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Printable Star Wars Theme Sight Word Cards

What are sight words?  Sight words are a term used to describe a group of common or high frequency words that a reader should recognise on sight.  Words such as; the, is and was are an example of a sight word.  Having this instant or automatic recall of sight words helps early or beginning readers develop into smooth and efficient readers.

Activities for sight words

This set of sight word flash cards was made with young Star Wars fans in mind.

It is one way of trying to add a bit of fun into learning or sight words!

This post includes some ideas of how you can use the sight word cards in fun and interesting ways for kids.  There is also a link to download and print at the end of this post.

I have printed the Star Wars Sight Words onto coloured paper to make them more fun to look at and creative for activities.  I have also laminated them to add strength and help them last longer.  Having them laminated also enables kids to write on them with white board markers as this wipes off with a tissue.

Let’s Play 

Activities for sight words

There are so many possibilities in ways you can sort sight words into groups.  This is just one example; sorting them into groups according to what the beginning letter is.  The headings for this activity is included in the printable download.

Let’s Learn 

Sorting sight words into groups based on the end letters.  The heading cards are available in the printable download.

Other activities and ideas for learning sight words:

  • Sorting sight words into groups according to the number of letters in the word.  The printable document includes headings for sorting in groups based on number of letters.
  • Sight Word Hanger: Use double sided sticky tape to attached cards to a crepe paper streamer and display them from the ceiling, wall or along other furniture.
  • Sort the cards into groups according to colour.
  • Sort sight words into groups that have the same letter patterns, such as play, stay, day, etc
  • Look for smaller words inside the sight word and circle them with a whiteboard marker for laminated copies or a pencil for paper copies.  For example the word ‘this’ has a smaller word inside it which is ‘is’
  • Dominoes: try and match some of the cards like dominoes with the beginning and last letter of the word.  Such as what-time-end-did-doing-going….etc

Click here and follow the link to print and download the Star Wars Theme Sight Word Cards

Printable sight word cards

You can also download and print some Star Wars Sight Word Sorting Mats “here”

These are great to use to sort sight words into groups according to letter patterns such as ‘th’ or ‘wh’.

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