small group work

Learning Opportunities

  • Use language associated with measurement attributes such as shorter, shortest, longer, longest, tall, taller and tallest.
  • Measurement – comparing objects to determine which is longer, taller, shorter.
  • Problem solve and overcome challenges
  • Writing numbers and counting.

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Printable Measurement Activity Mats – measuring length tallest to shortest

Printable Measuring Length Activity Mats

Printable Measurement Activity Mats - measuring length tallest to shortest

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