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Heart Bubble Wrap Painting

Bubble Wrap Heart Painting

Bubble wrap painting with heart shapes for Valentine’s Day.

Kids never get bored with bubble wrap, there is so much fun to be had and so much to explore with it.  One of these things to explore is the interesting patterns and shapes it creates with paint.  Here we have incorporated bubble wrap painting with aValentine’s Day theme using cut out heart shapes with bubble wrap.

We just cannot help ourselves with bubble wrap as we just have to squish and pop the bubbles between our fingers.

What you will need?

You will need, pink and red paint, bubble wrap, scissors, paper and the printable heart shapes.

Whenever I do painting activities with the kids I always have an old face wash cloths handy close by for the kids to wipe their hands on.  Although they still may still have paint on their hands, it is dry paint and reduces paint transfer onto furniture and unwanted items.  I just throw the cloths and paint smocks into the wash after each paint activity, ready for the next.

Let’s Play 

My older girls are pretty fairly familiar with bubble wrap painting but this was a first for Miss 18 Months.  She absolutely loved it!

Let’s Learn 

Learning Opportunities 

  • Encourages creativity and self-expression
  • Sensory – feeling various textures, squishy, bubbly and hearing the popping noise.
  • Hand and eye coordination
  • Fine motor skills development
  • Self-esteem – sense of achievement and pride
  • Experimenting with shapes and space

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4 thoughts on “Heart Bubble Wrap Painting”

  1. LOVE this my sweetie!! I would LOVE for you to come and post some of your valentines crafts on my other site … http://www.wikimommy.com! We’re doing a LOVE month featured section on our main page … and your valentine crafts would be perfect for it!!
    How are you? Your blog looks FANTASTIC!!! You are rockin’ girlie!!! Love it … and love you!!
    Ro 🙂

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