How to make a Cardboard Roll Spider?

How to make a Spider for Halloween?
Making these cute craft Cardboard Roll Spiders are super easy to make and a great activity for this Halloween.  They are also a great prop for imaginative play and role play for Incy Wincy Spider.    
What you will need?
Simple spider crafts for kids
You will need a toilet rolls or cardboard rolls painted black, wiggly eyes, glue and pipe cleaners.
Our spiders were inspired by One Hungry Spider by Jeannie Baker.  This book is a great introduction or motivator for this activity.
Let’s Make Them:
Before painting the toilet rolls I punched four holes on both sides ready for the pipe cleaners to thread later.
When the cardboard rolls are dry, push and pull the pipe cleaner legs through the holes and bend at the ends to create the shape of spider’s legs.
Halloween crafts ideas for kids
Use PVA craft glue to stick on the eye and set aside to dry. 
We used our Cardboard Roll Spiders as a prop to sing the nursery rhyme – Incey Wincey Spider.
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 Learning Links:
  • Language development through singing nursery rhymes
  • Creative thinking and imagination
  • Development of fine motor skills, eye – hand coordination
Learning 4 kids
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  1. These are so,so cute. Yes, I DID say cute. I love spiders! Another activity to add to my list. Love it and shared on my FB page.

    • Okay Penny, I can see some cuteness in these cardboard roll spiders, not so sure about real life ones, haha! I admire and love your passion though! :)

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