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Christmas Hide and Seek Activity Mats

Kids love to play Hide and Seek!

These Christmas Hide and Seek Activity Mats are perfect for children to play at Christmas time.

Children will love to search for the different Christmas pictures hidden amongst other Christmas pictures, cover them with counters and record the total found in the grid.


Printable Christmas Hide and Seek Activity Mats

The Christmas Hide and Seek Activity Mats are great for small groups, partner or individual independent activities.  They are a fun Christmas maths game that supports counting how many and classifying.

Each reusable activity mat is different and varying the number of Christmas objects to find hidden amongst the other pictures.

Printable Hide & Seek Christmas Game Mats

How to Play?

  1. Locate the Christmas pictures on the grid such as a Christmas Holly.
  2. Search for the Holly hidden amongst the other Christmas pictures.
  3. When you find a Christmas Holly, place a token or counter onto it and look for more.
  4. Once you have found all the hidden Holly, count all the counters.
  5. Using a white board marker, write the total found into the grid next to the picture.

Hide & Seek Christmas Game Mats

More Ideas:

  • Create a Christmas Learning Centre for children to visit throughout the day.
  • Fun maths counting game for small group, partner or individual activities.
  • Great for morning activities as students arrive to school or early finishers.
  • Hands-on activity and reusable game.
  • Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
  • Classifying and distinguishing differences between objects.
  • Counting skills and recording how many?
  • Bright and Colourful – fun for children

Printable Hide & Seek Christmas Activity for Kids

When you purchase the downloadable document for this printable, you will receive 14 Pages.   

The download includes:

  • 1 Instructions & thank you
  • 1 Ideas & Photos
  • 12x Christmas Hide and Seek Activity Mats
  • Included 5 Re-downloads

Hide & Seek Christmas Game Activity Mats

  • Print and Laminate for durability.
  • You will need tokens and white board markers.
  • Some ideas for tokens include, small round transparent tokens or counters, gemstones, buttons and pompoms.

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